Look to the Stars

Look to the Stars, 1969 was a year that will stamp itself into the mind set of all that witnessed. One of the most awe-inspiring events to ever be seen by man. The first person to walk on the surface of another heavenly body. 

Apollo 11
Image Courtesy of Nasa.com

Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landing on the surface of the Moon. 


Since the end of the Apollo program no other nation has even attempted this again including the United States of America. 

They have built many space stations since then right up to the International Space Station(ISS). This has seen many countries space agencies work together to achieve that which we cannot seem to achieve on earth, collaboration of different nations to a common cause. 

The mystery of space has been at the centre of sci-fi for generations. Probes sent to space have hinted at the possibilities of the solar system. Providing insights and vision of the wonder’s that exist both seen and unseen. We look to the stars for hope for inspiration that one day we might just make it there ourselves.

moon and mars
Image by CharlVera from Pixabay 

We have sent men and women into the blackness of space to the ICC to study and explore beyond our field of view and what they see is amazing, but without doubt each and everyone always look back to earth and say how beautiful , what a wonder, I am lucky to live here. 

earth sunrise
Image by Arek Socha from Pixabay 

Space X

In the coming days from the same launch pad that took Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin to the Moon a new era of space exploration will start. 

Space x Falcon and dragon capsule

Space X a commercial space company will look to the stars and will launch for the first time in history astronauts aboard a commercial space vehicle with a reusable rocket that will land after sending the astronauts on their way to the ICC. 

Just like Tesla who dreamed of producing the best electric cars, space X dreamed of reaching for the stars.

This launch will not only help to realize that dream but will hopefully inspire the imagination of many young men and women across the globe to look to the stars. 

The historical significance of this launch is not just about the rocket but to find a new way to reach the lofty goals that were set years before.


Space X will launch its Falcon Rocket but not without Tesla. The astronauts will be taken from the preflight buildings to the launchpad in Tesla Model X’s. These vehicles are white with the NASA logo on the side. 

nasa model x
Image Courtesy @JimBridenstine/Twitter

The falcon wing doors allow for ease of entry for the astronauts especially in their space suits.

The air suspension allows for a smooth ride.

The panoramic front window allows a magnificent view of the falcon rocket and dragon capsule as they make their way down to the launch pad. 

Someone might say it is the perfect vehicle for this. 

The world will be watching, and they will be seeing the Tesla’s in the frame.

Having the same CEO for both Space X and Tesla I am sure this is not the last we see of the two brands, Tesla and Space X, working together. 

Tesla helps to inspire the next generation of engineers, manufacturers and Technologists. They want to grow the minds of children and adults alike. 

Space X wants to inspire the soul, the imagination and the child within. 

They want us to look beyond the horizon, to find the detail in the undefined, to find the passion in the bland and to seek that which is yet to be discovered.

I wish the launch and the astronauts well on their journey, I hope they enjoy the ride in the Tesla’s, and I hope that everyone watching feels hope, passion and inspiration for the future and the world we live in and the possibilities beyond. 



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