Here’s to the crazy ones…….

I recently wrote about visionaries highlighting how their influence has given the world amazing innovations and ideas that have moved the world forward. 

Their influence changed trends, grew new ideas and inspired imagination. 

One of these visionaries was none other than Walt Disney. The true visionary of fun and imagination. He had an idea that he wanted to grow, to be more than its parts and bring joy and fun to those around the world. 

Imagination was at the heart of that passion and drive to be at the edge of the amazing. In todays world we as a society crave the visionaries that embody similar if not the same behaviours. 

Why then is it so hard to find great visionaries around us?

All you have to do is look, focus and believe in the ideas of the crazy ones. Steve Jobs said it best when he penned the Crazy Ones ad all those many years ago. 

The crazy ones are the ones that believe their idea will not fail, will be the best it can be and more, will promote the idea even when the world doubts it. 

In the electric car world, we have Elon Musk. His vision for what the electric car should be and what it could do has delivered some of the most amazing innovative and special cars in the world. 

Tomorrow we will see another example of his vision. The Cybertruck, an idea that Elon himself mentioned seven and half years ago will be unveiled. 

Innovation, excitement, Passion, desire, amazement and wonder, these are all in great volume right now in the world of electric cars. 

I am a passionate advocate of electric cars and know that no matter the style, no matter the form factor and no matter the look , it will once again be the delivery of a visionary. A visionary who like Walt Disney wants nothing more than to help the world feel fun and excitement about their lives and to show what is possible if you put your mind to anything and become that which we all should aspire to be…………………………………………… a Crazy one. 


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