Part 1 -Dave’s Journey to owning a Tesla

Lets’ Begin

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Part 1 -Dave’s Journey to owning a Tesla, I started this Website and Blog as a way to be part of something greater than myself.

What I found was a group of people just as passionate. Passionate about improving the environment and enjoying the cars whilst they do it. 

I have written this blog for over 18 months now. During that time I have had a second goal that I want to achieve. Owning my own Tesla. 


tesla model 3
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Tesla Mission is the transition, of the world, to sustainable energy and transport. This mission aligns with my passion for all things electric cars and improving the future for our kids and generations beyond. 

But as many would know owning a Tesla in Australia is not so easy. The cost alone is high and there are too few incentives provided by the government. 

However, I am not swayed!

My passion to own a car that does not pollute when driven, has safety and technology at the core and can drive for over 500 km’s on a single charge just inspires me to begin the journey to ownership.

It is truly the iPhone of the motor vehicle world. 

Dave’s Journey to owning a Tesla

road with words follow your passion

So, my original plan was to get solar panels, then, a battery, followed by the Tesla. I have so far had solar installed a number of years ago and have not quite had the opportunity to get the battery installed. 

But if I am to own a Tesla, I need to start to put the pennies away.  

So, I am writing this new series to outline my process of getting there. 

It will be my mission to update you with my strategies, ideas, and outcomes, regarding how I am going with saving for a Tesla. 

By saving some money, over time it will allow me to grow a big enough deposit that the loan amount and repayments are manageable. Then we can look at the best loans.

To own the car sooner rather than later would be ideal, so I will try different strategies of maximising money. Any opportunity that i can earn more money through being thrifty or odd jobs I will write about here.

The goal is to show, and explain, how it is possible by showing others that it is, possible to own a car that could and has changed the future. 

My Starting Balance 

My starting balance is zero ($0) dollars which means that I am starting where most people start, at the beginning of a journey not knowing what’s to come, not sure where it will take me but excited by the possibilities that I have before me. 

A few months ago I had a response from Elon Musk around the prices in Australia. Since then a lot in the world has changed. So I have decided to work towards my goal.

I know the car I want, it is a Model 3 Long range, Red with Full Self Driving. It totals currently at AUD $113,000 drive away. 

break down of price for Long range model 3
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The performance model 3 was considered but due to price and the fact that I live in Australia and distance is king, I decided that the long range still has all the bells and whistles I need. 

Of course, I do like the base model with no bells and whistles that costs $88,000 drive away and most likely will be the one I end up with as the price hopefully will be more manageable. 

(insert image)

breakdown of price model 3 standard range plus
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But ultimately, I want a Tesla, sure there are other electric cars I could choose, and they are priced similar or a little lower than the Tesla however I have looked at them all and my heart is still set on a Tesla. 

So, I hope you find my blogs interesting, inspiring, practical and helpful. This is a journey we can share and I hope you follow along.

Part 1 – Dave’s Journey to owning a Tesla is my ideas and thoughts, I am not providing any financial advice or making any suggestion that I am an expert, I am just sharing my experience and passion for working towards a goal of mine.

So, thanks for sticking with me so far. The best is yet to come. 

Back to the beginning of where all good ideas start, an idea, a promise of what’s to come with savings, our passion and our love for Tesla and electric vehicles together we can achieve great things.  


Tesla: The future of Health

Digital Health
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Tesla: The future of Health, I work in the field of Digital Health and I have been encouraged to see that over the last couple of years Australia has made some significant inroads into Electronic Medical Records and Health devices. 

Since the COVID -19 the need to move even further towards the Digital Health platform has become decidedly clear. The need to monitor people daily, to communicate with patients regularly, to provide access to online resources when needed has become part of the future of health programs. 

This transition as with everything happens slowly. Companies like Apple, Google, Telstra, Amazon and others have all made moves to bring technology to the masses in the field of health.

Some directly and other not so direct but all have one purpose, to allow people to be better informed and to be able to manage their own health. 

So why am I talking about Digital Health on a car BLOG? 

Most vehicle’s these days have computers, some are more complex than others, but most are rudimentary in their capabilities. 


Tesla: The future of Health

Tesla on the other hand decided to build from the ground up, a computer within the car. Sure, the computer helps to manage the full self-driving (FSD) but it also has capabilities that no other car, both present and past, have ever had as part of a vehicle. 

Elon Musk recently tweeted “Tesla should really be thought of as roughly a dozen technology startups, many of which have little to no correlation with traditional automotive companies”, (1:28pm, 21 June 2020)

He continued in the next tweet “for example, we created a chip design team, from scratch, for the Tesla full self-driving computer, which is not something other car companies do” (Elon Musk, 1:32pm, 21 June 2020)

The computer that Tesla designed and built has some amazing specifications.

It allows makes millions of computer adjustments every second, which makes the car perform exceptionally well when being driven by the computer.

However, Tesla has also included in its car an infotainment system that is not just about music and air-conditioning but it is also about enjoyment and fun. Computer games, streaming services, movies etc. are just some of the interesting capabilities that Tesla included. 

So why could they not be a connected health system as well? When most people are unwell, they usually head to a GP or a Hospital. Maybe they could also get advice from their Tesla. 

Is Tesla: The future of Health? Health technology is starting to advance just as quickly as many other industries did 20 years ago. The new thinking that is driving this innovation is fresh and exciting and I believe Tesla Philosophy may also help to drive new and different way of thinking. 

Elon has said that Tesla is a number of startups within the company. Maybe another branch could look at how hopping into a Tesla could also offer heath advice if asked. 



As an example, a driver hops in the car to drive, they proceed with their journey and feel unwell on the way. They activate a health function that identifies the person has a high temperature with a thermometer system.

Based on the values an algorithm ask a number of questions that help to assess the possible symptoms the person is experiencing. Once that has happened, they could then let them know what some options could be. 

A list of options could be suggested such as organizing an ambulance, a G.P. appointment and many more. 

This type of future functionality one day will be the norm, all you need is one company to innovate and i believe Tesla has the best position to do so.

Tesla has already shown it can adapt to health applications. When COVID-19 hit hard and ventilators where being sourced, Tesla engineers turned their hand to building ventilators with nothing but car parts. 

I know it is a long shot but the reality we are starting to see is that where health is becoming seamless with technology. If technology can become an enabler to provide guidance and strategies on how to manage one’s health then the future could be bright.

Large companies like Apple, Samsung and Google have provided many wearables that hint at the possibilities. Why not consider the possibilities. This would give a different feather to the cap of possibilities that Tesla’s Provide. 

apple watch
Image by fancycrave1 from Pixabay 

If we are heading to a world where computers can drive cars, and organize our lives, it seems logical that they could also help us to monitor our health and allow our cars to help get us to the places that can help. 


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Tesla share price hit $1000 let’s not forget the Mission

Tesla share price hit $1000, let’s not forget the Mission. In the world of today money makes the cogs turn and grind. We are in an unprecedented time when the world of electrification is at a pivotal point. History is knocking at the door and we as a society are starting to look and hear what that means. 

Share price rise

The COVID-19 pandemic has given the world a wakeup call to the importance of looking after the environment. One of the first helpful step is to transition gas cars to electric cars. 

Tesla Share Price

This week we saw money truly take hold with the share price of Tesla hit $1000 a share. This milestone for Tesla is important as it allowed them to become the most valuable car company across the globe. 

The significance of this milestone is profound, Tesla’s mission is all about transitioning to a sustainable future. Electrification is the method to alleviate the issues with climate change.

Tesla has made it very clear that the products they supply can and will allow for clean production, storage and use of energy. 

The share price rise is one indicator that people are starting to see that what Tesla offers and has in the new development stage is quite compelling. 

The possibilities that the Tesla vehicles possess are far ahead of any competitor. This head start is what makes TMesla a valuable asset to hold. 


Tesla Giga battery in australia
Image courtesy of Tesla

Recently in Australia there has been a shifting of the sands towards investigating the possibilities for electric vehicles. More car companies are starting to deliver new electric cars to the market for example, Kia, Ford and Hyundai.

The government still continues to be slow in their approach towards climate change and by extension electrification of motor vehicles. This apathy will lead to Australia falling behind the rest of the world with moving to a sustainable future. 

Tesla is just one of many companies working to bring cars to the market. They, however, differ greatly from other car manufacturers as they believe themselves to be a technology company not a Car company. 

This distinction is what allows them to be progressive and motivated to develop and grow new and compelling ideas. It is this fresh thinking that gives rise to new means of transportation, new ways of capturing and utilizing energy and unseen new ideas yet to be discovered. 

To follow the old handbook is to be left behind wondering where everyone went. It’s time to look at a new approach.

Like tesla with their dedicated mission and diversity of products it’s time to realize that helping the environment is not a one trick pony but a wholistic vision that encompasses more than just one product.

Sun cresting the Earth

To deliver a mission that encompasses many products to achieve an overall outcome seems to be the best way forward as Tesla has demonstrated. So, its important that Tesla share price hit $1000 let’s not forget the Mission that they are heading towards.

Tesla has proved that this is the way forward. I hope that when people support Tesla by buying their shares they are doing so because they want to see the mission moving forward. 


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Tesla’s Full Potential

Tesla’s Full Potential. In 1999 Shazam was born. A company that developed the most advanced music recognition technology. Just like Tesla they faced many financial challenges, many hurdles that most new companies growing rapidly encounter. Shazam was ahead of its time and was yet to fulfil its full potential.

Shazam blue back ground white words of Shazam
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As the iPhone and the App store were introduced Shazam came into its own. Its potential was about to be realised with the Shazam application deployed to millions of people world wide.

This launched Shazam to the world and even today they continue to develop and grow and thrive in a world that wasn’t ready for it. 

Tesla has yet to realise its potential as its technologies are ahead of their time. It has grown and developed new and emerging technologies that should realise Tesla’s full potential.

These developments have helped Tesla to bring to the market innovations that inspired imagination.


Tesla future potential

Whilst reading the story of Shazam, written by Daniel Newnham, it occurred to me that there was a unique similarity between the two companies. They both developed technologies that were yet to realise their full potential. Their leader was passionate and driven to deliver the best product possible.

Tesla has great potential to lead into the next decade and beyond with new and exciting innovative products.

It is important that the company display a number of features that will help them continue to realise their full potential;

  • New technologies
  • Emerging innovative ideas.
  • A Mission that identifies unique qualities
  • A leader that drives a vision
  • Passion for the current and future projects
  • Customers that are passionate

Tesla has all this in spades. They have a lineup of vehicles that have gone beyond what most people believed possible with an electric car and they continually innovate these ideas all the time.

They have branched off to include other streams of innovative ideas like the Tesla solar roof and mega battery storage systems. 

But is that enough?

Just as Shazam released a music recognition technology that was ahead of its time so to has tesla with the release of autopilot and Full Self Driving.

Autopilot and Full Self Driving

The introduction of Autopilot was the first step in the full realization of Full Self driving. It allowed drivers to have their car drive them on highways with little intervention. It was a revelation for long road trips. 

car self driving

This led to the development of the Full Self driving technologies which is slowly coming to be a reality.

This technology was ahead of its time as no other car could drive itself around corner, on and off interchanges and stop at stop signs and traffic lights. 

Tesla has been driven the last couple of years with their passion to realize level 5 full self-driving capability.

Tesla, just like Shazam developed and grew technology beyond its years. 

Let’s hope that Tesla and the vision that Elon Musk and his Tesla team have will continue to drive innovation into the future realising Tesla’s full potential.