Original Roadster

The original Roadster was released in 2010. This was Tesla’s first attempt at an all electric car. Over a number of years there were over 2000 built and sold. The most notable of these Roadsters was the Roadster that Elon musk, the CEO of Tesla, own Tesla Roadster that he launched into space, in 2018 aboard a Space X falcon heavy rocket. The Roadster was the foundation stone that lead to the Model S being developed.

Model S

Long Range – $123500
660km Range (NEDC)
250km/h Top Speed
3.8s0-100 km/h
Performance – $142300
650km Range (NEDC)
250km/h Top Speed
2.6s0-100 km/h

In 2012 the Model S hit the market and became an instant classic. It set the bar for what an electric car should be. Up till this point electric cars were always touted as not being competitive with Gas powered cars. The model S broke that mould with a sedan that could carry 5 people with large amount of storage a price that was competitive and speed unheard of in an electric car before. No longer were electric cars golf carts but they were now super cars.

As of May 14, 2019, the Model S has three configurations: the Model S Standard Range, the Model S Long Range, and the Model S Performance with EPA ranges of 285 miles (459 km), 375 miles (604 km), and 345 miles (555 km) respectively.

The Model S won the 2013 “Motor Trend Car of the Year“, the 2013 “World Green Car“, Automobile Magazine‘s 2013 “Car of the Year”,and Time Magazine Best 25 Inventions of the Year 2012 award.This confirmed its credentials among the best cars of all time especially in the world of electric motoring.

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Model 3

Standard Range- $66000
460km Range (NEDC est.)
225km/h Top Speed
5.6s0-100 km/h
Long Range- $85000
620km Range (NEDC est.)
233km/h Top Speed
4.6s0-100 km/h
Performance Model- $91200
560km Range (NEDC est.)
261km/h Top Speed
3.4s0-100 km/h

The model 3 was introduced as the car for the masses in 2016 and received over 500,000 reservations. Finally released in 2017 this game changing vehicle introduced a minimalists interior and new technology that again set the bar for the future of electric cars. The introduction of Autopilot and Autonomous driving gave it the step above any other car company on the road.

The Model 3 has 2 main variants of battery packs which will give all-electric range of 350km (220mi), while the long range model delivers 523 km (325 mi)

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Model X

Long Range – $131900
575km Range (NEDC)
250km/h Top Speed
4.6s0-100 km/h
Performance – $149600
550km Range (NEDC)
250km/h Top Speed
2.9s0-100 km/h

The Model X was introduced to the Tesla line of Vehicles in 2015 with a stunningly complex door design that was an instant icon for Tesla, Falcon wing doors that raise above the head of the passengers. Even Musk has commented in the past that the Model X was one of the most ambitious projects that Tesla has ever done. Large seating configuration and a cargo space able to hold large amounts of luggage and a significant towing capacity, the Model X is arguably one of the best SUV’s on the road.

Model Y


New Roadster

2020 – 2021

The Roadster is a ground breaking sports car with an expected range of 1000 kms (620 mi) on the 200 kWh battery pack and will achieve 0–60 mph in 1.9 seconds; it also will achieve 0–100 mph in 4.2 seconds, and the top speed will be over 400 km/h (250mph).

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Tesla SEMI

Image courtesy of Tesla

Tesla is looking to fill the need of many different vehicle options and one such area is transport. Tesla introduced the Semi to address the transport need and the movement of goods in a safer and environmentally friendly way. The Tesla Semi is a Class 8 Semi-trailer trucking is due for production in 2020with a range estimated to be 800km(500mi) driven by 4 electric motors of the same make of the Model 3. As with the Model 3 the inclusion of smart technologies to allow for safer driving and future functionality of autonomous operation really will set this Semi apart.

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Tesla has truly been the catalyst that has started and continues to drive the transition to sustainable transportation. Tesla has proven time and again that electric vehicles are formidable and they continue to push the boundaries of what is possible. If you are interested in purchasing or understanding the vision that Tesla is bring to life click the link below.