Today I decided to wash my car. Now as I am hoping to one day own a Tesla I still need to prepare for when I have a Tesla.

Just like an athlete practices for a big game one day like the World Series, super bowl or the AFL grand final. All the players practice for years before they get that chance. This is no different than myself practicing for when I have a Tesla.

So I have heard a lot about the 2 bucket method, ceramic coating or the standard car wash machines. How do you decide which is best?

This is the thoughts that you might have when you first get a car like a Tesla. Most professionals will say go with a 2 bucket method after you get the protective film and then you won’t have to worry.

Now I am a simple guy with fairly simple ideas and needs. I have always washed my cars with a hose and one bucket and a sponge. I am not a professional or trained as such I am just the average guy who wants to have a clean car.

But I really want to own an electric vehicle one day. You watch all the you tube videos and they say to get ceramic coating or a wrap to protect the paint and keep it pristine.

So I washed my car, the same way I have washed all my cars. Simple, effective and no problem. You see time is my enemy not a two bucket method or a ceramic coat as both of these are time consuming and they cost a bucket load of money.

What did I end up with a clean car that still is able to drive me from point a to point b.

I guess the two bucket method the ceramic coat and the protective film will just have to wait until I can afford them and my Tesla.


Thanks for being here, leave your insights and i hope you come back again.