Side Lines 05 – Improve Uptake

During the week I came across many articles which all talk about the need to move towards low emissions/no emissions vehicles as a way to reduce our carbon footprint across the globe.

So far , we as a global community have made small inroads which are fantastic, but nothing compared to the change that is required. Whilst reading some of the se articles a thought occurred to me.

One electric car per house by the end of year XXXX.

You see I am not a politician, I am not trying to sell an idea, I am just trying to find a way that could help this beautiful planet to survive. We have to make sure that we look after this planet and not cause problems with its delicate ecosystem that could be detrimental to us all.

Governments could introduce policies that improve the ability to get at least one electric car per household by a certain year in the near future. By assisting with reducing registration fees, taxes and improving infrastructure and much more. The outcomes could be profound in a short amount of time.

This type of approach would allow those who like petrol cars to have the ability to transition slowly to the idea of electric. It would also allow the fuel companies to transition slower than expected with policies for them to reach as well.

At the end of the day we have to start thinking bigger than ourselves.

After all we are sitting on a blue rock in the middle of a very black ocean with no where else to go.


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