Dreaming of EV when owning a Gas Car

Dreaming of an EV when owning a Gas car. If someone had said to me that electric cars will be just as viable as gas powered cars in 6 years I would not have believed them.

If someone had said Tesla I would have said ….Who is that ? Just goes to show how quickly things have changed.

My passion for cars started when I drove my first car . I owned a Morris Mini and it was a brilliant car. it was old and had its idiosyncrasies but I loved it. I had an emotional connection to that car and it was a loss the day I had to move on. 

Old school cars

Since then I have had what I would call, cars for the purpose of getting from point “A” to point “B”. My connection with these cars has never been as strong as it was for the mini. Even though the mini was a little car it felt sprightly. But my cars since have not had that feeling.

These cars have mostly been Nissan Pulsars and they have been reliable family cars. A family car is what we needed with young kids and school drop offs. But the next car i buy i would love to feel that passion again.


Since finding out about Tesla and their beautiful range of cars I have had a connection like I did all those years ago. An emotional connection to the styling of the car, the technology of the car and based on 2 test drives the motion of the car. 

Currently i own a typical middle of the road car. A family sedan that at the time of purchasing was $30000 – $40000 australian dollars. Most cars of this time had grey interior , that was bland and boring, with lots of buttons that made the dash seem busy and in todays electric vehicle standards very messy.

It has done close to 200000kms and has had its run of problems. On the plus side it has been as reliable safe and consistent and there is not much more you can ask from a good car. The vehicles has 1.6 l engine and not much power to allow for a little fun which is no surprise for a family sedan. 

Whats it like?

So what is it like to own a Gas car when all you want to do is own a Tesla. Dreaming of an EV when owning a gas car.

  • Firstly you annoy everyone in the family as you call out when ever you see a Tesla on the road. 
  • I try to get as close to a tesla when you see them driving in your direction just to get a glimpse. 
  • You bore your family with facts about the cars that they have heard a million times
  • You look at the Tesla website regularly looking for some possibility that the price had dropped by $50000 so you could be in range of possibly affording one. 
  • In my case I also started a website and engaged the EV community online. 
  • You try to get a response from Elon Musk the CEO of Tesla on Twitter regarding any new fact about Tesla.

Owning a Gas car is like driving a dinosaur. It is slow, clunky and hard to be passionate about it. 

But the glimpse of hope that one day you might just get the chance to call one my own, keeps me passionate, driven and a true fanboy.