The child within

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Has Elon and Tesla accessed the child within

21st November 2019 will go down in history as a day that changed the landscape of Trucks forever. This was the day the Cybertruck came into the Psyche of the electric car world and broke out to mainstream media and the thinking of the world.

Initially many derided the new vehicle and thought that it was some sort of joke or a step backwards to a time when cars where large and not very practical. Mainstream media went wild with negative comments about the glass breaking incident and the shape. This commentary was relentless in its attacks and continued for a number of days.

Well it has been a month and what has changed?

The talk of cyber truck has settled and the negativity towards the truck has abated. The Cybertruck is still in existence and has been spotted out in the wild. More and more people keep posting online that they have placed their order and grown to love the look and specifications of the truck.

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Has Tesla actually hit a turning point in the expectations of what the future holds?

As a kid I used to watch cartoons like the Jetsons and Transformers and movies like Bladerunner, StarWars and Madmax. All of these shows gave me an appreciation for the different looks and feels the future may hold. These looks were outlandish and wild, they were colourful and loud and they gave no excuse for being that way.

Has Elon Musk tapped into that childhood dream and given us exactly what we have desired all our lives?

The future as a kid was an exciting place where anything was possible as long as you put your mind to it and produce cool things that look weird and wild and could do amazing things.

Cyber truck hit the mark

  • Weird and wild – Tick
  • Can do amazing things with those specs – Tick
  • Looks like it came out off a Movie set – Tick

So, the Cybertruck is not from the future, or in a movie or cartoon, it is real and will be the future, now. The inner child that has been waiting for the future to arrive is jumping for joy and that is why gen X who sat on a Saturday morning in front of the TV as kids are flocking to buy one.

We see our childhood dream coming into fruition and we are excited and passionate and enthralled by the joy that the inner child is letting out.

Make no mistake the cyber truck will be a seller and it will appeal to the masses of inner children who dreamed a dream and now can see the future in front of their eyes.



Someone once said if you are not pushing the status quo you are not innovating.

Innovation can come in many different variations and in the case of the Cybertruck there is no rival.

Yes it is different. Yes it is polarising and Yes it is on the cutting edge of what most people consider Strange and unusual , but…………..while it has unique styling it more than makes up for it in what it offers the buyer.

A large cabin with 6 seats, up to 3 motors and a distance of over 800kms (500+mi) and that is just to start. Large lighting systems for good visuals out in deserts, forests or driving at night, A large tray (Vault) with hidden storage, tied down adaptibility, ability to charge and use different powered tools and vehicles and a tray that folds down with a hidden ramp.

I am not a truck guy but I am sure there is not many trucks that can say they have that many features.

One of the most astounding features of the Cybertruck is the body work. A big shift away from how standard trucks are built and a homage back to John Delorian with a stainless steel body that is like an exoskeleton. This design has many benefits both in manufacturing and maintenance. An unusual selection for an exterior but a solid choice in more than one way.

Having spent many hours watching review after review of the Cybertruck and hearing all the opinions of people who saw or rode in it, I have come to a couple of conclusions.

This is not the truck for the masses. It will appeal to a number of people and it will grow on others. I am yet to decide what direction I am leaning as I need to see it up close and personal.

Like all cars that we buy it is usually with emotion. We buy with a passion for the thing of our desires that fits our budget. And if our budget is not an issue then we buy what we love.

I beleive Tesla has delivered a formidable vehicle with amazing specifications that will without equal be able to take on anything that the best gas trucks in the world could do and do it even better. And this should be the story that we are all talking about.

Congratulations Tesla for being brave, for challenging the Status Quo and for offering a Truck that will blow your mind.


Here’s to the crazy ones…….

I recently wrote about visionaries highlighting how their influence has given the world amazing innovations and ideas that have moved the world forward. 

Their influence changed trends, grew new ideas and inspired imagination. 

One of these visionaries was none other than Walt Disney. The true visionary of fun and imagination. He had an idea that he wanted to grow, to be more than its parts and bring joy and fun to those around the world. 

Imagination was at the heart of that passion and drive to be at the edge of the amazing. In todays world we as a society crave the visionaries that embody similar if not the same behaviours. 

Why then is it so hard to find great visionaries around us?

All you have to do is look, focus and believe in the ideas of the crazy ones. Steve Jobs said it best when he penned the Crazy Ones ad all those many years ago. 

The crazy ones are the ones that believe their idea will not fail, will be the best it can be and more, will promote the idea even when the world doubts it. 

In the electric car world, we have Elon Musk. His vision for what the electric car should be and what it could do has delivered some of the most amazing innovative and special cars in the world. 

Tomorrow we will see another example of his vision. The Cybertruck, an idea that Elon himself mentioned seven and half years ago will be unveiled. 

Innovation, excitement, Passion, desire, amazement and wonder, these are all in great volume right now in the world of electric cars. 

I am a passionate advocate of electric cars and know that no matter the style, no matter the form factor and no matter the look , it will once again be the delivery of a visionary. A visionary who like Walt Disney wants nothing more than to help the world feel fun and excitement about their lives and to show what is possible if you put your mind to anything and become that which we all should aspire to be…………………………………………… a Crazy one.