Learning new things

Today blog is a little different than normal. Not a focus on electric vehicles but rather a focus on the future of ev-hq.com . I am at WordCamp the conference for those of us who use the word press functionality that helps to build our websites.

As a beginner in the world of webpage development and information sharing I have developed my webpage based off the information available to me and the easiest way possible. Word press website building allowed me to have something up and runnng within a month. I thought it was about time I learnt truly how to grow my brand and use the website more efficiently.

This conference has given me some great ideas to help make my webpage much more advanced than where it is today. Simple ideas that can make the webpage faster and more interesting to my visitors.

On top of this learning the conference is allowing me the opportunity to network and identify key people in the community to assist if trouble should rise or to collaborate and guide my learning and offer ideas and feedback where necessary.

I am a believer in taking what you have and building on it to deliver unique and simple solutions. Hard work can deliver great leaps just as much as knowledge can help to grow a simple idea.

I am a passionate fan and follower of electric vehicles and a fan boy of Tesla, but I am also a person who wants to be a more active member in the EV community and to do this it is important to learn and grow my knowledge which will assist this growth.

It is an exciting week ,month coming up for Australian fans as model 3 deliveries are not to far away. So stay excited, share your the love and hopefully deliveries are not far away. I will continue to post on @evhq2 on twitter with any updates as they come to hand but in the coming months I will also start to grow my presence on the webpage and have regular updates and post.

Thanks to word press for putting on the word camp and helping me grow my knowledge and contribute to the world of electric cars.


Not long now

Australian fans your wait for the model 3 is almost over. For those that have been following along, the boats have arrived, the phone calls have begun, the money has been paid and the test drives are well underway. All that is left is for the deliveries to happen.

Once those deliveries occur then the smiles, joy, laughter, tears of joy, excitement and a flood of cool videos and commentary about the cars will show all of these emotions.

It is incredible to think that it has been over 3 years since reservations opened. In that time there has been a lot of discussion, anticipation and theorising about the car and it’s features.

Nothing prepares you for the actual arrival and delivery of that car. I am sure it will live up to expectations and many will be more than pleased with the features and handling of the safest car on the road.

I personally look forward to watching all the comments and videos of the joy these cars bring.

So post them to the socials and spread that joy near and far. Let’s help other appreciate and become EV drivers.


Image courtesy of Tesla

It’s time to turn the tide

When you think of an influencer, we all think of Youtubers, Podcasters, Instagrammers, facebookers and of course the snap chatters. The use of Influencers has long been utilised to market products to the world. Yet in the age of advertising there is one that stands alone. 

A company that is so new that it does not even have a marketing division. It relies on the product it makes to stand tall, speak volumes and silently pronounce its self to the masses. 

To date this has been true enough. The product has been good enough, if even better than expected. Many have fallen under the trance of the sheer power and styling that the product delivers. To this day it continues to be a game changer, yet all that time there has been a voice growing louder in the dark that keeps saying the opposite of what the product stand for. 

I know by now you as the reader are saying, of course! who wouldn’t know this. For those of us who love this community, the people who get it, who cherish every moment with the product and what it delivers, we are sold. But there are many in the world that may not truly understand what it means, what it can do and who to believe. 

The product I talk of is Tesla. 

This week I saw something that made me believe that Tesla has an opportunity to do something different. Something that flies in the face of traditional adverting. Something that Australians used to be most proud of. “The genuine bloke”.

This week on a news story from the United States a car enthusiast and well-known celebrity spoke with passion regarding the car industry.  When asked about electric cars his answer was one of humbled enthusiasm and delight. Not flashy, just plain simple language. 

Jay leno is renowned as a car guy who loves all cars. Both gas and electric alike. He owns electric cars from 100 years ago as much as he owns gas cars from the same era. Jay leno upholds all that is good about the car industry and shows the fun that can be had. 

Tesla has an opportunity to embrace the same philosophy and even ask Jay Leno to be their ambassador. To be the person that talks about the evolution of the car industry whilst also exhibiting the cars of old.

We need a different approach when bringing a new perspective on the same idea. The same methods will not hold ground as the naysayers have worked out how to get around the current format. It’s time to bring the voice of positivity, of change, of simple ideals that resonate with the average, everyday person but also with the people who would shout down upon a good idea. It’s time to introduce a new idea. 

 “The Genuine Bloke”



As you all know I am a Tesla fan boy. I love the company and everything its mission stands for. Tesla has invented cars that are beautiful, clean lines and technology that has surpassed anything that any other car maker could possibly develop. To give strength to this argument, in 2012 Tesla released the first Model S with specifications that at the time were amazing. & years later those specifications continue to be amazing but Tesla has not stood still, they have continue to push the possibilities of what the battery packs and motors can do.

The opposition on the other handier only now realising that Tesla was right and they have a head start so they need to catch up. Unfortunately for them any car that they have attempted to put out to market are only trying to reach the specifications of the 2012 Tesla Model S. So what are they thinking.

I am very excited right now. I live in Australia a long way from Fremont where the model S, X and 3 are made. Australians have been waiting over 3 1/2 years to take delivery of the car that we dreamed of , drooled over when released in the states , frustrated over when UK got theirs, and just about cried when New Zealand received their test versions before us.

But , now, we are about to get what some have been waiting for all that time. The month is here and people are starting to get their text messages about getting ready for their deliveries. My friends in the Tesla Community are starting to get excited about their deliveries.

I am so very happy for them and i know that they are passionate Tesla followers and community members. I have followed many for a while and interacted with them online through you tube, twitter and ev-hq.com and can tell you they know more about tesla than is humanly possible.

I am excited about the arrival of the Model 3 but unfortunately I do not have the capability to own a Tesla. Unfortunately in Australia they are still quite expensive and out of the average persons reach. I am excited they are coming to Australia and hope that one day I can experience the excitement , joy and the butterfly feeling of driving that car for the first time and then every day after that.

My journey with Tesla is different to some but not unusual for the average joe. I love tesla cars and i will continue to be a Fan boy and drool from a far. But i can tell you that my anticipation is no less than the people who take delivery in the next month and beyond.

Congrats to all my online friends within the Tesla Community and i wish you all the joy as you take delivery and drive your new Models 3’s.