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I recently put a poll up on twitter asking the Question;

“In your opinion what is the best tesla on Price, Versatility and usability”

The options provided where the :

  • Roadster,
  • Model S,
  • Model 3
  • Model X

All current released vehicles by Tesla.

The following results were obtained. 

At first glance I would have said that the Model X and Model S would have led the charge on this as they have been around the longest and have delivered many great reviews. However, the strong leader by a large margin was the Model 3. 

I was intrigued however by the strong response of the Roadster. As the original roadster was beloved by those that owned this amazing car it surprises me that the respondents said it was on par with Model X. The Model X is a crown jewel for Tesla and comparing the original Roadster with the Model X is high praise.

What this does show is that from the 22 responders the Model 3 is living up to expectations. It has great cargo capacity. It has good range and also has the same comfortable seating to carry a family easily. It is the last item that i believe makes this car the reason for the great response. It is a good family car. This is the main reason that i believe most people are buying it. An electric car that finally makes family sense.

I hope this provides some simple insights into the perceptions of the Tesla Vehicles from the general public. 

I will be doing these polls once a month. So please let me know what you’re thinking about and if you have any ideas for new polls let me know and I will put it in the field. 



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