Tesla Cybertruck – The time has come !!


Tesla Cybertruck – The time has come!! At a recent event by the Peterson Museum the Cybertruck was a surprise guest.  

The Peterson Museum held a coffee and cars event. Franz van Holshausen was an invited guest. His arrival was expected but the vehicle he drove was more than what was expected. He drove the production version of the Cybertruck.    

The Cybertruck ready for production was front and center for all to see. Lots of attendees were able to get up close and personal with the cyber truck.  

Here is what we know! 


Everyone who has been following the Cybertruck’s progress has a good understanding of how special it is.


An exoskeletal structure with stainless steel exterior that just makes the vehicle not only ring back to the DeLorean days of Back to the Future but also the utilitarian functionality of the Cybertruck today.  

With stainless steel there is no issue fixing small scratches as @DMC_ryan Ryan McCaffery has always said a bit of steel wool and it is fixed.

Of course, we have also seen the recent video and images of the wrapped in camo Cybertruck. 

It did not disappoint for those that attended the Peterson Museum and as such the images are impressive.  


Tesla Cybertruck – The time has come!!  The interior has been a bit of a mystery, but we know have a good idea of what is coming. 

5-seater with central console and mobile phone charge dock with a similar storage area like the Model 3/Y.

 The seats seem to have perforations which indicates seat cooling a feature highly requested.  

The steering wheel has some unusual angles that seem out of place but are a cross between the yoke and the traditional round steering wheel which I think a lot of people will like.  It has a central display in landscape position which looks to be a 17-inch display.     

Charge port 

Since the recent discussion about the Northern America Charging Standards or NACS for short, Tesla has finally had its proprietary charging plug recognized as the way to go.

This would mean that the Cybertruck is going to benefit from this new approach.

The charge port has the standard NACS plug port as does all the American vehicles except the Semi. The charge port is positioned on the rear fender and easily accessible.   

Truck bed 

The truck bed is one of those interesting elements that has changed quite dramatically since the reveal. It is now a hard rubber bottom and has a compartment for storage. 

 image courtesy of @TeslaownersSV  

It has a fold down tray that extends the bed allowing for more room for whatever is being carried.  

It is unknown if power and compressor ports are included but there does seem to be considerations for that with port holes as part of the construction.    

port possible area
Image courtesy of @marc benton

Tonneau cover

The tonneau cover looks functional and easy to open and closely. Allowing for coverage of the load or lockable items.

Rear steering 

One of the unique features of the Cybertruck is the 4 turning wheels. 

  We have seen similar features on other vehicles but in this case, it allows for a shorter turning circle and more maneuverability of the truck.   


Up until recently it had been assumed that the frunk would be like that on the model Y/3 with a hood lifting and a bucket in the front.  

However recent images suggest this is no longer the case with the full face of the vehicle able to be lifted and be opened. This would allow for greater storage and easier access to the space. 

 A feature that was original bought featured with the Ford F150 lightning.  


As part of Hardware 4 the cameras have been seen to have a red hue to the lens of the cameras. On the Cybertruck this seems to indicate that it will also include hardware 4   

The Beginning

Tesla Cybertruck – The time has come!!  Overall To say that this vehicle is highly anticipated would be more than an understatement with over 1.8 million reservations to date. 

 It is again a pleasure to see a new Tesla Vehicle finally get to production and delivery not long after.  

This week tesla announced the first production Cybertruck was built. It showed the wonderful crew at tesla that made this vehicle a reality. The next many years will be interesting to see how far reaching and capable the Cybertruck will become.  

Here in Australia, we have had recent loss of some vehicles to the left-hand drive only market and it would be a shame not to see the Cybertruck here in Australia.  

These images and features make you want the vehicle even more.  


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