Time and time again over the last couple of months I have seen videos and images of damage done by random people to Tesla vehicles. This act of damage to the vehicles is nothing but a low act.

But why are the people damaging the cars in the first place. It would seem that there is a dislike for Tesla’s. But I think there is more to it than that. People don’t strike out without having pain of their own to drive their dislike and hatred towards the cars. 

Just as Tesla owners have passion for the car, there are people who have the opposite. These people must have had a reason for their outburst. Yet some of the videos seem to show opportunistic attacks. This is the part that makes me ask the question, WHY? 

Is it Jealousy? Tesla is considered a luxury car, a car that personifies the ultimate in great cars on the road, loved by many and envied by others. But to own one is not achievable by all. 

I wonder if that is just the simple truth behind the attacks. The Tesla is not able to be had by me so I will damage any I see so they cannot enjoy it either. If this is the reason for the random attacks, then I am sad for those who have attacked the cars. 

Whatever the reason it’s time for it to stop. If you are not happy with your lot in life and the issues that you have, then seek help, speak to your friends, your family, a counselor or a medical professional. They can help to work through the issues and offer opportunities for improvement of your situation. 

Let’s take that anger and direct it towards that which is causing the pain not towards everyday people who have worked so very hard to earn their reward of a Tesla. 

To reach your goal everyone has to go through pain to get there. It is not handed on a platter or given to them without request. The owners of these beautiful, sleek cars have studied and worked against adversity, have struggled with working long hours and multiple jobs, have stretched themselves more than they need and struggle with the finances as well. They are just like you and me. 

We should cherish our people and help those that are hurting. Not strike out to those who have a nice car.