Not long now

Australian fans your wait for the model 3 is almost over. For those that have been following along, the boats have arrived, the phone calls have begun, the money has been paid and the test drives are well underway. All that is left is for the deliveries to happen.

Once those deliveries occur then the smiles, joy, laughter, tears of joy, excitement and a flood of cool videos and commentary about the cars will show all of these emotions.

It is incredible to think that it has been over 3 years since reservations opened. In that time there has been a lot of discussion, anticipation and theorising about the car and it’s features.

Nothing prepares you for the actual arrival and delivery of that car. I am sure it will live up to expectations and many will be more than pleased with the features and handling of the safest car on the road.

I personally look forward to watching all the comments and videos of the joy these cars bring.

So post them to the socials and spread that joy near and far. Let’s help other appreciate and become EV drivers.


Image courtesy of Tesla
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