Electric Vehicles

Model 3 lights on
Image from Tesla.com

Electric Vehicles continue to grow in popularity and more so in the last couple of years.

The evolution of the EV technology has grown to become quite compelling. With this evolution the Electric vehicle has had to be able to address the concerns of environmental impacts that the Gas gassings cousins currently impact. Their need to be better and more compelling in everyway is leading to a evolutionary step towards electric vehicles being the main stream vehicles of the future.


  • Less pollution
  • Cheaper to run
  • Cheaper to maintain
  • Capability to charge at home using solar generated power
  • Improvements in safety
  • Decrease in noise pollution

Taking into consideration these benefits it is no surprise there has been a lot of resistance to the evolution of the electric car by the gas car companies. Traditional car companies are threatened by the offerings that the electric car can bring.

This is not the first time a choice between EV’s ( Electric vehicle) and Gas cars has occurred. In the early 1900’s there was a growing take up of electric vehicles.


It is hard to believe that the electric car revolution was almost 100 years ago. and the electric and gas cars were competing for the dominant position. As it turns out the we know that the gas/petrol powered vehicle won out.

The electric vehicle has still held a lot of promise and appeal for those willing to look to the future of transportation.

The leap forward for electric cars, in recent times, came in the form of a new car company called “Tesla”. Elon Musk the CEO, helped to fund a small group of individuals who had been developing an electric sports car.

This partner ship helped to grow his understanding of what electric cars were capable of achieving. Since then he has grown the team at Tesla and with it the future of the electric vehicle in the minds of many.

This has forced other car companies to start working towards the develop their own viable electric car. This change in the mind set of consumers and the car companies has started the electric car evolution.

The list of car companies looking to the electric car evolution is only increasing daily. Many new vehicles have been introduced over the last 12 – 18 months after Tesla’s Lead and with it the possibilities of great things to come.

These cars are plug in electric cars. In any new market their is great need for varying designs and capabilities. This list is just a sample of the car companies working towards an electrification.

List of Electric car companies

The future is bright for the electric car evolution to take hold. Companies like, Tesla, leading the way I look forward to a cleaner , healthier world.