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EV Opportunities signs for Australia, In recent months there has been a visible shift in the Electric Vehicle marketplace in Australia. The introduction of new vehicles to the marketplace and public announcements of the same have been coming thick and fast. 

Unfortunately, Australia is starting to be known as the laggard of EV uptake in the world. USA post the election has made huge shifts towards transitioning to the EV future.

The UK and Europe have been heading down this road and have doubled down on this with announcements the assist with the uptake of electric vehicles. These include electric vehicle sales only by 2030.

China with its huge population has made very clear signs that the transition to electric vehicles is a number one priority.

This decision seems to be driven by the amount of pollution they see in their cities. Introduction of electric vehicles would help to reduce this pollution significantly.

So, it is no surprise that the world has very clearly indicated that electrification is the future. 


So, why is Australia so far behind. 

That is a simple question. Australia has been living on the gravy train of coal for so many years, they are blinded by the cash that currently is flowing in. 

However, blind Freddy could see that this will start to become less prosperous and will become a far forgotten enterprise of a bygone era. 

The federal government is so focused on getting back to things, that they are missing the opportunities that the transition to renewables and EV’s are presenting.  

The federal government are caught in a predicament whereby the current politicians were raised on old ways and traditional thinking. This is serving them well in some respects but in the area of climate change and electrification they are in the dark. 

Ironic really that the thing that can make our country more prosperous than it has been and move the country forward is the same thing that current politicians just cannot see. 

The younger generation that are destined to clean up the mess of the last 100 years and be left with the ramifications of it if it is not done now are the most vocal about what we need to do. 

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They get it, they have a passion for the environment because they have seen what mine and our forefathers’ generations decisions have done to the planet. 

Electric vehicles

EV Opportunities for Australia, So why am I so passionate about us making the change sooner. Most people would think it is because I really want a Tesla, and it is true I would love to own a Tesla, but the real reason aligns with the mission of Tesla.

The planet needs to be able to breathe again. I want a planet that is beautiful and able to be enjoyed by all. I want a planet that is there for our kids and grandkids. 

Electric vehicles are just the first step along with solar and battery storage, but there will be greater discoveries into the future including in the car industry. 

Elon musk reinvigorated an industry that was stuck in the mud and drowning on its own success. Fossil fuels are not endless. We need a new way forward and renewables are the best advantage to do this currently that we have. 

New players

EV Opportunities for Australia, In Australia, as I said before the landscape is changing. Australian Capital Territory (ACT) recently introduced an incentive and registration relief to entice more people to uptake the electric vehicle and it seems this incentive has worked wonders to bring more people into the marketplace. 


The recent deal to bring BYD vehicles at a reasonable cost to Australian shored is another great positive step towards increasing the uptake. Not to mention the already available Nissan Leaf, MG ZEV, BMW i3 and so many more that are hitting the market. 


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The media outlets have also started to realize the transition is starting and needs to accelerate so we are seeing more stories and discussion regarding EV uptake and introduction to Australia. 

Gone is the rhetoric that they are like golf carts and they are not a true alternative to the current ICE vehicles. 

As of yesterday, a delivery of over 4000 Tesla Model 3 hit the Australian shores and with it a realization that electric vehicles are here to stay. They are exciting and new. They are the future which is bringing with it a tsunami of silent vehicles and new age thinking. 

Australia has an opportunity to be at the forefront of this tsunami both from a consumer perspective but also from a business perspective.

We have in Australia some amazing skilled manufacturers who have the passion and skills to help make Australia a powerhouse in the world of renewables and electric vehicle manufacturing. 

The minerals we have in this country are vital to the making of batteries and we should capitalize on this. We have companies like Ace EV , which I recently wrote about, who have been fighting for years to deliver electric vehicles to the market against all odds. Their opportunity is now. 

It is time we stopped pointing fingers and making this a political issue and started making this a real-life opportunity. 

Stop with all the negative talk, and talk about the future of our kids. 

Stop trying to ignore the fact that the world is moving in this direction.

We have a responsibility to our friends, family and country.

We need to set our own mission, improve the future of the air, environment and country to make sure that the planet is safe, healthy and happy so that everyone can enjoy it. 

Let’s reframe the question and start fresh. 

Its Time


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