I have had a love of great technology for many years. I have been interested with the way things work and have always enjoyed tinkering with old technology to better understand how it works.

My love for technology started with the introduction of the personal computer and then the mobile phone. I could not get enough of the use of the devices and have many times frustrated my family with my endless discussions about the devices in the past.

My love for cars has always been strong, my first car was a Mini , sky blue with a white roof that my dad used to drive and own. It was a great car, with a low profile and small engine that used to make it sound like you were driving a race car. Of course it was not fast and was far from a race car but it gave me a passion and joy for cars.

It wasn’t until i first heard about Tesla and Elon Musks story in America on holidays that my interest started to peak regarding electrification and the convergence of technology and cars.

I can now say I am an EV tragic and love the idea of owning an electric vehicle that can not only drive amazingly well but also help the environment.

The emergence of the idea for the website came from this growing idea that there was no central location that i can go to to find out about EV’s and find the best you tubers and Podcasters who talk with passion and excitement about the electric vehicle revolution. I hope that this site over time will be that place that people will enjoy and help to drive their passion.

I welcome feedback and fresh ideas to improve the site over time and grow the transition to EV motoring.


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