2023 Let’s Get Started!!!

Image courtesy of Me

2023 Let’s Get Started!!! I have had a lot of time over the last 12 months to sit back and watch the evolution of the electric vehicle market in Australia start to heat up. 

Having been involved with a project last year that asked me to pause my blogging whilst I completed the project, I was able to take stock of what is going to be important to blog about moving forward. 

Until now I have been blogging about several things that relate to the tipping point of the ability to move towards electrification, cars and many others things. 

It would seem now that that process is well underway, and I need to adapt to this change and now focus on what is important to the people buying the new cars, the evolving landscape of the Australian and global vehicle uptake and the long-term views of what is coming. 

Tesla Fanboy

Of course, I am a self-proclaimed Tesla fanboy so I will continue to write about tesla where I believe there is news to share. Just like I wrote about 2022 would be the year of the Model Y I will continue to write about future trends with tesla and the cyber truck especially.

I am also looking at my website to uplift it to be more user-friendly and provide information and access to resources that are relevant to anyone who needs a one-stop place to discover the things that are important when starting out trying to understand what differences there are for electric vehicles to consider when making that shift. 

As part of this moving change that I am about to embark on I am always open to collaboration, working with the EV community to continue to grow the conversation, evolve the thinking and look towards the future that we leave behind for our children.

The beginning of my blogging will come in early February.

2023 Let’s Get Started!!! So, keep an eye out and I hope you enjoy my thinking and perspective on the future of the electric vehicle.