Starship & Tesla – launching a better future

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Starship & Tesla – launching a better future. 

Starship & Tesla – launching a better future. What a week. The largest and most powerful rocket to ever be launched in human history.

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Until this week, the Apollo rockets were by far the most powerful rockets to leave Earth. They held that record for 50 years until this last Thursday when SpaceX’s Starship and Booster created history. 

Just like Apollo, SpaceX’s Starship is looking to the stars to move human existence multi-planetary. The Apollo missions achieved this when they landed a man on the moon. From that time till this, the missions have not been as lofty or as inspiring.

But now as Starship has finally lifted from the ground and leapt to the skies, we again feel a sense of pride, of hope that we as a human race have something to strive for, something to reach for and a way to reach out and find the destination in the stars. 

Inspiring the world

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Millions of people around the world watched as the silver booster with the obsidian Starship a top lifted from the ground. This test of the rocket was to prove it was possible to achieve that which had never been done before, a rapidly reusable rocket, measuring 120m long with a diameter larger than a small house this rocket has been developed for a large movement of goods and personnel to Mars and the stars. 

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None of this would be possible without the amazing people who work tirelessly to bring the vision of the founder Elon Musk to light. His pursuit of the future we all dreamed of as kids is nothing short of a passion that no one else has had the drive, capability, and desire to see through. 

John F Kennedy once said, “We choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard,” (Kennedy told the crowd at Rice University in Houston.)

Any exploration of a place yet unknown is always going to be complex, challenging, and fraught with risk, missteps, and pivots. But if we stay the course and strive for what has always been told is impossible, letting smart, bright, and passionate people do their best work, then the stars are the limit. 


Starship & Tesla – launching a better future.

Just like Starship and the people making the impossible possible, Tesla is striving to make the earth that little bit better for our future also.

With the combustion engine dominating the last century we now find ourselves in a race to help mother earth heal from contamination brought upon her by humanity. 

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This week Tesla advised that they again had a record-breaking quarter introducing thousands more electric vehicles to happy customers. Changes in pricing have helped to make the vehicles more accessible for average people, increases in battery pack uptake and storage capabilities and Model Y being the best-selling vehicle in Europe, America and many other locations shows that their mission to transition the world to sustainable energy is heading in the right direction. 

Sharing of resources

With SpaceX, Tesla shares its resources of engineering and technology with Space X and many other Elon Musk companies. It is this holistic view that provides not only Starship the great minds to achieve the impossible, but the reverse is also true with people from SpaceX providing Tesla with great ideas and innovations. 

All told we as a human race need to be inspired, to find greatness in the ordinary, to seek opportunities to dream, imagine, witness and create future history into reality. 

I grew up watching cartoons and shows like The Jetsons, Mask, transformers, the Flintstones so many more. And still, I am waiting for that future that inspired my generation’s imaginings of what the future could be. 

I am truly enjoying watching that history become a reality. 

Starship & Tesla – launching a better future. Space X has done something incredible this week and they should be so proud. Tesla has again proved that Electrification can lead to better outcomes for the future of humanity. And together they both with help from many incredibly talented people deliver a better world for us all. 


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