Image Courtesy of Jaguar
  • Battery – 90 Kwh
  • Range – 470kms (approx)
  • Variants
    • Ipace-S
    • Ipace-SE
    • Ipace-HSE

The Jaguar i-Pace is the first in a line of Electric Vehicles that Jaguar is releasing this year after first being introduced in 2018.Its all electric SUV is the first from a european manufactorer into the world of electric vehicles. This car is said to be a competitor to Tesla’s electric vehicles. Jaguar has taken its time to develop a solid car that will and does appeal to a large amount of people across the world. Jaguar has a strong reputation that will allow it to grow its EV community base .

The i-Pace includes a range of 470km(292mi) of range and powered by an all-wheel two motor drive system. The i-Pace is powered by 90kWh LG Chem lithium-ion battery pack. This allows the i-Pace to deliver power to both its engines for total output of 295kW(395hp) with total torque 700Nm.These specifications gives it on paper the ability to compete with the likes of Tesla on range and acceleration.

Its exciting ro see that manufacturers of current gas cars are now starting to see the benefits and ongoing environmental advantages of developing electric cars for the masses. If you are interested in Jaguar and want to find out more about their electric car follow the link below.

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