Tesla: The future of Health

Digital Health
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay 

Tesla: The future of Health, I work in the field of Digital Health and I have been encouraged to see that over the last couple of years Australia has made some significant inroads into Electronic Medical Records and Health devices. 

Since the COVID -19 the need to move even further towards the Digital Health platform has become decidedly clear. The need to monitor people daily, to communicate with patients regularly, to provide access to online resources when needed has become part of the future of health programs. 

This transition as with everything happens slowly. Companies like Apple, Google, Telstra, Amazon and others have all made moves to bring technology to the masses in the field of health.

Some directly and other not so direct but all have one purpose, to allow people to be better informed and to be able to manage their own health. 

So why am I talking about Digital Health on a car BLOG? 

Most vehicle’s these days have computers, some are more complex than others, but most are rudimentary in their capabilities. 


Tesla: The future of Health

Tesla on the other hand decided to build from the ground up, a computer within the car. Sure, the computer helps to manage the full self-driving (FSD) but it also has capabilities that no other car, both present and past, have ever had as part of a vehicle. 

Elon Musk recently tweeted “Tesla should really be thought of as roughly a dozen technology startups, many of which have little to no correlation with traditional automotive companies”, (1:28pm, 21 June 2020) https://twitter.com/elonmusk/status/1274544800558014464

He continued in the next tweet “for example, we created a chip design team, from scratch, for the Tesla full self-driving computer, which is not something other car companies do” (Elon Musk, 1:32pm, 21 June 2020)

The computer that Tesla designed and built has some amazing specifications.

It allows makes millions of computer adjustments every second, which makes the car perform exceptionally well when being driven by the computer.

However, Tesla has also included in its car an infotainment system that is not just about music and air-conditioning but it is also about enjoyment and fun. Computer games, streaming services, movies etc. are just some of the interesting capabilities that Tesla included. 

So why could they not be a connected health system as well? When most people are unwell, they usually head to a GP or a Hospital. Maybe they could also get advice from their Tesla. 

Is Tesla: The future of Health? Health technology is starting to advance just as quickly as many other industries did 20 years ago. The new thinking that is driving this innovation is fresh and exciting and I believe Tesla Philosophy may also help to drive new and different way of thinking. 

Elon has said that Tesla is a number of startups within the company. Maybe another branch could look at how hopping into a Tesla could also offer heath advice if asked. 



As an example, a driver hops in the car to drive, they proceed with their journey and feel unwell on the way. They activate a health function that identifies the person has a high temperature with a thermometer system.

Based on the values an algorithm ask a number of questions that help to assess the possible symptoms the person is experiencing. Once that has happened, they could then let them know what some options could be. 

A list of options could be suggested such as organizing an ambulance, a G.P. appointment and many more. 

This type of future functionality one day will be the norm, all you need is one company to innovate and i believe Tesla has the best position to do so.

Tesla has already shown it can adapt to health applications. When COVID-19 hit hard and ventilators where being sourced, Tesla engineers turned their hand to building ventilators with nothing but car parts. 

I know it is a long shot but the reality we are starting to see is that where health is becoming seamless with technology. If technology can become an enabler to provide guidance and strategies on how to manage one’s health then the future could be bright.

Large companies like Apple, Samsung and Google have provided many wearables that hint at the possibilities. Why not consider the possibilities. This would give a different feather to the cap of possibilities that Tesla’s Provide. 

apple watch
Image by fancycrave1 from Pixabay 

If we are heading to a world where computers can drive cars, and organize our lives, it seems logical that they could also help us to monitor our health and allow our cars to help get us to the places that can help. 


David McCann
David McCann

EV-HQ founder

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Tesla share price hit $1000 let’s not forget the Mission

Tesla share price hit $1000, let’s not forget the Mission. In the world of today money makes the cogs turn and grind. We are in an unprecedented time when the world of electrification is at a pivotal point. History is knocking at the door and we as a society are starting to look and hear what that means. 

Share price rise

The COVID-19 pandemic has given the world a wakeup call to the importance of looking after the environment. One of the first helpful step is to transition gas cars to electric cars. 

Tesla Share Price

This week we saw money truly take hold with the share price of Tesla hit $1000 a share. This milestone for Tesla is important as it allowed them to become the most valuable car company across the globe. 

The significance of this milestone is profound, Tesla’s mission is all about transitioning to a sustainable future. Electrification is the method to alleviate the issues with climate change.

Tesla has made it very clear that the products they supply can and will allow for clean production, storage and use of energy. 

The share price rise is one indicator that people are starting to see that what Tesla offers and has in the new development stage is quite compelling. 

The possibilities that the Tesla vehicles possess are far ahead of any competitor. This head start is what makes TMesla a valuable asset to hold. 


Tesla Giga battery in australia
Image courtesy of Tesla

Recently in Australia there has been a shifting of the sands towards investigating the possibilities for electric vehicles. More car companies are starting to deliver new electric cars to the market for example, Kia, Ford and Hyundai.

The government still continues to be slow in their approach towards climate change and by extension electrification of motor vehicles. This apathy will lead to Australia falling behind the rest of the world with moving to a sustainable future. 

Tesla is just one of many companies working to bring cars to the market. They, however, differ greatly from other car manufacturers as they believe themselves to be a technology company not a Car company. 

This distinction is what allows them to be progressive and motivated to develop and grow new and compelling ideas. It is this fresh thinking that gives rise to new means of transportation, new ways of capturing and utilizing energy and unseen new ideas yet to be discovered. 

To follow the old handbook is to be left behind wondering where everyone went. It’s time to look at a new approach.

Like tesla with their dedicated mission and diversity of products it’s time to realize that helping the environment is not a one trick pony but a wholistic vision that encompasses more than just one product.

Sun cresting the Earth

To deliver a mission that encompasses many products to achieve an overall outcome seems to be the best way forward as Tesla has demonstrated. So, its important that Tesla share price hit $1000 let’s not forget the Mission that they are heading towards.

Tesla has proved that this is the way forward. I hope that when people support Tesla by buying their shares they are doing so because they want to see the mission moving forward. 


David McCann
David McCann

EV-HQ founder

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Tesla’s Full Potential

Tesla’s Full Potential. In 1999 Shazam was born. A company that developed the most advanced music recognition technology. Just like Tesla they faced many financial challenges, many hurdles that most new companies growing rapidly encounter. Shazam was ahead of its time and was yet to fulfil its full potential.

Shazam blue back ground white words of Shazam
Courtesy of the The Verge.com

As the iPhone and the App store were introduced Shazam came into its own. Its potential was about to be realised with the Shazam application deployed to millions of people world wide.

This launched Shazam to the world and even today they continue to develop and grow and thrive in a world that wasn’t ready for it. 

Tesla has yet to realise its potential as its technologies are ahead of their time. It has grown and developed new and emerging technologies that should realise Tesla’s full potential.

These developments have helped Tesla to bring to the market innovations that inspired imagination.


Tesla future potential

Whilst reading the story of Shazam, written by Daniel Newnham, it occurred to me that there was a unique similarity between the two companies. They both developed technologies that were yet to realise their full potential. Their leader was passionate and driven to deliver the best product possible.

Tesla has great potential to lead into the next decade and beyond with new and exciting innovative products.

It is important that the company display a number of features that will help them continue to realise their full potential;

  • New technologies
  • Emerging innovative ideas.
  • A Mission that identifies unique qualities
  • A leader that drives a vision
  • Passion for the current and future projects
  • Customers that are passionate

Tesla has all this in spades. They have a lineup of vehicles that have gone beyond what most people believed possible with an electric car and they continually innovate these ideas all the time.

They have branched off to include other streams of innovative ideas like the Tesla solar roof and mega battery storage systems. 

But is that enough?

Just as Shazam released a music recognition technology that was ahead of its time so to has tesla with the release of autopilot and Full Self Driving.

Autopilot and Full Self Driving

The introduction of Autopilot was the first step in the full realization of Full Self driving. It allowed drivers to have their car drive them on highways with little intervention. It was a revelation for long road trips. 

car self driving

This led to the development of the Full Self driving technologies which is slowly coming to be a reality.

This technology was ahead of its time as no other car could drive itself around corner, on and off interchanges and stop at stop signs and traffic lights. 

Tesla has been driven the last couple of years with their passion to realize level 5 full self-driving capability.

Tesla, just like Shazam developed and grew technology beyond its years. 

Let’s hope that Tesla and the vision that Elon Musk and his Tesla team have will continue to drive innovation into the future realising Tesla’s full potential.


David McCann
David McCann

EV-HQ founder

Look to the Stars

Look to the Stars, 1969 was a year that will stamp itself into the mind set of all that witnessed. One of the most awe-inspiring events to ever be seen by man. The first person to walk on the surface of another heavenly body. 

Apollo 11
Image Courtesy of Nasa.com

Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landing on the surface of the Moon. 


Since the end of the Apollo program no other nation has even attempted this again including the United States of America. 

They have built many space stations since then right up to the International Space Station(ISS). This has seen many countries space agencies work together to achieve that which we cannot seem to achieve on earth, collaboration of different nations to a common cause. 

The mystery of space has been at the centre of sci-fi for generations. Probes sent to space have hinted at the possibilities of the solar system. Providing insights and vision of the wonder’s that exist both seen and unseen. We look to the stars for hope for inspiration that one day we might just make it there ourselves.

moon and mars
Image by CharlVera from Pixabay 

We have sent men and women into the blackness of space to the ICC to study and explore beyond our field of view and what they see is amazing, but without doubt each and everyone always look back to earth and say how beautiful , what a wonder, I am lucky to live here. 

earth sunrise
Image by Arek Socha from Pixabay 

Space X

In the coming days from the same launch pad that took Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin to the Moon a new era of space exploration will start. 

Space x Falcon and dragon capsule

Space X a commercial space company will look to the stars and will launch for the first time in history astronauts aboard a commercial space vehicle with a reusable rocket that will land after sending the astronauts on their way to the ICC. 

Just like Tesla who dreamed of producing the best electric cars, space X dreamed of reaching for the stars.

This launch will not only help to realize that dream but will hopefully inspire the imagination of many young men and women across the globe to look to the stars. 

The historical significance of this launch is not just about the rocket but to find a new way to reach the lofty goals that were set years before.


Space X will launch its Falcon Rocket but not without Tesla. The astronauts will be taken from the preflight buildings to the launchpad in Tesla Model X’s. These vehicles are white with the NASA logo on the side. 

nasa model x
Image Courtesy @JimBridenstine/Twitter

The falcon wing doors allow for ease of entry for the astronauts especially in their space suits.

The air suspension allows for a smooth ride.

The panoramic front window allows a magnificent view of the falcon rocket and dragon capsule as they make their way down to the launch pad. 

Someone might say it is the perfect vehicle for this. 

The world will be watching, and they will be seeing the Tesla’s in the frame.

Having the same CEO for both Space X and Tesla I am sure this is not the last we see of the two brands, Tesla and Space X, working together. 

Tesla helps to inspire the next generation of engineers, manufacturers and Technologists. They want to grow the minds of children and adults alike. 

Space X wants to inspire the soul, the imagination and the child within. 

They want us to look beyond the horizon, to find the detail in the undefined, to find the passion in the bland and to seek that which is yet to be discovered.

I wish the launch and the astronauts well on their journey, I hope they enjoy the ride in the Tesla’s, and I hope that everyone watching feels hope, passion and inspiration for the future and the world we live in and the possibilities beyond. 


David McCann
David McCann

EV-HQ founder

One person one dream one vision one drive.

man looking to the universe
Image by Evgeni Tcherkasski from Pixabay

Space X

One person one dream one vision one drive. In just under a week’s time an event unseen for over 10 years will take place. American astronauts will take to the skies heading towards the stars aboard a rocket developed and built in America by engineers from Space X. 

space x rocket taking off
Image by SpaceX-Imagery from Pixabay 

A journey that few thought would have been possible had it not been for one vision, one passion, one drive and sheer will.

Tesla, Space X, Boring company and neurolink would not have been possible without a person who was passionate about the future and the possibilities is could provide. 

Of course, Elon Musk is not the only person with dreams and passion. Others have had ingenious ideas that have become iconic. The Dyson vacuum was a simple idea that has grown into being a worldwide phenomenon.  

Sir James Dyson

Sir James Dyson, the inventor of the Dyson vacuum cleaner had a vision, a passion and a drive. It allowed him to create a vacuum cleaner that is more powerful, smaller with greater functionality than its competitors.

He had an idea, just like Elon Musk, to change something that was inefficient, noisy, messy and had not changed for decades.

Dyson the company has for the last 20 plus years developed their ideas into the products we see today. One of the key features of a Dyson vacuum cleaner is the lithium ion battery.

Dyson has been developing his battery tech significantly in recent years increasing the power output whilst continuing to reduce the size and weight of the products. These lead to reduction in size, weight with the ability to run for longer periods of time.

These innovations lead the Dyson team to look and see opportunities in other fields innovation.


This last week Liam Murphy from Car advice wrote about Dyson’s foray into the electric car industry. 

Sir James Dyson standing in front of his car.
image sourced from The Times

It was revealed that Dyson started development of the vehicle nicknamed ‘N526’ in 2017. Since then his engineers have developed a fully working prototype with great range, power and torque. He has spent millions working out all aspects of a car. 

However, as the articles explains Sir James Dyson got to a point where he decided that the cost of electric vehicle to produce would not be practical for the people to buy. 

One person one dream one vision one drive these are the things that make a person passionate about creating something they have dreamed about for years. Something that would make the world a better place and help to inspire and thus improve the world. Unfortunately, there is also the counter to these, more money, more time, more competition and the most important, reality. 

Sir James Dyson developed with his team a beautiful vehicle that quite easily would have sold millions to the world. Unfortunately, electric cars are expensive to build from scratch. They take a lot of time to develop and there is increasing competition in the world that are clearly a long way ahead. Reality usually kicks in at this point and a reassessment of the development needs to occur. 

This is obviously what Dyson felt was needed and he had to make a hard decision. 

A dream

A dream is something we strive for, something we are wanting more than anything, something that makes us grow and become greater than just ourselves. It sometimes takes on a path all its own. Unfortunately, for Sir James Dyson his vision became a reality, but the expense cut it short. 

I am sure this is not the last we will hear of Dyson within the electric vehicle arena. I am sure he will let his discoveries and ideas become more than the sum of the part by hopefully supplying batteries to others. 

It is inspiring to see people who you don’t expect enter the fields of electric vehicles and challenge the status quo, bring fresh ideas and move the industry into the future. 

All it takes is One person, one dream, one vision, one drive.


David McCann
David McCann

EV-HQ founder

Battle Lines have been drawn between Renewables vs Fossil fuels

Battle Lines have been drawn between Renewables vs Fossil fuels

Oil barrel spilling oil to look like the global countries

COVID 19 impact

los angeles with pollution and without

We have been sitting pretty for a while now. Clean air, beautiful beaches, clear oceans and not much else. The world has had a taste of what it is like to feel the fresh breeze on their faces and the sweet smells of spring in the air. The environment has been amazing whilst we have reduced our driving of combustion engines during the COVID 19 stay at home orders across the globe. 

However, in Australia, there is a storm brewing and it is going to set the tone for the next decade and beyond.  

The Past

100 years ago we as a society of free thinking people made a decision between electric and internal combustion engine (ICE) cars, this decision has had ramifications that most people in today’s world would deny.

classic model t ford
Image by Michael Kauer from Pixabay

Reports on news channels of large bushfires, weather patterns that are more ferocious and damaging than ever before, disease and famine in countries to dry to grow crops, all this can be related back to burning of fossil fuels.  https://www.nytimes.com/2019/12/04/climate/climate-change-acceleration.html

Battle Lines have been drawn between Renewables vs Fossil fuels. Fossil fuels have propped up the economy for decades and the innovative new thinking of Non-polluting Renewables is starting to show real value.


One of the best examples of the non-polluting renewables is the Hornsdale Battery(https://hornsdalepowerreserve.com.au ). The Hornsdale battery has proven that non-polluting renewables can be more valuable and responsive than traditional power plants.  

hornsdale mega battery

Examples like this are all around us we just need to be able to see through the fog of miss information and see the detail of the issue and the outcomes of the new innovative thinkers to see the benefits that it brings. 

Australian Government stance

Currently the liberal government have very clearly stated, before COVID 19 came along, that they are not as focused on the environmental impacts as they try getting the bottom line back in the black.

This was no more demonstrated by the removal of the environmental portfolio in the government ministry from the cabinet to a sub role. 

This change put a nail in many believer’s ideas about there being some progressive thinking within the government. However, COVID-19 and the stay at home management of the spread has certainly turned Australia on its ear and put it in debt to the tune of over 130 billion dollars. 

This budget deficit offers an opportunity for the government to show leadership. They have shown leadership when the management of the country was going through the shutdown but now it is time to show leadership in how we move into the future.

To help grow the economy again it is imperative that all options be considered. In doing this it is also important to look at the long term impacts both economically, politically and environmentally. 

The government in Australia has not had a good track record with their support for new innovative ideas surrounding the environment. 

As we have seen with regards to the COVID 19 virus the environment if taken for granted has a way of hitting back.

If we are to move into the next generations with the ability to hold our heads up high and be mindful of the impact we as a society have then we need to move towards non polluting renewables. 

What others are doing

Across the globe there are a number of countries which have made large strides to introduce the following elements to assist the transition with great effect. These include projects that are based upon;

  • Solar power
    • Home based 
    • Large Farms
  • Wind power
    • Ocean based wind farms
    • Land based wind farms
  • Ocean Power
    • Wave power generation
  • Battery storage
    • Home batteries
      • Tesla 
      • LG
    • Mega Batteries
      • Tesla
  • Electric vehicles
    • Ford
    • KIA
    • Porsche
    • Etc

Project like these,post COVID 19, can be the catalyst to grow industries that help to get the budget back in black faster whilst taking on the responsibility to manage the current environmental impact of fossil fuels.

The economy right now needs help to get back the losses that we have had over the last couple of months. We need fresh ideas and ways forward. This can only be achieved if the government , the people ,the innovators and business combine their resources to move Australia forward. 

tesla moving towards the future

It is important to take stock of what we have, look at how we have changed in the COVID 19 world and start to look towards helping the future generations to live a happy healthy life without pollution and pain.

The Battle Lines have been drawn between Renewable vs Fossil fuels, lets hope that our Leaders have the courage to take not only the first step, but many more after that and help Australia find its way into the future and to the self-reliant future of the non-polluting renewables age. 


David McCann
David McCann

EV-HQ founder

Dreaming of EV when owning a Gas Car

Dreaming of an EV when owning a Gas car. If someone had said to me that electric cars will be just as viable as gas powered cars in 6 years I would not have believed them.

If someone had said Tesla I would have said ….Who is that ? Just goes to show how quickly things have changed.

My passion for cars started when I drove my first car . I owned a Morris Mini and it was a brilliant car. it was old and had its idiosyncrasies but I loved it. I had an emotional connection to that car and it was a loss the day I had to move on. 

Old school cars

Since then I have had what I would call, cars for the purpose of getting from point “A” to point “B”. My connection with these cars has never been as strong as it was for the mini. Even though the mini was a little car it felt sprightly. But my cars since have not had that feeling.

These cars have mostly been Nissan Pulsars and they have been reliable family cars. A family car is what we needed with young kids and school drop offs. But the next car i buy i would love to feel that passion again.


Since finding out about Tesla and their beautiful range of cars I have had a connection like I did all those years ago. An emotional connection to the styling of the car, the technology of the car and based on 2 test drives the motion of the car. 

Currently i own a typical middle of the road car. A family sedan that at the time of purchasing was $30000 – $40000 australian dollars. Most cars of this time had grey interior , that was bland and boring, with lots of buttons that made the dash seem busy and in todays electric vehicle standards very messy.

It has done close to 200000kms and has had its run of problems. On the plus side it has been as reliable safe and consistent and there is not much more you can ask from a good car. The vehicles has 1.6 l engine and not much power to allow for a little fun which is no surprise for a family sedan. 

Whats it like?

So what is it like to own a Gas car when all you want to do is own a Tesla. Dreaming of an EV when owning a gas car.

  • Firstly you annoy everyone in the family as you call out when ever you see a Tesla on the road. 
  • I try to get as close to a tesla when you see them driving in your direction just to get a glimpse. 
  • You bore your family with facts about the cars that they have heard a million times
  • You look at the Tesla website regularly looking for some possibility that the price had dropped by $50000 so you could be in range of possibly affording one. 
  • In my case I also started a website and engaged the EV community online. 
  • You try to get a response from Elon Musk the CEO of Tesla on Twitter regarding any new fact about Tesla.

Owning a Gas car is like driving a dinosaur. It is slow, clunky and hard to be passionate about it. 

But the glimpse of hope that one day you might just get the chance to call one my own, keeps me passionate, driven and a true fanboy. 


David McCann
David McCann

EV-HQ founder

Australian Tesla Prices

Image courtesy of Tesla

Australian Tesla Prices, 12 days have passed since I received a response to a simple twitter request to Elon Musk. It is incredible that a CEO of a global company is willing to respond to average people like myself. I am a passionate Tesla fan who is driven to see the mission of Tesla realized. 

To accelerate the worlds transition to sustainable energy. 

The only way I am able to currently assist with this is to spread the stories and information about Electric Vehicles to the greater community across Australia and the Globe. 12 Days ago, Elon gave me assistance to achieve this very goal.

I also wish to be able to transition my own house and family to utilizing Sustainable energy and vehicles. As I explained in my tweet to Elon the cost of Tesla’s in Australia is not within the reach of the average Australian. With a starting point of the base model 3 with no Full Self Driving is $71512. (Australian Dollars) This is a hefty sum for anyone to swallow. 

In comparison, in the United States the price of the same car is $39990 (US Dollars). When this is converted using the conversion rate of $1.51 us dollars to the Australian dollar the conversion cost equates to $60385(Australian Dollars). 

Australian Tesla Prices

Comparison between USD and AUD for Model 3 Tesla

So, the question needs to be asked what is the difference of $11127 used for?

According to the Australian Bureau of statistics (https://www.ato.gov.au/rates/key-superannuation-rates-and-thresholds/?page=40 ) the average wage in Australia (based upon Average Weekly ordinary time earnings (AWOTE) in June of 2019 of $1634.90 multiplied by 52 weeks of the year equals $85014.80(AUD), before tax. If the taxation rate is approx. 32.5 cents in the dollar for every dollar above $37000. Once this calculation has been completed the approximate amount that one individual will earn is $70000. This sounds like a large number however there is still the home loan/rent, Utilities, Living expenses, Car expenses, schooling for kids, etc. These numbers outline the fact that purchasing a car is not only a big decision, but one primarily driven by the cost.

Australian living expenses have been on the increase in the last 10 years due to a number of reasons least of all that environmental factors are playing their part with long droughts, 100-year storms, flooding and bushfires that are devastating areas of produce and farming.

This impact is felt in the hip pocket of every Australian across the country and that only increases the cost of living expenses and consumes the savings which historically have been put towards the wants rather than the needs. 

If Tesla, and by extension Elon Musk, truly wish to gain traction in Australia there is a real need to drop the price so that the Average Australian family can afford the Model 3. The Model 3 is well suited to the Australian Market. Especially city dwellers. The Cybertruck would be well placed for those who live in the country.

If Elon and Tesla could find a way to reduce the cost of either building or transporting and investigate the $11127 disparity between the US and Australian numbers, I believe the uptake of the Model 3 in Australia would advance greatly. Furthermore, I also believe that the mission that Tesla has prided itself upon would also be realized that much quicker. 

Whilst investigating the above points I also reviewed the comments from the Tweet. I came across a number of people comments who also expressed their challenges with the cost within their countries, these included 

All of these people highlighted their challenges with cost of Tesla’s, however in a number of cases they also voiced that they would buy a Tesla as their next car if they could afford the price.

Australian Tesla Prices.

These are customers in waiting.

Waiting for a price that they can afford and manage on their wages. Their passion for the cars is not wavering but the cost is a real factor. 

I also had a number of people talk about their experience when buying a Tesla at the current prices and outlined that a number of Taxes here in Australia were also considerably high and unnecessary like the “Luxury Car Tax”, which was introduced to assist local car manufacturing. Unfortunately, in recent years all car manufacturing by all big companies has ceased in Australia. This was due in part to a greater acceptance of foreign manufacturers and the improved quality and variety of vehicles on offer. Now that we have no manufacturers and all vehicles are imported this tax serves no purpose. 

So, where to from here so more people can gain access to some amazing environmentally friendly cars and the suite of other products that Tesla has on offer. 

Some ideas include:

  • Tesla 
    • Find cost saving s to reduce Model 3 Price
    • Investigate the price differences highlighted above
    • Leasing (suggested by @TeslaGong)
    • Supplying Australia with Giga Shanghai Tesla’s 
    • Compartmentalize features of Tesla’s that can be purchased at a later date
    • Build an Australian Giga Factory #GigaOz
  • Government 
    • Incentives (Green rebate)
    • Remove the Luxury car tax from all Electric Vehicles
    • Reduce stamp duty, registration, etc. 

 These changes would have a profound effect on the footprint of Electric vehicles in Australia and also assist people to truly transition to a sustainable energy future. 


David McCann
David McCann

EV-HQ founder

Rating: 1 out of 5.

Appendix ( Comparison between USD and AUD)

Offers of sponsorship and collaboration are welcome.

please contact Dave at electricvehicleHQ@gmail.com, on twitter @evhq2 or on the contact page of EV-HQ.com.

Dreams of owning a Tesla out of reach for Australian’s?

long road to mountains in distance
Photo by Simon Migaj on Pexels.com

Elon Musk and Tesla this week lived up to expectation and again helped out Australians and New Zealanders with the dropping of the price of the connectivity to Tesla’s. It got me to thinking about my dreams of owning a Tesla in Australia and how they still seem out of reach 2 years after the Model 3, the car for the masses, was released. Are peoples dreams of owning a Tesla out of reach for Australian’s?

The reduction in connectivity seems a small thing and normally it wouldn’t be significant, but the reduction was approx. 40%. Such an amazing and gracious act.

tesla with computer vision demo

However, over the last couple of years, we in Australia and by extension New Zealand, haven’t had a lot to celebrate when it comes to the price of electric vehicles as prices are way out of reach for your average person. 

I am not wealthy and in some cases I live from pay check to pay check due to the increase in living expenses over the last 10 years. Studying hard for many years has allowed me to have have a reliable job. I have a loving family and I want to look out for them as much as I can. This includes protecting them when they are driving to work or school. 


About 4-5 years ago I, like thousands before me, scrolled through YouTube looking for something to occupy my interest and I came across a video talking about Tesla. I had not heard about Tesla, the mission or a guy named Elon Musk. What I saw was a car that was truly amazing, revolutionary, and above all it was considered the safest car on the road. 

Up until this time I had not really been aware of the new evolution of the electric car and a person called Elon Musk. 

Since then, until now, I have been a kid in a candy store absorbing all the information I can and gaining a greater understanding of their purpose and mission. I found a community that was passionate, friendly and great fun covering the globe and looking at every aspect of the vehicles, the company and the mission. They have been a great companion over the years and have given more than they take. I am grateful for this.

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When the Model 3 was announced to the world I had hope! Hope of being able to afford the car of my dreams and hope they were not out of reach in Australia. Dreams of owning a Tesla out of reach for Australian’s?

Tesla has worked the last 10 years to deliver the car to the masses. The promise was a car that would be affordable so that the average mum and dad could afford it. This has fed my passion and desire to own the Tesla model 3 ever since the announcement.

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However, my glee at an affordable car was short lived when the prices were announced for the Model 3 in Australia. The chance of owning a Tesla for the average family is becoming more and more out of reach letting many people’s dreams of owning a Tesla in Australia become further out of reach. 

I trust Elon Musk’s vision for Tesla and he has shown that he and Tesla are open to price changes as demonstrated by the changes to the connectivity fee. A business needs to earn money to help grow the business and the vision is to build gigafactory’s on every continent which should assist with the reduction of costs and flow on to price as we have seen in China.

So……. are my dreams of owning a Tesla in Australia truly out of reach?There doesn’t seem to be a clear answer but there are possible solutions.

Currently we as a global community are finding our lives turned upside down, and the last thing anyone would expect a reduction in prices occurring anytime soon. One might see prices rise due to a downturn in production out of Fremont due to its closure whilst isolating.


However, where one door closes another opens and in Australia and New Zealand right now there is opportunity for Tesla to thrive. Airlines are grounded and people are starting to emerge from isolation and will want to travel. Now is the time to drop the price and let people experience the Tesla life. Take this opportunity to make prices affordable, allow leasing, bring Made in China Model 3’s into the country and help to drive opportunities to bring the price down. 

Are dreams of owning a Tesla out of reach for Australian’s? No if the above opportunities were implemented. If they were it would let dreams become reality and watch the sustainable future appear before our eyes.


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Written by David McCann 25/4/2020

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People are important!

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People are Important! In difficult times like we find ourselves, we, as a global community are being told to isolate, to keep ourselves safe and avoid contact with other people.

We need to keep a distance of 1.5 -2 meters if we have to go out to do essential things like buying food. I am sure as most people will have found that attempting to do this is not as easy as it sounds.

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Self isolate

Yet people are important! They are important to our wellbeing, our social interactions and our mental health. In the technological world we find ourselves we can still remain connected.

We have interactions thousands of times a day when not socially isolated. So, it is only fair that we try to replicate this with technical applications like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, House Party and more. Without this innovation we would be finding it a challenge to isolate as effectively as most countries have.

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Where this becomes problematic is when companies need to continue to grow and develop in these hard times. Tesla has made inroads prior to this virus to make sure that it has residual, sustainable systems that allow for ongoing production and growth of the brand.

factory of Tesla

Tesla has had to shut down the Fremont Factory at a time when they were hitting their stride for the beginning of 2020. In doing so they ultimately cannot produce the Model X, Model S, Model 3 or Model Y in the United States.

They still had deliveries of stock that they have been able to make over the last month using the social distance no touch delivery. Something that any other car dealer may find challenging. How have they achieved this? Software! They have the capabilities to control the car remotely and transact with little interaction face to face. Talk about great innovation.

tesla factory
Photo by Craig Adderley on Pexels.com

More importantly, Tesla built factories in China Shanghai to help with the local production of the Model 3 and Model Y into the future. This foresight of manufacturing is proving to be a much smarter choice than probably ever realized.

With the recent events China, who has been dealing with the Virus since early December, are now coming out of their quarantine period and starting to ramp back up to full production of the Model 3 and beginning to make good progress on the Model Y factory.

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If it turns out that Fremont Factory is not open in the foreseeable future, then is there a possibility for the Shanghai Gigafactory to send some model 3’s to the USA to sell. Granted there is a lot of hurdles that would need to be jumped before ever entering that market but the fact that another factory can produce Tesla Vehicles is important to the company’s survival.

They could send maybe 10% of their production abroad just to keep the supply trickling out to satisfy a variety of countries. It highlights that Tesla is still working to achieve its goals especially in tough times.

So, what can Tesla do during the time when the factories have been closed?

They can build ventilators


Elon Musk has in recent times with a team of his engineers turned their minds to helping the people most affected, those requiring ICU beds and ventilation. They have looked at what they create with the Tesla vehicles, looked at the parts and the HVAC knowledge and built a ventilator. Just incredible.

A video recently emerged from the engineers at Tesla that outlined the progress they have made. Their progress is nothing short of amazing when you consider they have never worked with medical equipment and, they, within a couple of weeks created a working prototype.

Adaptability in adversarial times helps to grow the brand but also shows compassion for the world around us. Tesla’s mission is to transition the world to sustainable energy and in doing so to help people across the globe to enjoy a world with a better environment than before. This philosophy seems to inspire and extend beyond vehicles when times are tough and change of focus is required.

So, I guess the message is simple, stay in touch, keep family safe and in contact, Tesla can survive during this tough time and continue to support all EV’s as the environment needs them more than ever.

Finally, I just want to say Happy Birthday to my Dad. You are an amazing person and we love you very much.

People are important, family is sacred and the world around us is precious.

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Happy Easter  

Stay Safe


Written by David McCann 11/4/2020

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