Side Lines 04 – Gigafactory 3

Many months ago there was speculation that the next Gigafactory would be in China. Many discredited this information as hearsay and rumours. Fast forward less than a year later and the Gigafactory is built and preparing for ramp up of production units rolling off the lines.

What an achievement. It is truly amazing that a building of this size and complexity could be built in that time frame. The people of china and Tesla should be commended for their work ethic and passion for an amazing company and vision.

As with all things Tesla i started to think about the possibilities. I wondered once again about the Australian EV market and the possible benefits that might be available to us with the production beginning in Gigafactory 3. If we in australia where to import Tesla Vehicles from China rather than USA we might have a greater chance of lower prices.

China is a big market for Tesla and I appreciate the possible benefits the company will get with the sales numbers. However we in Australia find the vehicles very enticing but the “average joe” has very little chance of being able to afford it.

Gigafactory 3 is an achievement that could benefit more than the Chinese mainland and could allow for greater proliferation of Tesla’s across the pacific. Increasing uptake and reducing possible cost to those customers.


Side Lines 03 – Tipping point

I have been following Electric vehicle transition for a number of years and it is no secret that I am a Tesla Fan boy. But one thing is for sure right now, EV’s are starting to turn the tide. 

Tesla started the push towards this 10 years ago which has inevitably led to the major car manufacturers getting off their rear ends and engaging in a debate that they thought would never occur. Tesla’s introduction to the car market gave all other car companies something to smile about and move on. Until Tesla started making impacts in ways that no one had predicted. 

So, off their rear ends they got, and they started to build electric cars. Most if not all were poor attempts at doing something that they believed was not profitable. Many different excuses were put forward and all have been debunked by tesla who have not only delivered but they have done it in spades. 

I heard an interesting fact this morning that it only takes 10% of a population to start the tipping point of adoption to occur in the mainstream. If this is truly the case, then our 10% is very close. 

Globally EV’s are starting to get traction. Tesla is leading that charge, but others are following, some good, some bad but all are great for a future of sustainable energy. 

A tipping point is exactly what this world needs. A tipping point allows for greater acceptance of the new reality. We need this tipping point to begin and to drive the next evolution of car manufacturers to bring their wares to market. 

The time is now



Time and time again over the last couple of months I have seen videos and images of damage done by random people to Tesla vehicles. This act of damage to the vehicles is nothing but a low act.

But why are the people damaging the cars in the first place. It would seem that there is a dislike for Tesla’s. But I think there is more to it than that. People don’t strike out without having pain of their own to drive their dislike and hatred towards the cars. 

Just as Tesla owners have passion for the car, there are people who have the opposite. These people must have had a reason for their outburst. Yet some of the videos seem to show opportunistic attacks. This is the part that makes me ask the question, WHY? 

Is it Jealousy? Tesla is considered a luxury car, a car that personifies the ultimate in great cars on the road, loved by many and envied by others. But to own one is not achievable by all. 

I wonder if that is just the simple truth behind the attacks. The Tesla is not able to be had by me so I will damage any I see so they cannot enjoy it either. If this is the reason for the random attacks, then I am sad for those who have attacked the cars. 

Whatever the reason it’s time for it to stop. If you are not happy with your lot in life and the issues that you have, then seek help, speak to your friends, your family, a counselor or a medical professional. They can help to work through the issues and offer opportunities for improvement of your situation. 

Let’s take that anger and direct it towards that which is causing the pain not towards everyday people who have worked so very hard to earn their reward of a Tesla. 

To reach your goal everyone has to go through pain to get there. It is not handed on a platter or given to them without request. The owners of these beautiful, sleek cars have studied and worked against adversity, have struggled with working long hours and multiple jobs, have stretched themselves more than they need and struggle with the finances as well. They are just like you and me. 

We should cherish our people and help those that are hurting. Not strike out to those who have a nice car. 



Side lines 02 – price

I have written about price before and that’s because the price of a Tesla in Australia compared to other vehicles, is high.

I believe one of two things. If Tesla model 3’s were manufactured in China at GF3 and sent to Australia there might be the ability for a price reduction due to a number of factors including trade agreements, cost of construction is lower, etc.

The second is the idea that Australia could be home to a Gigafactory.

Uptake of the Tesla vehicles would increase with either of these. As price could be reduced which would allow for more people like my self who could not afford a $70000 dollar car may consider a $50000 car.

Just my thoughts. What do you think?


Side lines 01 – Smart Summon

Side lines is my new short blog series. The first subject is smart summon.

Since the release of v10 for Tesla I have watched from the side lines many videos about the use of smart summon. I love new and fresh ideas. Smart summon certainly hits that mark but I am also aware that there is a road to travel before we get to where we need to be.

My advice is take care. The soft ware is still in beta and the world is watching. Let’s not make it harder for companies like Tesla to innovate on ideas when people forget that they are charged with responsibility. Be aware of others and enjoy the experience.

The future is bright and ripe with great ideas. Let’s make those ideas shine not get tarnished.



This last week made me reflect upon many and varied different visionaries. Over history there have been some amazing people who have seen a future that does not exist. People who have looked at the parts of something and seen the connection that makes them the new future things , direction and movement.

It has been 8 years since one of the most profound visionaries passed away. He has become known as the creator of the modern mobile age. His impact helped the evolution of technology. His influence helped to grow and drive a whole new culture, workforce and future. The person of course is Steve jobs.

His impact on technology was so profound that the world changed in a matter of 10 years. His impact is not disputed but his rise was full of controversy and disarray. Those experiences gave him a view of the world that allowed the decisions he made possible.

The current world has again become the custodian of another visionary. Their passions and drive have again started to have far reaching impact on the next evolution of technology, of motion , of space travel and of course our future.

Where Steve jobs was a visionary and loved by many, the new visionary is loved by many but just as much hated for his ideas that continue to challenge the status quo.

The humble automobile is and has always been the staple of the modern family. It has always been a large purchase with good features and the biggest selling point of being able to get you from pint a to pint b in quick fashion. It has also become a symbol,an icon of the oil driven age we live in and many do not want that love to be challenged. But over the last 100 years no one thought about the impact it would have on our environment and health.

The new visionary has made a clear statement that the status quo is not acceptable. Tesla a 10 year old electric car company has given the world a new vision and new direction and at the helm is Elon Musk.

Elon is a visionary with the passion and drive to not just look at how we get around the earth but to also drive our imagination to explore the stars. His elation and childish grin when seeing his rockets take off or talking to a crowd about the latest cool thing is infectious.

He has taken a small car startup and made it into the world leader in electric car technology. He continues to drive and push the minds of those with a similar passion to do and be more then they could ever dream.

Visionaries are rare and we should help to celebrate their successes. We should learn from their lessons of never give up and be passionate about what you do.

I strive to be the best I can be and passionate about what I am passionate about. I hope that I to will inspire others to be more than they will ever dream they can be.

Just like Steve Jobs and Elon Musk.