History of Electric Vehicles

History of Electric Vehicles :- https://www.energy.gov/articles/history-electric-car

Since the turn of the 1900’s electric vehicles have been part of the discussion regarding personal transport. At that time there were a number of new technologies coming to the forefront.

As history would show the combustion engine won that challenge but in more recent history the electric car has grown in popularity and as a necessity to help mitigate the damage that combustion engines have made the the environment.

Electric vehicles were favoured by people within cities who would travel over short distances. These vehicles appealed to the female gender and were considered a popular choice in the earlier 1900’s. That all changed when Henry Ford introduced the Model T and opinion shifted to the combustion engine.

Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles over the next 100 years had moments in the sun but none more prevalent then today’s revitalisation of the electric car.

This new opinion towards electric cars has been fundamental in the public perception as a way to help mitigate the damage to the environment that we as a civilisation has inflicted.

Complimenting this surge has been a car company who’s creation is only 10 years young and their car production is small in comparison to the powerhouses in the car industry. Tesla was conceived with one purpose, to excellerate the uptake of the electric vehicle and improve the environment.

Their passion and drive has lead to the introduction of new and improved technologies that has forced other traditional car companies to take the electric car seriously. So much that they are now looking to create their own fleet of cars .

Electric is the future and there is no escaping this fact. If the world is to help itself to survive into the future we need new technologies that can keep our lifestyle in tact but changed and improve the world around us. If electric cars are anything they are a step in the right direction.

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