Tesla – Master Plan 3 – The Goal

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Tesla – Master Plan 3 -The Goal. Tesla’s investor day laid out its direction and the key players that will help them get there. 


There was a lot of speculation about the investor day with lots of predictions and suggestions that this would be like any other presentation with a few hints about future products and a breakdown of how they got there. 

Many predicted that the suggestion of the new cheaper Tesla would be the discussion point and a recap on the Cars, power, charging and manufacturing, but to say they underestimated the depth and breadth of what was presented is being conservative. 

Master plan 3

master plan 3
Image courtesy of Tesla.com

Master plan 1 and 2 were focused mainly on the vehicles creating a base to work from in the electric car industry to deliver the 

  • Model S
  • Model 3
  • Model X
  • Model Y
sexy cars
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The achievement of this and then the subsequent delivery of Giga Factories, battery cell production and a few other vehicles like the SEMI set the stage for the master plan 3 to be focused on the vehicle and manufacturing ramp. 

However, Master plan 3 really delivered on the future of Tesla and how they are moving the world to sustainable energy and transportation. 

The plan started out with a look at energy and how it will be possible to move from fossil fuels to renewables. This was laid out in a 5 Step process.

  1. Repower the existing grid with renewables.
  2. Switch to electric vehicles 
  3. Switch to heat pumps in homes, businesses, and Industry.
  4. Electrify high temp heat delivery and Hydrogen.
  5. Sustainable fuel planes and Boats 
  • number 1
  • number 2
  • number 3
  • number 4
  • number 5

Now, most of this has been spoken about before but the one surprise was the discussion around Hydrogen. Elon has always said that hydrogen was not a great source of energy for small road vehicles. But in this instance when talking about large industrial machinery he did concede that hydrogen had a place. 


image courtesy of Tesla.com

They also discussed the minerals required for a sustainable future with Lithium and beyond to be mined. They also conceded that mining would continue just not as much as current coal mining. 

Resources that would need to be mined ongoing included.

  • Nickel
  • Lithium
  • Zinc
  • Copper
  • Cobalt
  • Iron
  • Manganese
  • Aluminum
  • Graphite

One interesting fact was that due to the recent increase in interest, the volume of lithium that is being discovered is growing exponentially. 

One of the key differences when talking about renewable minerals is their recyclability of them. Once a battery is depleted and targeted for recycling the minerals inside them can be repurposed back to the same purpose again and again. 

Technology Company

Tesla – Master Plan 3 -The Goal. The master plan is an impressive step towards looking forward and setting goals for the planet, not just the Tesla Company. 

The argument that Tesla is just a car company seems to be no longer narrative and continually moves Tesla towards a Technology company more and more. 

It is truly exciting to hear and see the vision that Tesla is laying out to see. 


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