Tesla Right-Hand Drive?

Tesla Right-Hand Drive? Tesla has taken a stance on delivering the Model S and X to Right Hand Drive (RHD) countries. 

But why are RHD countries so hard to cater for?

It is true we have a smaller cumulative population than left-hand vehicle countries.

It is also true that some of the RHD countries may not be considered cost-effective due to the distance of transport and cost of living.

But it is also true that we have been advocates of the Tesla company even when many others were not.

We championed the value of the company and we helped to spread the word about the redeeming features that Tesla vehicles provided. 

So, I ask once again why?


Tesla Owners Club Western Australia recently tweeted some images that they found from a recent tear-down of the Model S from Munro Associates 

These images compared to an older tear-down of a Model S chassis do not have the tell-tale right-hand drive capability. This would suggest that Tesla had known this outcome from the start of manufacturing.  

Once again it appears that RHD countries are considered the poor cousin when it comes to the possibility of providing the Model S and X to our shores.

However, to appease some right-hand drive countries that also cater to left-hand drive vehicles it appears they are looking to those markets to provide access to the Model S & X left-hand drive versions.

Sawyer Merrit(@SawyerMerritt) highlighted this in a recent tweet. 

Tesla Perspective

Tesla Right-Hand Drive? But let’s also look at it from Tesla’s perspective. The new Model S & X vehicle numbers may be the reason for the change in direction. RHD drive countries have taken up the Model 3 and Y in great numbers outstripping and overtaking the demand for the Model S & X ten fold. 

Tesla could have looked at the cost-benefit and decided that in countries where the right-hand drive is the only option that the numbers were small enough that the change would not be significant for the company. 

Furthermore, countries like the UK and Japan which can also cater for left-hand drive vehicles can still access these vehicles. Tesla can still deliver the vehicles just left-hand drive. 

Tesla has made no secret of their need to streamline manufacturing and this could have also been a determinant factor in the decision.

Unfortunately, the group that feels the impact of this decision is the customers in those RHD countries that do not cater to Left-hand drive vehicles.

I have never considered buying a model s or X as the cost here in Australia has always been exorbitant. Way beyond mine and many others mean. Not that I wouldn’t consider it if the cost was more reasonable.

But in this instance, the customer, the advocates, the prompters and most importantly the fanboys miss out. 

The mission

Tesla’s mission has always been the transition to sustainable transport and energy. If this is true and Tesla wishes to stand by this mission, then it would seem they would maintain a version of vehicles for all corners of the globe. 

However, it would seem based on internal calculations that right-hand drive vehicles in the Model S & X class are no longer viable. 


So, the next question that some have been asking is what next?

What about the Cybertruck reservations that have been placed in many of the right-hand drive countries is there a possibility that they too will be declined?

Time will tell, but, let’s hope that this is an isolated incident and that the right-hand market is still a viable market for future Tesla vehicles.

Tesla Right-Hand Drive? A mission is one thing, but passion rules the heart. Let’s hope that the passion that most fans of Tesla and especially for their Model S & X are once again rewarded as time moves.  

It was a shock that this was the decision, but I hold out hope that one day not that far ahead we will see their return and the future of Tesla vehicles ongoing will be bright. 


David McCann

David created EV-HQ to share his passion for Electric vehicles

EV-HQ is here to inspire you to consider the possibilities

Easter Eggs – Gaming, Tesla, or Chocolate?

Close up plasma lamp

Easter Eggs – Gaming, Tesla, or Chocolate? Easter Eggs at this time of year are a symbol of new life. 

However, there is another type of easter egg. 

So how did they get their name Easter Egg? 


First ever easter egg computer
Image Courtesy of Wikipedia

Warren Robinett was the first person to create an easter egg in a computer game. His name and the credit for making the game “Adventure “on the Atari 2600 was never given to him as at the time Atari policy was to never credit to anyone. 

However the name Easter egg was was “coined around 1979 by Steve Wright, to describe a hidden message in the Atari video game Adventure, in reference to an Easter egg hunt.”

So, Warren Robinett created his own way of hiding his name and only through a specific process would his name appear thus creating the first Easter Egg in a computer game. It started an authentic, fun way for developers to create interesting challenges and tests for gamers that became a legacy.  


This is Tesla’s first Easter Egg,
Image courtesy of notateslapp.com

When Tesla started, Elon Musk, a gaming enthusiast loved the easter egg idea and created many across the years that remain ever present today. Elon being a pop culture fan and a wicked sense of humour appealed to the nerd in all of us by creating with his team many easter eggs. 

Tesla has many and varied easter eggs, some in the cars, some in the app and all of them are fun and enjoyable to experience. 

Here is a link to show some of the eater eggs held in a Tesla.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Easter_eggs_in_Tesla_products 


Easter Eggs – Gaming, Tesla, or chocolate? Hope you all have a happy Easter and enjoy your easter eggs no matter if they are chocolate or digital. 

yellow paintedsmiley face eggs
Photo by ROMAN ODINTSOV on Pexels.com


David McCann

David created EV-HQ to share his passion for Electric vehicles

EV-HQ is here to inspire you to consider the possibilities

Tesla – Master Plan 3 – The Goal

Image courtesy of Tesla.com

Tesla – Master Plan 3 -The Goal. Tesla’s investor day laid out its direction and the key players that will help them get there. 


There was a lot of speculation about the investor day with lots of predictions and suggestions that this would be like any other presentation with a few hints about future products and a breakdown of how they got there. 

Many predicted that the suggestion of the new cheaper Tesla would be the discussion point and a recap on the Cars, power, charging and manufacturing, but to say they underestimated the depth and breadth of what was presented is being conservative. 

Master plan 3

master plan 3
Image courtesy of Tesla.com

Master plan 1 and 2 were focused mainly on the vehicles creating a base to work from in the electric car industry to deliver the 

  • Model S
  • Model 3
  • Model X
  • Model Y
sexy cars
image courtesy of Tesla.com

The achievement of this and then the subsequent delivery of Giga Factories, battery cell production and a few other vehicles like the SEMI set the stage for the master plan 3 to be focused on the vehicle and manufacturing ramp. 

However, Master plan 3 really delivered on the future of Tesla and how they are moving the world to sustainable energy and transportation. 

The plan started out with a look at energy and how it will be possible to move from fossil fuels to renewables. This was laid out in a 5 Step process.

  1. Repower the existing grid with renewables.
  2. Switch to electric vehicles 
  3. Switch to heat pumps in homes, businesses, and Industry.
  4. Electrify high temp heat delivery and Hydrogen.
  5. Sustainable fuel planes and Boats 
  • number 1
  • number 2
  • number 3
  • number 4
  • number 5

Now, most of this has been spoken about before but the one surprise was the discussion around Hydrogen. Elon has always said that hydrogen was not a great source of energy for small road vehicles. But in this instance when talking about large industrial machinery he did concede that hydrogen had a place. 


image courtesy of Tesla.com

They also discussed the minerals required for a sustainable future with Lithium and beyond to be mined. They also conceded that mining would continue just not as much as current coal mining. 

Resources that would need to be mined ongoing included.

  • Nickel
  • Lithium
  • Zinc
  • Copper
  • Cobalt
  • Iron
  • Manganese
  • Aluminum
  • Graphite

One interesting fact was that due to the recent increase in interest, the volume of lithium that is being discovered is growing exponentially. 

One of the key differences when talking about renewable minerals is their recyclability of them. Once a battery is depleted and targeted for recycling the minerals inside them can be repurposed back to the same purpose again and again. 

Technology Company

Tesla – Master Plan 3 -The Goal. The master plan is an impressive step towards looking forward and setting goals for the planet, not just the Tesla Company. 

The argument that Tesla is just a car company seems to be no longer narrative and continually moves Tesla towards a Technology company more and more. 

It is truly exciting to hear and see the vision that Tesla is laying out to see. 


David McCann
David McCann

EV-HQ founder, passionate about sharing the passion for Tesla and Electric Vehicles everywhere.

Tesla Referral Program Returns!!!

loot box cut down
Image courtesy of Tesla Mobile App

Tesla referral program is back!!!!

Tesla Referral Program Returns!!! The Tesla referral program was in the past one of the keys to driving adoption before Tesla was the company it is today. 

Its rewards for getting others to use your referral code both were insightful and extremely successful. It used to reward those with vehicles, chargers, powerwalks and so much more. 


But then in the September of 2021, it all ended. Those of us here in Australia did not really benefit from the referral program as it finished just as Australia was really starting to get on board. 

But on Friday 25/2/2023 the referral program came back. This time it came back with a much more practical approach. 

How does it work?

Someone uses your referral code as it was before and you earn credits. The credits can then be used by you and the person who used your code to purchase accessories, upgrades, and supercharger credits. When the code is used, both get benefits. 

These make it much more appealing to your average person. It entices you to purchase through a friend or relative because you get some benefit to you and me when we do. 

Of course, the rewards of new cars and the like do not appear to be here anymore and that is what makes it so sustainable. 

Mobile App

The Tesla Mobile app was recently changed to show a locked chest in the top right-hand corner. When you select the icon, the following page opens. 

loot box icon
Image courtesy of Tesla Mobile App

Loot Box front page 

This page shows the current credits that you must spend. 

Tesla loot box app
Image courtesy of Tesla Mobile App

It also shows the free supercharging credits after they are purchased. 

Referral Button

The referral Button when selected asks to be connected to your contacts. You can then send your referral code to all your contacts. 

At the bottom of the page, you have a further 3 icons. 

The original “Loot Box” icon, is consistent with the icon you selected to get to this page. Then a credits icon and finally a redeem icon.

Credits Icon

When selected the credits icon shows the following page. 

The top right is a history tab used to track credit history.

Image courtesy of Tesla Mobile App

Below this is 3 selections

  • Referrer
  • Buyer
  • Loyalty

When sending a referral from this page it shows an image of the credits you receive when you have an appositive referral. This credit would then appear in your credits after the purchase is complete. 

referrer Credited
Image courtesy of Tesla Mobile App

When a person uses your referral code not only do you, as the referrer, get credits but so too does the buyer or person who has purchased the vehicles through your referral link. 

buyer credits page
Image courtesy of Tesla Mobile App

This selection shows credits that you get if you already own a Tesla and purchase another through your referral code another vehicle for you. 

loyalty credits page
Image courtesy of Tesla Mobile App

Each of these selections will give you the value based on the selection of the vehicle being purchased. 


On the Home page of the Loot box, I mentioned there was another icon on the bottom of the page, Redeem.

When selected this page shows the following, a total credit you have earned at the top?

Below this is 4 menu selections

  • Featured Products
  • Lifestyle
  • Accessories
  • Upgrades
Feature Products

This selection is about the essential items that tesla wants to promote. It is no surprise then that the Supercharger selection is the main image on this page. 

Image courtesy of Tesla Mobile App

The lifestyle selection shows a few items that can be purchased with the credits, from the tesla shop. A beanie, water bottle, t-shirt, and travel mug/tumbler. These will be the beginning of the selections I am sure, and this list will grow over time. 

Image courtesy of Tesla Mobile App

The accessories selection again is pulling items from the tesla shop, but the difference is it is promoting items for the vehicles. The Wall connector, the USB drive, the Pet Liner, Roof Sunshade and Center Console Trays are all featured and offer reasonable credit limits. 

Image courtesy of Tesla Mobile App

Upgrades would reference any grades that your current vehicles may not have. I have all the upgrades but would think that premium connectivity is a good example of what to expect here and I am sure cooler tech will appear here in the future. 

Image courtesy of Tesla Mobile App

Terms and Conditions

Below are just some of the key points outlined in the term and conditions.

  • Referrals cannot be applied after an order has been placed. 
  • Referral Credits are available to current owners in the Tesla community who refer first-time Tesla customers.
  • Buyer Credits are also granted to first-time customers who order a qualifying Tesla product through a referral link
  • Loyalty Credits are granted to current Tesla owners who are purchasing additional Tesla products for themselves.
  • Credits are awarded after the installation and activation of a Tesla energy product (the “Grant Date”).
  • Tesla customers must be at least 18 years old to be eligible for credits, which are non-transferable and not redeemable for cash.
  • Referral links should be shared from one person to another, not broadcast en masse on public platforms.

Tesla thinking

So why now? Why bring back the referral program, when you cannot keep up with demand and it puts you in a position of creating more demand? 

I believe it is about the customer. Tesla has for many years promoted one of its best assets, the people who keep talking about tesla without paid advertising. You see a referral program of this type takes that promotional expense and gives it back to the customers that have made tesla so successful. 

Tesla reinforces this with the following line in the term and conditions

“We introduce programs such as these in good faith and expect the same good faith in return. The intent of this program is to reward loyal Tesla owners for sharing their passion for Tesla products with their friends and family. “

It is one of the best sales and marketing tools because the passionate people who have found the electrification of vehicles to be a revolution can now be thanked for their efforts and rewarded for their loyalty. 

Loyalty above all is never celebrated by any company so it is wonderful to see a company like a Tesla once again rewarding those that have made them what they are today. 

It is wonderful to see it back. 


Battery Tech – The New Power Monoliths

tesla 4680 battery cell
Image Courtesy of Tesla.com/Youtube

Battery Tech

Battery Tech – the new power monoliths, Tesla, Ford, VW, Rivian, GM, BYD, Vinfast, Nissan, BMW, KIA, Hyundai, Mercedes, Genesis and so many more electric vehicle companies are working to bring some of the most advanced vehicles we have seen to your neighbourhood. 

Sony Battery pack

The evolution has not only turned the car industry on its head but has accelerated other industries to change direction, focus on the future of their products and shake things up to support the new age of electrification. 

One industry that has been at the center of this shake-up has been the Battery companies. Panasonic, CATL, LG Chem, Gotion, Northvolt and many more including the startups like Tesla. 

Batteries have become essential for the future of not just vehicles but support solar and the power grid. The storage of electrical energy to be used to propel electric motors for vehicles, to store large quantities of energy in storage systems for small dwellings and on a larger scale megapacks that store power grids are becoming the norm. 


Battery Tech – the new power monoliths, This evolution has taken some companies from sheer obscurity to global leaders. Panasonic for example was never really known for its battery technology, but now its name is synonymous with Tesla the leading electric car brand globally.

It is this evolution that has all battery manufacturers vying for the opportunity to do the same with other car brands. 

Battery technology has in the most part sat idle with little innovation for a hundred or so years. Acid batteries were the most evolutionary step forward in the early 19th century with Lithium-ion batteries coming with the evolution of the Smartphone. 

Outside of these batteries have been nothing more than an afterthought. Until now. 


Video courtesy of Tesla.com/Youtube

Tesla announced in late 2020 that it was about to rethink battery tech and the evolution of battery technology with the development of 4680 cells. They had redesigned the idea of the battery. Retaining the cylindrical shape but looking for better materials and ways to create them in a smaller footprint. 

This forward-thinking allowed them to move with pace and partners to have vehicles in 2023 to be delivered with this battery technology driving their vehicles into the future. 

Elon has mentioned on several occasions that Tesla and all car companies will need as many battery cells as they can get their hands on. This has undoubtedly been the case with constraints in the early 2021s as car deliveries and manufacturing was hamstrung by the limited supply. 

However, that does not seem to be the case with Tesla currently as production continues to grow along with the construction of more battery cell factories like the one recently announced in Berlin. 

But what about the other companies? Each has a different manufacturing process and format. Some are creating the typical cylindrical batteries while others are pouching style and prismatic. Regardless they are producing as many as they can due to the rise of the electric vehicle. 


When established car companies start looking to move to electric, they have a lot of knowledge of vehicles but not much in the way of battery technology, in most art. This is proving to be one of the biggest challenges in understanding the complexities of battery management systems and how they integrate third-party systems in their new vehicles. 

Furthermore, they are all competing for the same battery capacity, which is causing delays in car production. The battery companies cannot deploy enough cells fast enough. 

It just proves that Tesla’s early thinking about the development in the house of their own battery cells and top to bottom integration puts them far ahead of the competition as they do not have to compete with anyone but themselves. 

4680 battery pack
Image courtesy of Tesla.com

Of course, this challenge will only last for several years before new players and new thinking around battery tech will bring balance and a more competitive advantage to an equal playing field. 

Batteries are fast becoming the coal of the future. The difference is that with this technology the batteries are almost all able to be recycled. 

Redwood materials

redwood materials sign

Battery Tech – the new power monoliths, Redwood materials have shown itself to be ahead of the curve with the company developing techniques and processes for disassembling and recycling battery packs and batteries to be reused and recycled back into electric vehicle technologies. 

This thinking means that eventually digging the minerals out of the ground will no longer be required in the vast numbers that currently are occurring and the same batteries you had in your vehicle for the last 10 years will help in the vehicles in the next 10 years. 

redwood materials process
Image courtesy of Redwoodmaterials.com

Reuse, Recycle and have a safer, healthier future for our kids and grandkids. 

The future is looking bright 



David McCann
David McCann

EV-HQ founder, passionate about sharing the passion for Tesla and Electric Vehicles everywhere.
Referral code:

David McCann
David McCann

EV-HQ founder, passionate about sharing the passion for Tesla and Electric Vehicles everywhere.
Referral code:

Tesla SEMI Delivered

Image Courtesy of Tesla.com

Tesla SEMI Delivered, 5 years ago Tesla held an event that set the tone for what was to come and the disruption they felt would come to the trucking industry.

Semi unveiling
Image Courtesy of Tesla.com Youtube

No longer will big gas-guzzling vehicles be the only solution to hauling heavy loads distance. I wrote about the companies that had placed orders back in 2020 and the first deliveries to some of those companies happened today.

Introducing the Tesla SEMI

Courtesy of Tesla.com YouTube channel

Now I must preface, Tesla is not the first Electric truck to market, but they certainly are the most interesting. When you consider the power-to-weight ratio and the motor that is doing the heavy lifting (pardon the pun) they are one of the standouts.

Friday the 2nd of December 2022 Tesla presented the production version of the SEMI and delivered them to Pepsi Co and Frito-Lay.  

The new SEMI rethinks the way truck drivers interact with their vehicles. As an example, it is possible to stand up in the cabin and change out of a jacket and hang them up before sitting in the driver’s seat to drive. 

SEMI Cabin Coat Hanger
Image Courtesy of Tesla.com YouTube Channel

The SEMI weighs in at 82000lbs when fully loaded and can cover a range of 500 miles (804 kilometres)

With 1 x Plaid motor that drives the truck most of the time and a further two more motors that engage for torque and acceleration, it is a very powerful vehicle.  This tri-motor configuration is clutched and geared automatically, which offers a seamless experience for the driver.

Semi Motor and axel
Image Courtesy of Tesla.com YouTube Channel

Elon Stated in the presentation” It is an elephant that moves like a cheetah”, he went on to state that the vehicle has 3 times the power of any diesel truck on the road today. This type of power and acceleration is unprecedented in the trucking industry. 

SEMI Aerodynamics
Image courtesy of Tesla.com YouTube Channel

Interesting point.

One comment which caught my attention related to the 1000volt powertrain and how it will be used beyond the Tesla Semi. If I was speculating that might very well speak to either the CyberTruck or another vehicle in the works. Whatever it is it will be impressive for a smaller vehicle to have this type of technology. 

Notable Difference. 

Tesla Semi Delivered, one notable difference between the existing Deisel trucks and the new Electric SEMI by Tesla is the ability for anyone to hop in and drive. It drives, excluding the size, the same as driving a Tesla Vehicle. 

It has a central driving location with two large screens to either side allowing for cameras to see the length of the truck and trailer, navigation, speed gear and other metrics specific to large trucks. (Images Courtesy of Tesla.com YouTube Channel)

Notable Omission

One notable omission related to “Autopilot” and “Full Self Driving” (FSD). Something I am sure will either be in the software or still in development. This is all yet to be confirmed by Tesla but if history is anything to go on there is great confidence that it is on the road map. 

A video of the truck driving for over 8 hours was shown and can be accessed on Tesla’s Youtube channel. It demonstrated the ability of the vehicle and helped to show how the vehicle performs under normal daily driving conditions. 

Video Courtesy of Tesla.com YouTube Channel

Carryover of Proven Technology

During the presentation, Elon and the team made comments that the SEMI had within its technology that is already proven out with Tesla’s Current Fleet. This included 

  • Drive Units
  • Infotainment Systems
  • Heat Pump System
  • Power Inverters
Image Courtesy of Tesla.com YouTube Channel

These components have been distributed throughout the Tesla fleet over the years and it is a testament to Tesla that they continue to evolve and improve on their already amazing innovation. To include these elements in the Semi only reinforces the importance of consistency and transferability of the functionality of these components. 

Tesla Semi Delivered, Electric vehicles are by their own admission revolutionary vehicles in an industry that has been lagging over the last many years. As we move to a world of electrification and renewable energy there is a need to be able to transfer that electrical current in larger and larger volumes. 

Charging Infrastructure

That is why Tesla continues to innovate their charging infrastructure. This is no different for the Tesla Semi. Elon and team introduced the 1MW – DC CHARGING INFRASTRUCTURE showing the evolution of V3 – V4 of the Cable technology. This new cable version has shown great improvements in charging times and capability.

charging cable SEMI
Image courtesy of Tesla.Com YouTube Channel

It was also announced that this new infrastructure will be part of the CyberTruck configuration, and they will be retrofitting the Charging network starting next year.  It would stand to reason that long term this may become the standard for all Tesla vehicles. 

For now, though the Semi with such a large battery pack is required to meet the need of the distances to travel for Heavy vehicles it is important to charge in the most efficient way with the least amount of time and this cable helps to realize this ability. 

What’s Next

Tesla Semi Delivered, Tesla has made no secret of their Master plan and they again showed this at the [presentation. Now that the Semi is heading into production the focus shifts to CyberTruck. 

Not only will CyberTruck be a new evolutionary vehicle, but it will again learn and adopt several innovations that have come before. 

road map
Image courtesy of Tesla.com YouTube Channel

The Tesla Semi is a beautiful, well-thought-out vehicle that will influence the view of what heavy vehicles are, can do and deliver in the future. Tesla has already stated it will integrate them into its own fleet and continue to learn and grow their development. 

Congratulations to Tesla and the Semi Team on taking the time to get this right. I cannot wait to see how it evolves over the coming years. 


David McCann
David McCann

EV-HQ founder, passionate about sharing the passion for Tesla and Electric Vehicles everywhere.
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Test Driving Model Y Australia

Model y white
Model Y Test Drive

Test Driving Model Y Australia, Last Monday I had the privileged of being able to take the Model Y for a test drive.

I have been anticipating this vehicle arriving in Australia since its first release in the USA over 2 years ago.

Those that follow me on social media ( links below) will know I have asked Elon many times when it was going to arrive. So, when it finally did, I hoped to be at the front of the line to test drive this beauty. 

Fortitude Valley Tesla store has been amazing with their customer service and wonderful people. So, it was no surprise to find their smiles and enthusiasm as we arrived to take the Model Y for a drive. 

Model Y 

Model Y rear view
Rearview Model Y Trunk Open

The vehicle was a White exterior and Black interior Rear wheel drive. 

At first glance, you would be forgiven for thinking it is just a bigger Model 3. This is a good way to introduce people to the idea of the vehicle. Tesla would tell you it is an SUV with wonderful features for the Australian public. 

My view is that the Vehicle will resonate with the Australian psyche of car buyers due to several features not found on the Model 3. 


The first thing I did notice about the Model Y having owned and driven a Model 3 for a while is the entry into the Vehicle is a more enjoyable process. I am just shy of 6 feet and getting into the Model 3 I feel like I am hoping into a high-end sports car. 

With the Model Y, it is as if I am sitting down in a chair at a kitchen table that is plush and comfortable. The drop is not as far. 

As has been mentioned many times, the Model Y and Model 3 share about 70% of the parts. So, the interior cabin is very familiar to Model 3 Owners. 

Sitting in the driver’s seat there is the instant feeling of sitting higher in the vehicle. The elevation is not dramatic but is very noticeable both stationery and driving. 


Looking around the cabin the large expanse of glass as a single pane making up the roof is just spectacular. The extra height of the vehicle with the elevated seating position makes the cabin feel very spacious not to mention the leg height and room more expansive. 

One notable difference from the Model Y to the Model 3 is the lining of the door pockets. They are lined with a plush material that seems to assist with reducing noise. They are also deeper than Model 3. 

Trunk (Boot)

The back of the vehicle is where the most difference is placed. The introduction of the hatchback increases the ability to access the vast storage area that can be created. The introduction of back seat releases in the trunk(boot) area and the 40/20/40 back seat split give fantastic versatility to the storage capacity of the vehicle. 

This alone is a win for families and owners of pets. 

One other feature of the vehicles that have had a subtle change is the size of the under-boot storage and the frunk. The underfoot storage is vast and holds large items. 

Furthermore, there is an additional storage compartment at the back of the back seats that is good for the storage of excess cables and tools. 

The introduction of two side pockets in the (trunk(boot) also increases the storage capabilities of the vehicle. 

The frunk has a deeper profile and a new additional seal that is attached to the underside of the bonnet.

Model Y driving. 

As we left the Fortitude valley store to take the Model Y for a test drive you instantly feel the height and size of the vehicle. It feels solid and safe. 

It provides a wonderful ride height that allows for a greater view of the surroundings. 

The familiar driving experience as compared to the model 3 is instant. It makes you feel at ease so you can focus on the driving experience rather than trying to figure out locations of speed and gears and the like. 

If I was a new user of the vehicle and this was my first time driving, I would recommend the Tesla staff to walk you through the central console thoroughly. This will give you a greater understanding before you start to drive.  

As a Model 3 owner, the experience of the central console was easy to navigate. 

Driving Experience

The vehicle responded just as you would expect with grace and poise. 

The rear-wheel-drive pushing a heavier vehicle takes a few seconds longer to get to 0-60 km/hr. speed. This is a more reasonable take-off for families as it reflects current vehicle take-off speeds. However, it still has the speed when you need it.  

The responsiveness of the vehicle is to Tesla’s standard and does not disappoint. 

Side Mirrors

The side mirrors are slightly larger and really give a great visual range of other vehicles around you as you drive and when reversing. 

Rear Window

If I had to pick one feature that initially seemed a problem, but over time would be able to adjust to is the visibility out the back window when looking through the rear-view mirror. The narrow perspective that is seen through this view at first does not provide as much visual range as the Model 3 or any other vehicle that I have driven both in the past and present. 

However, with the larger side mirrors and the safety features of the vehicle, I believe this is something that can be managed. 


A lot of people online have been highlighting the Suspension as being an issue, but my view is it is no different to the Model 3. The ride and comfort of the vehicle both on-road and over bumps like speed bumps were expected with any spring suspension. 

Both my wife and I enjoyed the drive for similar and different reasons but ultimately, we believe that this will be a car for Australia.

Back seats 

For anyone who has sat in the back of the Model 3 for extended periods of time, it can be quite uncomfortable due to the lack of ability to adjust the seating angle. In Model Y, this is resolved with the ability to recline. I for one love this feature. 


Before we purchased our Model 3, we had a long discussion about the range and the need to get more range than less. However, after owning a Tesla Model 3, I can say that if the vehicle is your everyday driver and you use it to get around town, the range of New Model Y’s standard range of 455km (WLTP) is more than enough to suffice any driving needs. 

Battery configuration Queries

When talking to the Tesla staff about the long-range and when it might arrive, they made the comment that the battery configuration for the Long-Range and Performance model batteries contained Cobalt technology and not the LFP battery technology.

This may seem not important but what it means is that vehicle is recommended to only be charged 80-90 per cent most of the time and only 100% just before driving long distances. 

It is designed to preserve battery and reduce any risks associated with battery life reduction. The challenge is a range, if charging to 80-90% of the battery capacity you are ultimately at a similar range to the standard range model which can charge to 100% all the time. Something to consider when purchasing especially if it is not used for long-distance driving very often.  

Features of the central console. 

Bio defence mode. 

Climate control of Model Y

When the opportunity came to look at the centre console and its features a couple of differences immediately stood out. The most notable was the introduction in Model Y of Bio Defiance mode. This offering was until recently only available in the more premium vehicles like the Model X. Its introduction to the Model Y once again gives credence to my belief that it is the car for Australian conditions. 

The Bio defence mode reduces the particulates in the air of the vehicle. So high pollen counts at certain times of the year when we have bushfires and removal of exhaust fumes from the air as well. It is a piece of mind feature that when used can be very effective. 

FSD computer 

One feature which I do not own is the FSD upgrade. My model 3 has the computer but I have not made the purchase due to cost. 


This feature in the Model Y we test drove was able to show the EAP features that are available. Self-parking was the main feature that was shown to us. Unfortunately, we were not able to test auto lane change and smart summon but it was interesting to try the self-parking and have it work seamlessly. 

The Model Y contained the Ryzen chipset which made the central console responsive and fresh.

The premium sound system again was another feature that was new for us to experience. The introduction of the SUB woofer and the extra speakers really made the listening experience wonderful. 

Dash height

One feature in the Model 3 that has been a point of frustration for me is the airflow out of the vent in front of the driver. The airflow no matter which location I place the direction continually flows onto my knees in the Model 3. With the dash being higher in the Model Y this is no longer an issue. 

Low Voltage Battery type

One feature which has been talked about for a while but is good to see it coming to Australia is the introduction of a Lithium-ion Low voltage battery. This will allow longer times between replacements of the older chemical batteries. 

As we returned the vehicle to the dealership, we both felt that this vehicle will not only be a big selling vehicle in Australia but a flagship for the tesla fleet. It ticks all the boxes

  • Family-friendly
  • Great storage
  • Premium sound system
  • Safety 
  • Storage galore
  • High ride height
  • Solid feeling on the road
  • Great technology 


The test drive just solidified our view that the Model Y will be a vehicle we will upgrade to soon.

The Model 3 has its place and is an amazing vehicle. But for Australian families who can afford the Model Y, it will meet your needs even more so than the Model 3.

It provides a wonderful upgrade to the features of the Model 3 and for any new Tesla owners, it is an experience far beyond the current petrol vehicle.

Is it any wonder why demand is extremely high? Just as I said in my last blog it is the car for the masses.

I am super impressed with the quality of the build and the features that come with the vehicles. My insistence to Elon to get it here sooner did not happen but I and so excited to see these on the roads in Australia. 


Australia Embracing Electric Vehicles

Electric dreams exhibitions
Image courtesy of Electric Dreams Exhibition website

Australia Embracing Electric Vehicles, This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending the Brisbane “Electric Dreams Exhibition”

On the scale of things, it was a small affair, but it still had some wonderful exhibitors showing off their wares. 

Electric Exhibitors

This was not just a car show but an electric show with vehicles of all kinds. Electric cars all the way down to skateboards and it had something for the young at heart to the wise and passionate. 

I had the pleasure of talking with several of the exhibitors asking about their electric scooters and electric bikes and understanding the advantages and specifications of each. They were so friendly and open to discussing the amazing selection and the variety of what they each could do. 

Scotter Hut

I spoke with the team from Scooter Hut a local Brisbane-based company who was extremely knowledgeable about the scooters highlighting features and comparisons between each variety.

There was no hard sell it was sharing, understanding and knowledge about the vehicles themselves. Quite refreshing to find someone with such a depth of knowledge that they can talk to. 

They had 4-5 main scooters on display, and all were for different needs and age groups. The pricing was reasonable and the distance for each was comparable to most scooters on the market. 


A unique feature of this electric vehicle show was the retrofit vehicles that had electric motor conversions of older classic petrol vehicles. With just over $10000 dollars it is possible to get the basic kit to convert an older vehicle. 

Quite a reasonable price in comparison to current new Electric Vehicle costs which are significantly higher. It is wonderful to see such ingenuity and passion for electrification while still having the ability to love classic cars. 

But it would not be an electric exhibition without the latest and greatest vehicles. 


As you would expect Tesla had a stand and with it came several vehicles. On display were two Model 3’s. One “Standard Range” and the other a “Long Range”.

Tesla Display
Tesla Display

However, the cherry on top was the latest Model Y.  

Model Y was the star of the show with most of the attention going to it. Many people were asking lots of questions and exploring the vehicle for its wonderful features and specs. 

Rear view of Model Y

I still hold true that this vehicle is the best choice for the Australian market. A large family car that just has the features everyone is looking for with the special technology and ecosystem of Tesla.

If you want to hear more of my thoughts on the Model Y test drive click here!!


Polestar2 Display

Tesla was not the only car company on show, polestar had a centre stage with tier Polestar 2. It was again a very popular vehicle to see. As this was the first time, I had seen the interior it was representative of the quality that the outside belies.

The multiple screens for the driver and the display that is fresh and nuanced. I love the seat belts being yellow a simple thing, but I really like it and would love to see other car companies follow suit. 

polestar2 specs
Polestar2 Specs

I do however have a couple of negative observations. The air vents are a little too retro for me, a big silver vent with a turning knob seems a little outdated and would age very quickly. The back seat leg room seemed a little short as well. 

Other than that, it was a well put together thought-out refined vehicle.


Not formally on display but a booth owner who was selling towbar retrofits for Tesla had an EV6 on display parked next to their booth. 

Again, it is the first time seeing the interior up close and I was pleasantly surprised. The exterior of the vehicle is surprisingly appealing. It has some wonderful curves and features that draw the eyes. 

The dual display seems to be extremely functional especially with the angle more towards the driver. The car offered a lot more space than expected and the interior is well-appointed and refined. 

EV 6
KIA EV 6 Interior

It seems that the next generation of electric vehicles is hitting the market in all the right places. 


I did also get the pleasure of seeing the Lexus Electric vehicle. Unfortunately, I did not get any photos, however, I was less than impressed as the number of buttons and their placement in the vehicle was messy and unusual. 

It seems that the thinking for this vehicle was targeted to a specific audience and not to the mass market. Probably not surprising considering that the cost of Lexus vehicles is quite high. 

However, it is great to see that more and more companies are heading down this road. 


Most of us have heard of tritium the manufacturer that builds some amazing charging infrastructure. 

We have also heard of charge fox, RACQ, EVIE and so many other companies that provide third-party chargers. 

But have you ever heard of Noodoe? Neither had I until this show. It turns out they produce charging solutions for the average person. This charging is supported by a dedicated application. 

Noodoe charger

They produce both AC and DC chargers and they can all be accessed by a QR code infrastructure. 

noodoe sign
Noodoe options

Seems like the market for chargers and infrastructure has another player trying to make their way. 

It is wonderful to see so many interested parties looking for opportunities in the electric vehicle marketplace. 


Even though it was a small affair, and the number of people did not compare to car shows of old, it is a wonderful start towards building that ongoing relationship with the future customer. 

It was a pleasure to talk with and see so many people interested in and talking about the possibilities for electric vehicles from the smallest scooter, to the largest electric bus to the everyday commuter. The future of electric vehicles is bright, and it is wonderful exhibitions like the Electric Dreams Exhibition that help to make the future possible. 


Model Y ” Surprising” Demand !!!

Red Model Y

Model Y “Surprising”Demand !!! Last week was a moment that I have been waiting for since the introduction of the Model Y in the USA over two years ago. The release of the Model Y to the Australian market. 

The release of the Model Y inspired many thousands of Australians to place an order for the highly anticipated vehicle. I have written about it many times in the last number of years that the Model Y will be a game-changer for the electric vehicle landscape in Australia.

Australia’s appetite

The Model Y is the electric vehicle that will appeal the most to Australians. 

An SUV that can travel more than 400kms and carry a family of 5 with room to spare.

The appeal of this vehicle has been only enhanced by the fact that in the recent past Australians have come to realize that electric vehicles are the way forward.

They have understood that getting on board now can assist in avoiding rising fuel and maintenance costs.

The Australian population is more motivated than ever. 


So, it comes as a surprise to no one but Elon himself that the demand was a surprise in right-hand drive (RHD) countries.


This demand has been coming for a while now as Model 3 orders had blown out to deliveries of March-May of 2023. So, to see the Model Y hit a similar milestone just a few hours after ordering started would suggest that Tesla had not thought that interest and orders would have been as high as the Model 3. I guess they were wrong.

Globally the Model Y has outstripped the orders of the Model 3 in every market where it has become available.

Even Elon has said on occasion that the Model Y will sell more than the model 3 so to hear him state that he was surprised by the demand is a little odd.

However, on the upside, Elon did mention that they were working on ways to meet the demand.

EV Manufacturers

Model Y “Surprising”Demand !!! But Tesla is not alone as many other manufacturers are also having similar issues. 

Recently VW cancelled all its orders for the XC40 (Insert article) in Australia due to not being able to meet demand. Many manufacturers when releasing their vehicles to the market are finding that the vehicles sell almost instantly due to demand. 

“Surprising”, is not the word I would have given to the demand in RHD countries. 

“Expected” would have been a better comment. 

But we are where we are, and we hope that Tesla and other manufacturers can increase demand in the coming months and years. 

Enhanced Autopilot

But that wasn’t where the fun stopped. Just yesterday Tesla released almost globally the Enhanced Autopilot suite back to the public. 

This middle-of-the-road driver assistance features is a nice compromise for most people and much more attainable than the 10 – 12 thousand price range (depending on the country) of the Full Self Driving Stack.

The autopilot system that is released with Tesla’s, as standard, is extremely well received and functional on most freeways with the driver being at the wheel and monitoring its progress and intervening when required. The enhanced autopilot takes all the great features and adds to them. The subtle differences come in the form of 

  • Auto lane changes
  • Summon
  • Smart Summon
  • Auto Park 
Lane change
Image courtesy of Tesla.com

These features are some of the most requested features that the Full self-driving stack has had for several years. 

On several occasions, Ryan McCaffery from the Ride the lightning podcast discussed the viability of reintroducing the EAP. It seems that Tesla has also heard the comments and has now responded to those who have asked and re-introduced the functionality. 

These features are in most cases half the cost of the Full Self-Driving stack and will be well received.

Future of Transportation

I am sure the uptake will be high for most tesla drivers across the globe who have wanted the FSD stack but could not justify the cost and now can purchase it and will only assist in keeping the roads safer. 

Tesla has led the charge to move the historical views on what a vehicle is into a realm whereby Tesla is considered not just a car company but a technology company. 

The future of what transportation is and how it will change our lives is just getting started and I for one am very excited by the changes that are occurring. 

Model Y “Surprising”Demand !!! Demand is something that we all will have to manage moving forward.  As our appetite for the change to electric vehicles grows. From this point forward we will see nothing but demand as the countries of the world move to a greener and healthier future for all. 


P.S. Unfortunately, there has been a global price rise for Model Y late Friday. This is a small negative in a great ocean of positives. It does however make it harder for the average person to purchase. Hopefully, over time this will change. 

Tesla Model Y Now Available in Australia!!!!!

Model y
Image courtesy of Tesla.com

Tesla Model Y Now available in Australia!!!!!!!!! Well, it has been a long time coming and it has not disappointed with its meteoric arrival on the 10th of June at 10:30 am with ordering opening to all buyers. 

This arrival has been foretold many times.

A Tesla Owners Club Australia member spotted a number of Model Y on the back of a truck heading to Melbourne as explained by @Techau.

Within several hours of this post, it was confirmed that other vehicles had been spotted on the showroom floors of the Sydney store and the Gold Coast stores. 

I called the Brisbane store and asked about the possibility of the vehicle arriving and ordering opening. To say the response was a little cagey was an understatement. No wonder why as within less than 24 hours the store had 2 Model Y’s on the showroom floor and ordering had commenced. 

Let’s break it down. 

Prices Model Y
Image courtesy of Tesla.com

The two models that have been released are the “Model Y” also known as the “standard range” and Performance Model Y.

The pricing of each vehicle before release was expected to be more than 10% higher than Model 3. However, the prices were much better than expected.

The cost of the Model Y ( Standard Range) was within a couple of thousand dollars of the Model 3 which makes it a compelling buy for those with a Model 3 existing order.

The standard range model has a starting price of $68900. A performance model has a starting price of $93900. These prices are before drive away costs applied. Now, of course, the drive-away price will differ slightly across different states due to incentives.

Standard range 

Tesla Model Y now available in Australia!!!!!!!!! The standard range will be one of the most popular models purchased. It will also be a challenge for people to not consider it in comparison to the Model 3 with a range variation of only 40kms. This may cause a few people to rethink the difference between both Model Y and Model 3. The extra features you get with a Model y will only add to the challenge when making a decision.

The colours, and interior features, barring a small few, are identical to the Model 3.

Image courtesy of Tesla.com
Image courtesy of Tesla.com

The inclusion of adjustable back seats, the releases from the trunk and the higher ride height and increased storage capacity will be very enticing for those considering buying. 

Image courtesy of Tesla.com

The Model Y is the car for Australia as it really is a wonderful family vehicle with great features and driving capability. 

Performance Model Y 

Performance Model Y
Image courtesy of Tesla.com

The Performance Model Y as always has higher acceleration and features a second motor that assists with range and torque. These features are nothing short of special when considering the Model Y is a family vehicle.

performance wheels
Image courtesy of Tesla.com

The same great features that have been discussed with the “standard range” also exist in the Performance Model Y.

No word yet for any track mode at this time. But if the Model 3 has it then hopefully Model Y won’t be too far behind. But again nothing confirmed.

One feature, that when compared to the Model 3, is truly impressive. The size of the cargo space is significantly greater than the Model 3.

cargo Model y
Image courtesy of Tesla.com

A very special feature, as confirmed by the Tesla store staff, is the inclusion of the HEPA filter in the air conditioning.

The large-size filter that helps to reduce cabin particulates is a master stroke for the Model Y and will be a well-loved feature.

The ability to remove from the air almost all fumes, pollen and smoke from outside influences will only enhance the driving comfort and allow for a much more pleasant drive. Another great selling feature that is not well advertised.

Long Range

The one model that was not released was the Long-Range Model Y.

The Long Range Model Y is positioned between the Model Y( Standard Range) and the Performance Model Y. It is believed to be released sometime in the near future. The Long Range features dual motors and a greater range than the other models. This is the same as the Model 3 and has been seen to be a great seller. When released in Australia there is little doubt it will be a very sort after model.

To say I have been excited by the arrival of the Model Y would be a massive understatement as shown in my recent blog ” Model Y Coming to Australia !!!!“.

It will sell well

Tesla Model Y Now available in Australia!!!!!!!!! I have been saying for a few years since that the Model Y will be a bigger seller, and a better prospect, for the Australian landscape than the Model 3.

With its ability to carry more, tow more and be more than any other electric SUV in Australia.

It has the potential to outsell all other models and change the landscape of what is considered the right car for Australia’s roads.

The biggest challenge is the original price tag. It is hoped that in time electric vehicles will reduce in price and continue to be closer to what a Petrol vehicle is a today if not cheaper.

I know it is a big statement, but I believe the Model Y is going to be huge for Australia.

This blog has been a long time in the making with many tweets, comments and conversations about and for the vehicle’s arrival. It is truly impressive to see up close and will appeal to many.

Thanks again and I appreciate your time.