Tesla Right-Hand Drive?

Tesla Right-Hand Drive? Tesla has taken a stance on delivering the Model S and X to Right Hand Drive (RHD) countries. 

But why are RHD countries so hard to cater for?

It is true we have a smaller cumulative population than left-hand vehicle countries.

It is also true that some of the RHD countries may not be considered cost-effective due to the distance of transport and cost of living.

But it is also true that we have been advocates of the Tesla company even when many others were not.

We championed the value of the company and we helped to spread the word about the redeeming features that Tesla vehicles provided. 

So, I ask once again why?


Tesla Owners Club Western Australia recently tweeted some images that they found from a recent tear-down of the Model S from Munro Associates 

These images compared to an older tear-down of a Model S chassis do not have the tell-tale right-hand drive capability. This would suggest that Tesla had known this outcome from the start of manufacturing.  

Once again it appears that RHD countries are considered the poor cousin when it comes to the possibility of providing the Model S and X to our shores.

However, to appease some right-hand drive countries that also cater to left-hand drive vehicles it appears they are looking to those markets to provide access to the Model S & X left-hand drive versions.

Sawyer Merrit(@SawyerMerritt) highlighted this in a recent tweet. 

Tesla Perspective

Tesla Right-Hand Drive? But let’s also look at it from Tesla’s perspective. The new Model S & X vehicle numbers may be the reason for the change in direction. RHD drive countries have taken up the Model 3 and Y in great numbers outstripping and overtaking the demand for the Model S & X ten fold. 

Tesla could have looked at the cost-benefit and decided that in countries where the right-hand drive is the only option that the numbers were small enough that the change would not be significant for the company. 

Furthermore, countries like the UK and Japan which can also cater for left-hand drive vehicles can still access these vehicles. Tesla can still deliver the vehicles just left-hand drive. 

Tesla has made no secret of their need to streamline manufacturing and this could have also been a determinant factor in the decision.

Unfortunately, the group that feels the impact of this decision is the customers in those RHD countries that do not cater to Left-hand drive vehicles.

I have never considered buying a model s or X as the cost here in Australia has always been exorbitant. Way beyond mine and many others mean. Not that I wouldn’t consider it if the cost was more reasonable.

But in this instance, the customer, the advocates, the prompters and most importantly the fanboys miss out. 

The mission

Tesla’s mission has always been the transition to sustainable transport and energy. If this is true and Tesla wishes to stand by this mission, then it would seem they would maintain a version of vehicles for all corners of the globe. 

However, it would seem based on internal calculations that right-hand drive vehicles in the Model S & X class are no longer viable. 


So, the next question that some have been asking is what next?

What about the Cybertruck reservations that have been placed in many of the right-hand drive countries is there a possibility that they too will be declined?

Time will tell, but, let’s hope that this is an isolated incident and that the right-hand market is still a viable market for future Tesla vehicles.

Tesla Right-Hand Drive? A mission is one thing, but passion rules the heart. Let’s hope that the passion that most fans of Tesla and especially for their Model S & X are once again rewarded as time moves.  

It was a shock that this was the decision, but I hold out hope that one day not that far ahead we will see their return and the future of Tesla vehicles ongoing will be bright. 


David McCann

David created EV-HQ to share his passion for Electric vehicles

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Tesla Dropped the Mic !!!

Panoramic roof looking into refresh model S
Image courtesy of Tesla.com

Tesla Dropped the Mic !!! The Model S and X put on a show this week after the earnings call. Tesla.com updated their lineup of Model S and X vehicles with some dramatic flair. 

This was on top of their first profitable year by posting a profit of $575M for Q4 earnings. It is amazing that a company which just a small number of years ago were struggling to be able to meet production of the Model 3 and now going from strength to strength. 


The refresh of the Model S and X has been rumoured for a while since the modified Model S achieved some phenomenal lap times at the Nürburgring last year.

At the time the exterior refresh seemed to be the only update with and increase in motors and performance. These exterior changes were subtle as they conformed to the same shape as the original 2012 design. 

Many speculated that any changes to the interior would more than likely align with the Model 3 and Y. 

Some of this speculation certainly hit the mark however there were a number of areas that many had not guessed. 

Model s 2015
Image courtesy of Tesla.com

The Model S is the “flag ship” of the Tesla fleet. It helped to bring the fledgling startup in 2012 into the broader market. Reliability, quality of design and quality of manufacturing gave the Model S exceptional standing at the time of its release. That reputation continues to this day. 

It was imperative that if Tesla were to update any of the Model S’s features it would have to build upon that success, whilst bringing the vehicle almost 8 years old now, into the next decade.

Tesla has not disappointed. Its ability to take the pieces of the Model 3/Y and morph them into the luxury sedan has proven to be a challenge they can meet.

The updated interior of the Model S reflects similar characteristics to the Model3/Y including the display and other standardized functions. They did deviate in the styling by the inclusion of an extra display and a new steering wheel.


Refresh S and X

The Model S and X have had a refresh of the interior as outlined in the images below.

The centre display features a 17” Horizontal orientated display as opposed to the vertical display from older vehicles. The instrument cluster conforms carefully into the new dash. Retaining the aesthetics of the original design.

interior of Model S
Image courtesy of Tesla.com

Yoke steering wheel

One of the best examples where Tesla dropped the Mic is the “YOKE” steering wheel. It appears similar to the one found in the cyber truck. This particular change will have buyers either loving it or hating it. However there has been images of a standard steering wheel being available.

steering yoke
Image courtesy of Tesla.com

A new minimal dash similar to the Model 3/Y and the center console phone charger is also present. 

On the doors there is the same button exit to open the door. This again is a throwback to the Model 3/Y. 

Back seat additions

Beyond these subtle changes a more significant change has been made to the back seat of the vehicle with the inclusion of a 3rdscreen. This third screen has been indicated to be able to change the environmental setting in the back and also deliver games and movies to the seats in the back.

Whether this is practical is yet to be seen as the location of the screen does appear to be quite low in comparison to the people seating position. Time will tell. Dedicated charging ports have also been included allowing charging of devices.



Tesla Dropped the Mic by updating the exterior of the Model S with the inclusion of the panoramic roof. The influence upon the Model S is taken directly from the Model Y, the panoramic roof. Gone is the sunroof and the cross beam that divides the front and back and instead the panoramic roof takes its place. 

Panoramic roof
Image courtesy of Tesla.com

Falcon wing doors

The Model X retains is large windscreen and Falcon wing doors. I would believe that it also retains the Fabergé egg status that Elon alluded to with the last Model X. 

As for the specs it would seem that both vehicles have had a significant bump in performance and drag coefficient with the plaid models. 

These changes are in combination with exterior changes the most resolved update that Models S and X have had since their unveiling many years ago.

It is something that customers have been asking for many years. It is hoped that these changes will help to drive new customers into the luxury vehicles and deliver greater distribution of the Tesla Brand to new customers. 

Australian Conundrum

Earlier today while scrolling through the conversations of EV’s in Twitter an Australian EV enthusiast highlighted something I had not truly comprehended. They explained that in Australia in 2021 the only vehicle that is available to be delivered is the Model 3. 

As many of you may have seen I have posted a number of times on Twitter to Elon Musk regarding the availability to order the Model Y. Up until the refresh of the Model S and X austrlia had the ability to order Model s/x and 3 and have them delivered within weeks. 

It seems that Australia now has no other option when purchasing a tesla to choose the Model 3 if you wish your vehicles to be delivered in 2021. Currently when ordering a Model S or X the delivery date just says, EST delivery:2022 as shown in the image below.  

Model X interior
Image courtesy of Tesla.com

This would be lessened if the ability to order and have delivered the Model Y to Australia would be enabled. 

I will give Tesla and Elon the benefit of the doubt and suggest they did not realize this oversight. However now that I and others are aware, I hope we can pass this information along so that, at a minimum, Model Y ordering could be enabled with a delivery date before the beginning of 2022. 


Leading the pack

I still believe that the Tesla brand is leading the pack when it comes to reliable and appealing EV’s and as I have said a number of times before Model Y is built for the Australian consumer.

It’s capabilities and cargo carrying ability aligns with the current feelings of SUV in Australia. SUV market has been growing exponentially across the world and Australia is no different. 

The rise of the Australian Dollar and the growing acceptance for electric vehicles will only strengthen the uptake of electric vehicles in Australia and the globe which will inevitably help to reduce emissions from vehicles by increasing the purchase of electric vehicles. 

Tesla Dropped the Mic !!! The new refreshed Model S and X will become a sort after commodity. Its interior refresh helps to capitalize on the consistent design choices Tesla is making and will continue to excite buyers with their performance and safety. 

As the world moves towards a renewable future including electric vehicle transport it is encouraging to be part of the story and help to share the passion for EV’s and the impact this will have on the environment around us. 


David McCann
David McCann

EV-HQ founder, passionate about sharing the passion for Tesla and Electric Vehicles everywhere.