Confirmed Chinese Model 3 coming to Australia!!!!!
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Confirmed Chinese Model 3 coming to Australia 2021……Tesla silently updates Australian Tesla website

It has been a while since I looked at the Australian Tesla store. Last night someone posted that the shop link was down. I went to have a look and found the same thing. 

Today I thought I would look again. The shop seems to be back up, so I did what I always do and look at the ordering of a Tesla Model 3 and dream about the car I want. 

BUT…….. What I found blew my mind 

I found something I never thought I would see.

Chinese Model 3 seems to be confirmed to coming to Australia.

Configurator changes
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Recently images appeared of a new china model 3 for the Chinese market. The door had enhanced wrap around dash colours and features. The Tesla Configurator has been updated to show these same changes.


To the rest of the international community these changes have been available for a long time but here in Australia we seem to have delays in getting some of the better features. 

The wheels for the Standard range have always been the hubcap aero wheels. Now it seems it is possible to select the sports wheels as an alternative.

New wheels selection
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These were previously exclusively for the Long range. This subtle change was exciting and certainly sparked my interest to see what other changes may come. This change provides more variety for the purchases to modify the car to their liking.
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Moving to the interior there now is a choice of black and white for the interior. Again this choice has always been for the performance model in Australia and no other variant. It now seems this is across all models. This change will delight those that have been looking forward to the changes. It allows greater variety and choice.
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Chinese design

Whilst the changes to the wheels and colour choice of the interior is significant the most significant change is also the most subtle. In the images of the interior the new Chinese door changes can be seen. This would indicate that the Australian market is about to receive Chinese made model 3’s.
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This would also mean that the possibility of the LFP battery configuration is also coming to Australia.

Currently the price for the model 3 is still around that $70000 dollar mark but one might think that due to the delivery coming from China and the fact of proximity and Chinese trade deals with Australia, we may see a possible change to prices in the coming months.

The new interior combined with the recent reports of a lot of model 3 Right hand drive model 3 being produced at Shanghai Gigafactory gives a strong argument that the Australian market is about to get an influx of Chinese made model 3. 

If this is the next step, this will have significant impacts upon the uptake of Tesla and Electric vehicles to Australia in a positive direction.  

I am hopeful that this discovery of Chinese MOdel 3 coming to Australia will have far reaching impacts to the uptake of Electric vehicles.


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