Its been a busy month

It has been a while since i last spoke to my many followers :). I have been absorbing with great gusto the fantastic growth in the online world of Electric vehicle movement.

There has been the introduction of the new Ford truck that can pull a train. FORD

Then we saw the finish of the around the world attempt that ended in New Zealand ,Round the World Electric , It took him 1,222 days and 100,450 km through 34 countries to get to the other side of the world.

We learned how not to charge a car Volkswagen

We also learned that the best way to invigorate a brand of old time classic cars is to make them electric , MINI

its hard to understand why people modify their cars but we found out there are two types of wraps, the good ( nice work brian) and the wordy. ( well played Andy)

Finally we saw the most exciting thing of all, Model 3’s close to our shores . Spotted in the wild Model 3’s in New Zealand

This is not all the fun of this month but it certainly is some of the highlights. This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Electric vehicles and the community that continues to thrive. So checkout my website and the many other websites, youtube channels, podcasts and blogs. They all want the same thing to improve the environment and get everyone behind the wheel of an electric vehicle.


What a Beautiful world.

image courtesy of my face 😉
image courtesy of Tesla

Today was beautiful. Not many people say that outlaid much but today was a day that it should be said. Australian are currently in the middle of winter and the weather is dry and cool. However Today was a beautiful day.

A breeze was blowing the sun was glowing and there was not a cloud in the sky. All that was needed was a Tesla to truly make it the greatest day ever.

Days like today just make me wish i had a tesla more and more. Driving to a location that is breathtaking in car that takes your breath away.Great acceleration, glass roof, comfortable seats, great sound system and ease of driving with autopilot to assist. The sun shining off the glistening paint reflecting the scenery as you fly by at speed with people turning heads to wonder at the amazement of a car that can be so beautiful and have great performance with no noise, at least no noise they have heard before from a car.

There is no doubt that EV’s are starting to have a global impact with the introduction of new and improved forms of transportation with EV’s at the front of that line.

But man when the day is beautiful there is no better place to be able to go for a drive experience the stunning world around us and when you drive in a Tesla this certainly is the truth of it.

Today was a good day even though there was no Tesla involved.


What does record deliveries really mean?

Tesla recently surprised everyone with what is being called ” record deliveries”. This may very well be true but why is it a record? Some will say because it is the most cars they have delivered in their history in a quarter. This may also be true but what relevance does this have.

Let me put it a different way. If I was selling ice cream cones out of an ice cream van. Last 3 months I sold 300 ice creams and compared to all other ice creams vans this seemed about average. This would be the average baseline for sale of ice creams. This number would be the culmination of all ice cream vans selling ice creams and averaged out to determine what constitutes an average quarter. Now, If I was to sell 500 ice creams during the same time and I was the only one to do it and no one else has ever done that before then yes that would be a record quarter.

So if we apply that same logic to the auto industry that in a standard quarter, for any car manufacturer, there is a number that represents, the number of cars sold for that quarter. And that based upon this number in comparison Tesla sold more cars than any other manufacturer. On face value this does not seem correct as other car companies can sell hundreds of thousands.

So, why is it a record. Well ,

  • Tesla sells electric cars not gas cars so comparing their results with gas powered cars does not make any sense.
  • Tesla has a high demand of purchases that production cannot keep up with currently ( will possibly improve when China factory opens ).
  • Tesla is not just selling in USA but continue to grow in Europe ,China, UK and soon Australia , New Zealand and Japan.
  • And they have a secret weapon, Elon Musk.

To say Tesla has had a record quarter is only testimony to the drive the staff of Tesla and the motivation that Elon can provide to get the production to a point that it will deliver more cars.

The fact that an electric car company whom just ten years before did not exist is delivering almost 100000 cars that don’t pollute the air and can compete, if not, beat some of the fastest gas cars today, would suggest they are innovating and at the forefront of a significant change in the auto industry, makes people take note and call things a record.

The demand for Tesla’s and EV’s in general is on the rise and the fact that they are growing in emerging markets only makes their ability to grow stronger everyday.

So when you hear record deliveries or a record quarter for Tesla, in the future think of a simple thing!

A record is not just a number or a statistic, it is one person motivating a large group of people to aspire to do their best to continue to deliver a superior product, that can change the world.

Now that is a record.