Early Adopters

Introducing a new technology always brings out the Early Adopters. These are the keen eyed passioned people who wish to drive this new innovation forward with positivity and passion. In recent years Tesla has been at the forefront of the electric car evolution and with this they have had a ground swell of support that has given Tesla a unique way to get out its messages and its new innovative cars and design.

Tesla’s philosophy is the “to accelerate the advent of sustainable transport by bringing compelling mass market electric cars to market as soon as possible”.┬áThis philosophy has been at the front of their’s and their early adopters minds. Passion and desire has also been a key driver in the ongoing sales strategy for tesla. But not all electric car companies are alike. A lot of the competing companies are traditional car makers and they have for many years been developing gas powered cars. As they try to transition to the new world of electric they are finding their strategies with gas cars do not always work.

One of the fundamental differences with most electric cars versus traditional gas cars it the aero dynamics of the car. Any type of drag on the vehicle can cause a loss in range and efficiency. This is fundamental to understand when designing and building an electric car.

Early adopters understand this better than most and have made their choices known by their being behaviour. In recent history Early adopters have bought Tesla ModelS, Model3, Model X and there is a large volume of people waiting for the Model Y , Semi and most importantly with the Roadster Tesla sports car.

Early adopters have also been the vocal majority assisting Tesla to grow their social media footprint. Tesla does not have marketing budget they do not advertise and they rely on their customers to help its proliferation. This has been a stroke of genius with the inclusion of their rewards program. the rewards program gave these early adopters the ability to get benefits for having their referral code used when buying a new Tesla. This then allowed them to be more invested with Tesla thus increasing Tesla’s name and influence around the world.

Let there be no doubt. Early adopters are the worker bees for the Tesla name and the other electric car companies who will release new electric cars closer to 2020. They are the ones that have helped to drive Electric car uptake into the future.

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