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Just under a year ago i decided to create a website

Just under a year ago I decided to create a website. This website was to allow me to express my thoughts and ideas regarding Electric Vehicles (EV’s).

I am passionate about EV’s and I especially love Tesla’s. I started the website as my family were supportive but sick of hearing me talk about Tesla’s. I had been boring, annoying and frustrating them with my constant discussion’s and insights. But as every “EV FAN” will know, when they put their ideas and thoughts out there to the world, I was not alone and many families had said the same. So we had turned to an outlet that could be shared.


After spending many hours working to create a website that represented my unique style and personality alongside the social media accounts, I released it to the world. The reaction I had was extremely humbling. I was immediately surprised at the way the community welcomed me into the fold and gave me sage advice and guidance to allow me to grow my brand and express my ideas. I was able to find a group of people who have similar ideas and passion for the cars that I love and cherish.

Here in Australia we have a wonderful community that includes a large following in Sydney and Melbourne and a growing community in Brisbane, Perth and beyond.  

Of course, this community has always been here from the start of the introduction of the Tesla vehicles, if not before. But now they have the opportunity to be the leaders, the early adopters and the promoters of a revolution towards the sustainability of electric motoring.

With my first post I told the story of why I started it all, to the most recent post which was my first sponsored post.

I have been humbled by the fact I have recently passed 100 followers on Twitter and I posted my first attempt of a You tube video about a test drive experience. The reactions and comments along the way have been funny, interesting, constructive and passionate. The EV community is strong around the globe and I am proud to say that I am considered, in a small part, one of the community.

My first YouTube Video

I am passionate about Tesla as my manufacturer of choice, but I try to give a balanced view across all EV’s. I am a Tesla Fan Boy and one day hope to own one. They are the leader of the EV pack and they excite my idea of what the future can be.

I am passionate about EV’s and I especially love Tesla’s.

This BLOG is my way of saying thank you. Thanks to all the people who have read my blog’s, who have commented on my twitter posts, who have liked and watched my video and who have just been good community friends.

I hope that 2020 is a year of growth and success to all the community and with it a wonderful future moving forward.

May you all have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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The child within

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Has Elon and Tesla accessed the child within

21st November 2019 will go down in history as a day that changed the landscape of Trucks forever. This was the day the Cybertruck came into the Psyche of the electric car world and broke out to mainstream media and the thinking of the world.

Initially many derided the new vehicle and thought that it was some sort of joke or a step backwards to a time when cars where large and not very practical. Mainstream media went wild with negative comments about the glass breaking incident and the shape. This commentary was relentless in its attacks and continued for a number of days.

Well it has been a month and what has changed?

The talk of cyber truck has settled and the negativity towards the truck has abated. The Cybertruck is still in existence and has been spotted out in the wild. More and more people keep posting online that they have placed their order and grown to love the look and specifications of the truck.

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Has Tesla actually hit a turning point in the expectations of what the future holds?

As a kid I used to watch cartoons like the Jetsons and Transformers and movies like Bladerunner, StarWars and Madmax. All of these shows gave me an appreciation for the different looks and feels the future may hold. These looks were outlandish and wild, they were colourful and loud and they gave no excuse for being that way.

Has Elon Musk tapped into that childhood dream and given us exactly what we have desired all our lives?

The future as a kid was an exciting place where anything was possible as long as you put your mind to it and produce cool things that look weird and wild and could do amazing things.

Cyber truck hit the mark

  • Weird and wild – Tick
  • Can do amazing things with those specs – Tick
  • Looks like it came out off a Movie set – Tick

So, the Cybertruck is not from the future, or in a movie or cartoon, it is real and will be the future, now. The inner child that has been waiting for the future to arrive is jumping for joy and that is why gen X who sat on a Saturday morning in front of the TV as kids are flocking to buy one.

We see our childhood dream coming into fruition and we are excited and passionate and enthralled by the joy that the inner child is letting out.

Make no mistake the cyber truck will be a seller and it will appeal to the masses of inner children who dreamed a dream and now can see the future in front of their eyes.