hyundai Ioniq
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Ioniq details

Hyundai has made a big push into the electric vehicle market in Australia. Their foot print may be small but there is great interest in a car. They have introduced 2 cars into the Australian market. The Ioniq and the Kona. They have entered the market at the time that electrification is starting to take a larger slice of the market.

  • Unknown battery pack size
  • 311kms
  • Variants
    • Elite
    • Premium
Hyundai Kona
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Hyundai – Kona details

The Kona is promoted as the car for all people. It is an SUV that has the capability to be competitive with the main stream SUV market. It has been voted “Drive” car of the year last year. Quite an impressive feat considering it has only been in the Australian market place for just under a year. It features combined with its appeal and practical family credentials makes it an appealing prospect for the average family.

  • Unknown Battery Size
  • 449kms
  • Variants
    • Launch Edition
    • Elite
    • Hylander

Hyundai has introduced some very competitive cars to the australian market. They have addressed the two main types of vehicles that are also quite compelling and more achievable than others on the market.