Side Lines 03 – Tipping point

I have been following Electric vehicle transition for a number of years and it is no secret that I am a Tesla Fan boy. But one thing is for sure right now, EV’s are starting to turn the tide. 

Tesla started the push towards this 10 years ago which has inevitably led to the major car manufacturers getting off their rear ends and engaging in a debate that they thought would never occur. Tesla’s introduction to the car market gave all other car companies something to smile about and move on. Until Tesla started making impacts in ways that no one had predicted. 

So, off their rear ends they got, and they started to build electric cars. Most if not all were poor attempts at doing something that they believed was not profitable. Many different excuses were put forward and all have been debunked by tesla who have not only delivered but they have done it in spades. 

I heard an interesting fact this morning that it only takes 10% of a population to start the tipping point of adoption to occur in the mainstream. If this is truly the case, then our 10% is very close. 

Globally EV’s are starting to get traction. Tesla is leading that charge, but others are following, some good, some bad but all are great for a future of sustainable energy. 

A tipping point is exactly what this world needs. A tipping point allows for greater acceptance of the new reality. We need this tipping point to begin and to drive the next evolution of car manufacturers to bring their wares to market. 

The time is now


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