Springfield Lakes the Future City!!

Image of the future city
Image Courtesy of Engie.com

Springfield Lakes the Future City here in Queensland is making steps towards leading towards a world of electrification. They are making renewable cities and moving towards a renewable future.

Tesla‘s mission to transition the world to sustainable energy and transport has inspired others to work towards a renewable future. 


image of future health centre
Image courtesy of Engie.com

The Engie group took advantage of the same thinking in 2018 and worked with the Springfield developers, Ipswich city planners, and government to develop their vision.

It is truly incredible to think that such innovative thinking is happening in Australia and a stone from me. This innovation that Engie is proposing is at the heart of the future view of suburban sprawl into the future. 

They believe based upon their website and their vision that electrification is essential to move us into the future. This is inclusive of vehicles, buildings, suburbs, and more.


Innovation at the heart

zero net energy by 2038
Image courtesy of Engie.com

Innovation can help to drive the research for future products and facilities that make it possible. They have invested in a research and development center to drive this thinking forward. 

Recently Engie announced they were now moving towards additional car chargers and hydrogen buses and many more innovations that will improve the ability for residents to transition to a sustainable future.  

Amazingly, such innovation exists in the void of government procrastination. Unfortunately, the Australian federal government has dragged its feet. Reliance on fossil fuels needs to be considered yesterday’s technology and it is time to look to the future and renewables. 

Andrew the optometrist

model 3 standard range
Image courtesy of Tesla.com

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Inspiration comes in many forms and recently I was inspired by my friend Andrew the Optometrist. He chose to support a future yet to be realized. He was unaware of the electric vehicle market when we spoke last. So when he decided to buy the Tesla Model 3, I was truly impressed. 

He had weighed up our discussion, done his own investigation, formed his own thoughts and opinion, and made a choice. If all people whereas measured in their approach, the world would be a better place. 

He is looking forward to receiving his car and becoming part of the evolution. He is getting excited to own a car with greater capability and environmental impact than any vehicle he has owned before. I am truly excited for him and look forward to his delivery.  


Looking to the future

Andrew the optometrist is an example of what the people of Springfield have to look forward to in the future. The ability to have access to the infrastructure that allows for the uptake of electric vehicles and renewable energy is so important. If the future is to change to renewable energy and reduce the CO2 being pumped into the environment these steps are important.

It is encouraging to see the big companies start to take the lead where the government void exists.  

I applaud what Engie and Ipswich are doing to bring Springfield lakes into the future and set the example for the rest of Australia and the world to follow. 


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