2021 Draws to a close!

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As 2021 draws to a close it is time to reflect and look ahead to the next year. 

Ups and Downs

2021 Draws to a close! This year has been full of changes, ups and downs, turning points, and realizations. 

At the beginning of 2021, the world was hopeful that this year would be seen as the turning point for electric vehicles. To say I and many others were correct with this assessment is more than an understatement. I have written about the tipping point ( Link to Tipping point)before, yet this year was the Turning point. 

After the American election and the introduction of the new president the changes to focus on the environment and transition to electric vehicles took on a life of it’s own. Many other countries aligned with this vision, and they voiced their policies and ambitions to move towards the electric vehicle future. 


Australia on the other hand was dragging its feet. States had been for several years working towards an electric vehicle future with small incentives and assistance to prospective buyers yet nothing from the federal government. That changed this year with the more aggressive change to policies from the states. 

Federally the government focused on several initiatives but instead of helping the average person to get into the vehicles and reduce the cost, they went for infrastructure inclusive of charging stations. This is good and will take several years to implement but the states had already established this anyway. Secondarily they relied on a hydrogen focus. 

Regardless it is a direction, and better than where we were at the beginning of the years. Slowly yet surely. 

Australia’s electric vehicle uptake was approximately .78% of the vehicles sold at the end of 2020.

This year has seen a massive jump in uptake to increase electric vehicle purchases to above 1%. Still less than the rest of the world but a significant shift in the Australian psyche. All-electric vehicle sales these years equaled and surpassed the total of electric vehicles sold in the last many years. 

On a personal note, I too was a customer of Tesla and finally bought a Tesla Model 3. This has been a highlight and the Model 3 continues to impress.

With Australia making strides forward this year with limited policies, then consider the countries with great policies and support for uptake. The numbers of electric vehicle uptake have exploded across the globe. This demand has added stress and strain to the supply of electric vehicles. No one should complain as this is the type of shift that is required to help the future of the planet.


2021 Draws to a close! Covid has been a challenge that has impacted the industry also. Vaccinations have been in high demand. This has helped the ongoing delivery of new electric vehicles out of EV factories

New vehicles were introduced to the world by some of the most popular manufacturers.

Ford introduced the F150 Lightning electric truck. Toyota, Volvo, Mercedes, GM and so many more have put on display their road map for the next evolution of their vehicle line-up and their transition to Electric vehicles.

New players have been in the market as well, Rivian, BYD, Polestar, Kia, Hyundai have all introduced vehicles some already for sale and delivery, and others in the last stages of the same. 


R1T dirt road
Image courtesy of Rivian.com

The most notable of these is the introduction of the Rivian R1T. This truck with some new and functional features has had nothing but wonderful reviews by many influencers and critics alike. Their attention to detail and ability to give a wonderful customer experience whilst promoting adventure set them apart from any other manufacturer in the field. They are the first but not the last to produce an electric vehicle and deliver it to customers. 

2021, will be the year of change and offer a realization that the industry is not fully committed to the electric vehicle marketplace and looking towards the future. 

This commitment will help to accelerate the transition to electrification of vehicles and by extension, help to improve the environment. 


A vision that Tesla had more than 10 years ago with their mission is not being taken up by so many more that the future of the planet and of the environment can only be better for our children and grandchildren. 


Lastly, I have not blogged as much as I wanted this year due to my day job, for that, I apologize. However, in 2022 I have committed to delivering my blog on a weekly basis come what may. So, thanks for staying with me and I hope I can keep bringing my view on EV’s to you as next year’s moves forward. 

The future of EV’s is very bright and the next 10 years will show us just how much we can impact the world around us with good choices. 

Have a merry Christmas and a Happy New year. 


David McCann
David McCann

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