Tesla Superchargers towards the Model Y !!!

Super charging sign
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Tesla, superchargers towards the Model Y. Tesla’s movements of late has given rise to the thoughts that the Model Y is not far away for Australian Right hand drive versions of the Model Y. 

The recent price drop, paired with the introduction of more superchargers has given rise to the idea that the Model Y‘s introduction to Australia is not far away. 



The new superchargers are mostly flagged to be operational in the early part of 2022. Allowing some to speculate that the Model Y will be open for ordering in the later part of the year. 

The new Superchargers appeared on the Tesla website earlier this week. Their introduction came with little fanfare. This arrival is auspicious as the earnings call for Quarter 1 is due to occur in the coming week.

Mainstream media

Recent interest in the electric vehicle has started gain ground swell in Australia. Recently a number of mainstream media outlets have produced many and varied stories about the efficacy of the electric vehicle. 

The biggest hurdle is the influence the government has over the current lay of the land for uptake of EVs. Their lackluster policy and attitude towards them EVs is telling. My blog from last week explores this more thoroughly,

It is very sad to see the Prime Minister talking Hydrogen when the best part of the world is driving towards electrification. Once again showing his lack of understanding and how much the wrong advice is being given to him. 

Renewable energy is something that is not using any expendable resources. Hydrogen unfortunately relies on using water, which again is a finite resource and one of the most precious we have. 

Model Y 

Model Y charging
Photo by Patrik Máčik on Unsplash

Anyway, the discussion about the Model Y is that the introduction of the Model Y will occur towards the 4th quarter this year. 

I have a different theory. I have recently received a tip from an anonymous source that has led me to believe the introduction of ordering the Model Y to the Australian market will, “not be far off”. Let’s hope it comes from the earnings call. 

So, at this stage, I believe ordering will open within the next month. This works when you consider it takes time for cars to be produced and delivered to Australia. Currently, the model 3 is saying 8-10 weeks for delivery. 

If we extrapolate this timeline, we see the model Y would arrive in Australia for delivery around August. This would coincide with eh opening of some key super chargers that were just announced. 

If ordering opens in the next 2 months, that gives them 3-4 months make and deliver from Giga Shanghai.

Only time will tell if my suggestion is sound, but I am fairly confident it is. 


Clarify my requests

For those that have seen my twitter feed, you will know that I have been a consistent in asking about the Model Y. Most of you have been interested in my requests of Elon and Tesla. However some have been suggesting I am a pest. 

I just want to set the record straight. My asking about the Model Y ordering is due to the fact I believe Australia will buy more Model Y than Model 3. I believe the sooner it gets to market in Australia the sooner it will become the best-selling SUV in Australia. If the price is right. See my post about my theory for price.

The average person in Australia wants a spacious vehicle and the Model Y SUV offers this.


The Model 3 has set the tone and I believe the Model Y will bring home to those on the fence that the electric vehicles is versatile. They are simple to use. It is possible to do all things that ICE vehicles do and more.

The Model Y needs to be opened up to the Australian public. It needs to be at a competitive price so that Average Australians can afford it. 

Tesla Superchargers towards the Model Y with the introduction of new Superchargers along strategic roads. In combination with with the price drop of the Model 3 combined with some information I received recently, I believe we will see what comes but Model Y is not far from the Australian public to order. 


Tesla Australian Price Drop

Tesla interior
Image courtesy of Lazaro Rodriquez

Tesla drops the Australian price again. 6 months after the last price adjustment Tesla has delivered another drop in price.

Unexpected, or was it?

Since the beginning of the year, many from the Tesla Australian community have felt a price drop would occur in the first quarter.

The introduction of the new Model 3 deliveries coming from China helped to drive this belief.

I was lucky enough, back in January, to spot, in the Tesla store online, that the new Model 3 had the updated newly designed interior being manufactured in China.

So many have felt that a price adjustment was inevitable.

That price adjustment happened early Saturday morning 17th April 2021 Australian time.

Model 3’s price dropped between approximately $4000 to $7000 AUD depending on the Model 3 purchased and the date purchased.

Tesla working to the mission

This price reduction once again proves that Tesla is trying very hard to help as many people as possible transition to sustainable transportation.

The goal of owning an EV continues to be a struggle for most average people. Prices of electric vehicles is considerably higher than ICE vehicles. Currently it is possible to purchase two ICE vehicles for the price of a Tesla model 3.

It is this disparity with prices that is still proving a barrier to the mass uptake in Australia.

If the Australian government both federal and state were serious about the uptake of electric vehicles in Australia they would introduce incentives that would help to increase their uptake.

Climate Change

Climate change is the pandemic that most people ignore because they believe that it won’t happen to them. They cannot do anything to make a difference. That is where they are wrong and governments have a responsibility to help.

Tesla continues to strive to meet their mission of transitioning the world to sustainable energy, including transportation. This continues to motivate and drive Tesla to improve their products and their prices, to make them more attainable for the general public.

This is certainly the case in the USA with a considerable uptake of Tesla products in both energy and transport. It is this passion to make a positive impact upon the environment and help turn around the catastrophic impact we, as humans, have made to the environment.

Change is hard, resistance is futile, we are NOT the borg.

All change takes time and is resisted by those that have a vested interest in the old technologies. Motivation like this is generally driven by money.

However, with new ideas comes, new opportunities. Opportunities that are finally being understood by countries in the northern hemisphere.

Not only that, but our closest neighbour, NewZealand, has also started the journey to make electrification more prominent in the minds of the citizens and help to increase the uptake of EVs as a priority.

Australian political leaders who work in the Australian Federal Government are stuck in the past. The perception is that they are not looking to the future.

So to see companies like Tesla try to make a difference to the average person by adjusting prices in a downward direction helps to keep pressure on governments to make change. It also helps continue to get more and more people into the electric vehicles market.

Prices drop

Model 3 price adjusted

Once again it is brilliant to see a price reduction.

The below image is of Tesla ordering page for Model 3. this is to compare prices from January.

Model 3
Image courtesy of Tesla.com

Currently the prices show as follows on Tesla.com. 4000 AUD price reduction is a nice price drop and hopefully will get more uptake of the vehicles.

Model 3 1
Image courtesy of Tesla.com

The Long Range and Performance models also received price reduction.

Long Range

Model 3 2
Image courtesy of Tesla.com


Model 3  3
Image courtesy of Tesla.com

The colour choices continue to remain at the same price with Solid Black, Midnight Silver Metallic and Deep Blue Metallic remaining at 1500 AUD and Red Multi-Coat at 2900 AUD.

MOdel 3 black
Image courtesy of Tesla.com
Model 3 grey
Image courtesy of Tesla.com
MOdel 3 Blue
Image courtesy of Tesla.com
Model 3 red
Image courtesy of Tesla.com

The wheels continue to remain at the same price of 2200 AUD for the 19” Sports Wheels which are selectable for the Standard Range Plus and the Long Range Model 3.

Model 3 wheels
Image courtesy of Tesla.com

Performance Model 3 retains the 20” Überturbine Wheels.

Model 3 performance
Image courtesy of Tesla.com

Tesla continues to improve on price, range and perception. They continue to push the industry kicking and screaming towards a better future. The only thing in Australia holding them back is the federal governments policies that are stuck in the past.


Tesla’s Big Quarter !

Total Q1 – 184 800

Tesla’s Big Quarter ! Against all odds Tesla has posted a greater than expected production and delivery numbers for the first quarter of 2021. 


Traditionally Q1 is supposed to be the least impressive quarter for most car manufacturers within the USA.

Because Tesla resides not just in the USA but in other markets like China we have seen some impressive numbers in other markets which helped todays numbers.

The fact that no production of the Model S/X occurred during this time helps to impress.

The future of Tesla is looking bright.


Break down of the numbers

Tesla announced in their production and deliveries press release to investors. 


  • Model 3/Y
    • 180,338
  • Model S/X 
    • 0 vehicles produced
tesla model 3
Photo by Saketh Garuda on Unsplash


  • Model 3/Y
    • 182,780
  • Model S/X 
    • 2020 vehicles produced

These numbers came as a surprise to most analysts who had predicted lower than expected numbers.

These numbers will hopefully give a shot in the arm for the stock price.


2021 Big Numbers

Technoking of Tesla
Photo by Hello I’m Nik on Unsplash

2020 saw Tesla make a goal that, Elon Musk CEO of Tesla (Techno king of Tesla), predict almost 6 years before.

By 2020 they would be producing 500,000 vehicles a year.

At the time he made this prediction, Tesla was a fledgling company.

Their newly released vehicle and aspirations to be one of the big players in the vehicle industry.

It is truly incredible that they were able to come in just a few hundred shorts from the 500,000.

What it proved was the might of the company and its self-belief that anything is possible.

The hidden secret to this company is not in its focus on producing amazing vehicles (Which they are) but it’s true drive to transition the world to sustainable energy. 

Their mission focusses on the “Why of Tesla”, which helps to drive the “What of Tesla” which is supported by the “Who of Tesla”.

It is this way of thinking which Simon Sinek has professed for many years that helps to drive Tesla employees, Tesla customers, and the Tesla faithful. 

So, it is no surprise that Q1 of 2021 has shown that Tesla can continue to improve and grow if all are focused on the mission instead of building cars.

If Tesla delivered in 2020 approximately 88,000 vehicles in quarter 1 and they delivered just under 500,000 vehicles in the year, then 2021 is looking to be almost three quarters of a million cars.

This growth truly gives Tesla the opportunity to grow years over years for many years to come. 


Tesla factories
Image courtesy of Tesla.com

Tesla has a big year ahead not only with the current deliveries and production but opening many more Tesla stores and increasing their global footprint.

Two key factory constructions which will be completed in the later part of the year and with this the introduction of the Cybertruck and more production of the Model 3 and Model Y.

The factories will open up a greater opportunity to deliver to Europe and middle America. 

The ramp up of these factories will only improve the end of year numbers and will continue to grow the possibility of many more people receiving their new electric vehicles. 


Tesla is truly an inspirational story and with its recent success and its plans for the future we will only see Tesla and the products they continue to innovate on develop to be the leaders in their fields and the future. 

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