What a Week


Well here in Australia deliveries of the new Model 3 continued in earnest. With many of the online community posting some fantastic videos of their experiences and their opinion of the car, the software and the love they have for their model3. A big shout out needs to be made to the passionate staff at all Tesla stores Australia wide and globally for their commitment to deliver a great customer experience.


Climate change is on the lips of many people in the world this last week. This has been driven by the peaceful strikes by the children of the world. The scientific community finally has a unified voice in their displeasure with current standing of environmental status. Tesla for many years has professed their driven by improving uptake of environmentally responsible transport. All EV’s meet this criterion as well. I have hope that the next years will bring the changes that are required to start the healing of our environment and the electrification of vehicles is just one of those steps.


This week has been one of the most anticipated software updates that has come in recent history of tesla. Version 10 has been coming now with new and fascinating changes that will only grow and enhance the love for Tesla vehicles.

Tesla Theatre
  • Netflix
  • YouTube
  • Hulu
  • Tesla Tutorials

The introduction of these is a welcome inclusion as it allows people to watch their favourite shows whilst Tesla recharging at superchargers.

Smart Summon
  • One of the most anticipated inclusions so far.

This has been one of the most talked about features across the Teslaverse. This allows users to call their car to them from across car parks etc.

  • This is just pure fun for anyone who loves karaoke and loves to sing with the lyrics.
Restaurants and Destinations
  • this is one feature I think I would love. I am always asking my wife what she wants for dinner now all I would have to do is hop in the car and push the” I’m feeling Hungry “button and let the car decide. This is also true for the “I’m Feeling Lucky” feature when I don’t have much to do for the day and I click that button. My day of fun driving begins.
  • Improving music players in the car are a widely requested feature and now Spotify is available. This will give a lot more options to people. Hopefully apple music will not be far away.
Tesla Arcade
  • Games have been a feature for a while on Tesla’s but now they have even more with the introduction of the most famous game “CupHead”. This game has frustrated people online for a while now but it’s fun and excitement is unprecedented.

There have also been some other enhancements including further uplift of sentry mode. Inclusion of Joe Mode allowing reduction of noise in the car when kids are asleep.

This software update is large and full of features and fun. The future is bright for the software and enhancements from Tesla.


Australian government has been a back-seat driver when it comes to the environment and this week they have not been stepping up to their responsibilities to the people of Australia. Environmental issues both abroad and in Australia need to be looked at in a very different way and that needs to occur now. For the electric vehicle community, they can make simple changes that would allow for environmental improvement and allowing people who are passionate about the electric car industry to gain ground in Australia which by all reports lags behind the rest of the world by several years.

In my opinion the future is still bright for EV’s within Australia and the new features and fun that Tesla keeps introducing is only making me have hope that we can get it right. The government will get on board and the world will work out the environmental issues.

So, my advice is, keep your chin up and go buy a tesla. That’s my plan in the future.


Thanks for being here, leave your insights and i hope you come back again.