Learning new things

Today blog is a little different than normal. Not a focus on electric vehicles but rather a focus on the future of ev-hq.com . I am at WordCamp the conference for those of us who use the word press functionality that helps to build our websites.

As a beginner in the world of webpage development and information sharing I have developed my webpage based off the information available to me and the easiest way possible. Word press website building allowed me to have something up and runnng within a month. I thought it was about time I learnt truly how to grow my brand and use the website more efficiently.

This conference has given me some great ideas to help make my webpage much more advanced than where it is today. Simple ideas that can make the webpage faster and more interesting to my visitors.

On top of this learning the conference is allowing me the opportunity to network and identify key people in the community to assist if trouble should rise or to collaborate and guide my learning and offer ideas and feedback where necessary.

I am a believer in taking what you have and building on it to deliver unique and simple solutions. Hard work can deliver great leaps just as much as knowledge can help to grow a simple idea.

I am a passionate fan and follower of electric vehicles and a fan boy of Tesla, but I am also a person who wants to be a more active member in the EV community and to do this it is important to learn and grow my knowledge which will assist this growth.

It is an exciting week ,month coming up for Australian fans as model 3 deliveries are not to far away. So stay excited, share your the love and hopefully deliveries are not far away. I will continue to post on @evhq2 on twitter with any updates as they come to hand but in the coming months I will also start to grow my presence on the webpage and have regular updates and post.

Thanks to word press for putting on the word camp and helping me grow my knowledge and contribute to the world of electric cars.