There’s a new kid in town – Mustang Mach-e

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There’s a new kid in town – Mustang Mach-e, Ford’s latest step towards bringing their electric vehicles to the Australian shores. 

The Mach–e was shown to the world back in 2019 and went on sale in the USA in December of 2020. Since then, Ford has been working out the kinks and refining the vehicle. With Sales in the thousands, it has been a well-received vehicle to the market in the USA.

This week Ford revealed the Mustang Mach–e to Australia. Ford announced the arrival of the Mach – e at the Australian Grand Prix with lots of fanfare. They had three of the vehicles driving round the circuit to show it off to the crowd. It is no surprise that the Mustang MAch-e has helped Ford become the second largest seller of EV’s in USA in 2022. 

MACH-e Variants

The Australian version will come in 3 variants, Select, Premium and GT. 

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  • 91kWh battery 
  • Dual Motor (Generate 358kW/860Nm torque)
  • 0-100km/hr. – 3.7seconds
  • 490km Range 
  • All Wheel Drive


  • 91kWh battery
  • Single Motor (Generate 216kW/430Nm torque)
  • 600km Range 


  • 71kWh battery
  • Single Motor (Generate 198kWh/430Nm torque)
  • 470km Range
  • Rear Wheel Drive 

All three variants will have in the interior a 15.5-inch touch screen in a central location to manage infotainment and Ford’s Sync4 Software. 

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To partner with this a screen mounted behind the steering wheel is 10.2 inches showing the speed and other metrics for driving.

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Furthermore, wireless charging and 10 speakers Bang and Olufsen sound system.

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To compliment all these wonderful accessories a panoramic sunroof will come as standard. 

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FORD getting serious

There’s a new kid in town – Mustang Mach-e. Ford is starting to get serious about their presence in Australia and their vision for electric vehicles globally. They are looking to start with the Mach-e but that is far from the end, they will attempt to have a further 4 more electric vehicles in Australia by the end of 2024. 

It is great to see another electric vehicle hit the shores of our wonderful country. This shift towards electric vehicles is growing at a pace that is hard to fathom and yet long overdue. 

Just like the mobile phone I believe Australia will lead the world in uptake of electric vehicles as long as the prices when announced for ford and others are within reach of the average person, especially with the recent increase in living costs. 

Ford will have a good seller on its hands with the Mach-e and I look forward to seeing them on the road and up close and personal. 


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