Image courtesy of Volkswagen

Volkswagen has been an active participant in the development in electric vehicles. This all started with the introduction of their MEB platform which was intended to unify their move towards electric vehicles and autonomy. This platform was then expanded upon in 2016 with the introduction of the I.D series of Cars. The first of these vehicles was to be the I.D.3. Its first mass market car designed to be a small hatchback vehicle that would appeal to large variety of European and global customers. VW has grand plans to introduce up to 5 vehicles between the years of 2020 and 2025.

The I.D.3 will be release with 3 different battery sizes.

  • Base: 45 kWh battery, 330 km WLTP range
  • Mid-spec: 58 kWh battery, 420 km WLTP range
  • Top-spec: 77 kWh battery, 550 km WLTP range

Information courtesy of Wikipedia

These different battery options and the futuristic styling of the I.D.3 will not only appeal to a large group of consumers but will also continue to put more pressure on the traditional car companies.

For more information regarding the VW evolution and the MEB platform follow the link below.