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Kia is brining to the market the Niro. It has previously been created as a hybrid vehicle but in 2018 Kia announced the introduction of the all electric Kia Niro and is hoping to have it to market by 2019. The introduction of the Niro establishes aKia as a player in the future of the electric car transition away from gas powered engine cars.

The Niro will offer 2 variants of battery a 39.2kwh and a 64 kWh packs. The Niro in both variants will have a 100kw permanent magnet motor producing 395Nm of torque and the 39.2kWh pack will give a range of 288km(179mi) on a single charge with a 100kw motor whilst the 64kWh will give a range of 455km(283mi) on a single charge with a 150kw motor.

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These specifications makes the Niro a very competitive option for families to compare electric to Gas powered cars. The look of the Niro also gives it SUV type styling. This market of SUV enthusuiast are very passionate about their cars and i am sure they will continue to be passionate about the Kia Niro.

If you are interested in more information regarding the Niro or any other offering of the electric vehicle from Kia follow the link below.


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