ACE EV is the first Australian Electric vehicle manufacturer. The introduction of their new platform using innovative carbon fibre technology and “SMART Pack” construction process allows for fresh ways to produce future vehicles.

ACE EV are not your traditional car manufacturer of electric vehicles. Their vehicles include the EV CARGO and  ACE YEWT and due in 2022 is the EV Urban. 

Battery packs

ACE EV’s battery packs are made up of 18650 cells which are contained below the floor of the cabin. A total of 23.2 kwh battery pack provides between 150 – 200 kms of range depending on load capacity. The heavier the vehicle the less range provided from the battery packs. 

The use of Carbon fiber combined with lightweight plastics provides a vehicle that tips the scales at just under 1000kgs. In comparison to many internal combustion engines (ICE) vehicles of similar size the ACE EV is almost half their weight. 

ACE EV is a start up electric vehicles company out of Brisbane australia. They recently signed a deal with Aldom Motor Body Builders to start manufacturing their new range of vehicles.


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EV Cargo is a round town commercial van designed to deliver goods and services to locals. It has a focus for government agencies, home nurses, Tradies and many more groups that rely on small vehicle transport for their goods nd services.


ev yewt
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EV YEWT is the work horse vehicle allowing tradies and handymen to store and transport their tools and machinery in a two door ute style vehicle. One of the defining features of this vehicle is the ability to charge devices from the tray bed.

EV Urban

ev urban
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EV Urban due to be released in 2022 and will become ACE EV’s vehicle for the masses. It is designed to be a compact around town vehicle vehicle that appeals to a younger crowd.

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