Australian Super Charging

It has come to my attention in recent years that Australia is being left behind with Tesla superchargers.

Let me explain

If we were to compare the number of active super chargers in America compared with the Active superchargers in Australia they outnumber almost 1000 to 1.

Now I’m not one for exaggerating but have a look.

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There have been a limited number of superchargers in this country. Event though there is a number of superchargers planned to be deployed, very little has been done to fix this issue.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am sure this is how America started as well. But Australia has a very different environment to America and great distance makes it even more difficult.

Australian large cities are located on the coast line and very little large cities are viable in the middle of Australia. This means that there is 1000’s of kilometres between the cities and great distances to drive.

Superchargers for Tesla’s have not really been able to supplement this great distance. But whilst that is important there is much more than can be done for cities within cities. You see as an example Brisbane is growing at a rate of 1000 people a week coming to live. This number is an opportunity to grow the idea that going electric is better for them and their families and the many kilometres they are to travel.

To assist this around town commute it is important to build an infrastructure that supports the introduction of the Model 3 and soon the model Y. Brisbane city is almost in land space the same size as London. A large multicultural amazing city that supports families to live their daily lives.

Tesla an amazing company that has driven the uptake of electric vehicles has 1 super charger. That’s right 1!!!!. Let that sit for a minute until you realise that Tesla is really the only electric car company working to develop a global Super charger network and grow the idea that electric cars are the next evolution.

I would like to see super chargers start to appear in outer suburbs and not one in the most heavily populated corner of the city that most people do not travel to in their daily lives as it is on the other side of the city.

If Tesla are truly to make some impact in the Australian Market they need to provide the infrastructure, as they have in America, to support the roll out of these amazing vehicles.


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