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About Us, Hi , I’m Dave

Welcome to my website , EV-HQ.

I started this website to address a need I think we all could use. A central location for all things EV. Now some of you may think I am a fan boy of Tesla (based on the focus of the webpage) and you would be right. But I will try and give a balanced view of the world of EV’s and let the community do some of the talking.

This website is to allow the community and anyone else interested to find a single point to go to locate all their favourite YouTubers or Podcasters relating to the World of Electric vehicles.

I love the world we live in and I am a big believer in leaving things better than when we found them. My background is in health care and technology so I always strive to make the world and the people in it healthier. If I can do that through technology then all the better.

Tesla has in recent years started this journey with their amazing cars and has broken the mold when it comes to preconceived ideas about the Electric Vehicle. I want to help drive that thinking.

I started listening to the Ride the Lightning Podcast by Ryan McCaffery and it has given great insights into Tesla and its ongoing growth and development

The webpage is a start not an end and I welcome feedback to help improve the site.

If you have any suggestions please leave them in the Contacts page.

Thanks again for visiting my page and hope that it offers you some insights into the world of EV’s


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