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Tesla expectations

Tesla Big Year Ahead, At the close of 2020 Tesla had achieved some incredible objectives. This was whilst some of the most difficult political, environmental, logistical and health related emergencies being experienced in recent history. 

These achievements culminated due to a number of factors. The most important of these is leadership. Tesla has been led by Elon Musk since the very yearly days. At the time he was a reluctant CEO, however he has become one of the world great leaders. He is unconventional, smart, clever and pragmatic when dealing with issues at hand. He also understands that problems that need solving require a team effort and lateral thinking to achieve positive outcomes.  

Over the last number of years Elon has focused solely on the CEO role. Tesla board has bought some stability and clear focus to guide Tesla through the challenges of 2020. Previous challenges, like the Model 3 “Production Hell”, taught Elon and Tesla valuable lessons. These lessons helped to teach Tesla, responsiveness, resilience and adaptability that stands it apart from contemporary car manufacturers. 


Tesla has had over the years many challenges when dealing with the pressures of growing a business in a highly competitive and hostile environment. With a laser focused on their drive to achieve the impossible. 


As the beginning of 2021 has started, we are about to see the strength that tesla will bring to the table. The years of resilience and trepidation has taught Tesla many life lessons and these lessons are starting to pay dividends. 

Tesla demonstrated this with the delivery and production numbers from Q4 of 2020. With just under 500000 vehicles delivered and just over 500000 produced, Tesla has finally achieved a goal set by Elon Musk almost 6 years prior. This outcome will be the catalyst to move tesla from a fledgling start up to a fully-fledged Global powerhouse in the electric vehicle community. 

These numbers in combination with the finalizing of two new factories in Berlin and Austin respectively, will strengthen Tesla’s car manufacturing capabilities and strengthen their ability to grow and expand. 

Anticipation for refresh

Anticipation has been building for the redesign of the Model S and X. This has not happened for almost a decade. Just shows the caliber of the design in the first place.

The semi-truck will move from concept to production. Along with the cybertruck starting to see production and deliveries before the year is out.


Energy is Important too!

Of course, Tesla is not just a car company, energy is at the core of the philosophy that Tesla promotes.  Their passion to grow all aspects of their business still continues to be a focus for the board and Elon.

The solar roof and solar panels will continue to grow and be innovated upon. This business will become a pivotal part of Tesla moving into the future as the world continues to pivot towards renewable energy production and storage. 

The creation of the new battery technology with the 4680 cells is a revolution in how energy storage can be developed. This new way of thinking will help to improve the storage density and capabilities of the vehicles but will be essential for the battery storage technologies as well. 

The global shift to renewables of all types has one major hurdle to overcome. The ability to store large useable quantities of energy. Demand driven energy production is one of the major hurdles for renewables yet battery storage may help to reduce this challenge. Tesla Batteries provide a good way of retaining energy that would otherwise got to waste and can be called upon at a moment’s notice. A great example that Tesla champions is the Hornsdale mega battery in South Australia. 

Tesla has been developing battery storage on many scales both for residential and commercial purposes. This arm of the business will see exponential growth over the coming years and offer opportunities that previously were too expensive and unreliable.  

The Big Year

Future road
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To say that Tesla is planning for a big year might just be the tip of the iceberg. They never rest on their ideas and never stop innovating. 

The marketplace for electric vehicles is slowly starting to grow and become more than it ever has before s the world continues its transition to electrification and renewable energy. 

Tesla has been instrumental in their ability to see what the marketplace needs and to move in that direction. They have had challenges along the way but at no time have they or Elon ever faulted from their mission of transitioning the world to sustainable transport and energy. 


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