No problem with Demand

Today in the US Tesla held its Tesla Shareholder meeting. Elon Musk stated ” I want to be clear: There is not a demand problem”. As a self confessed fan boy of Tesla i am not surprised by this statement, however when i look at twitter, facebook and every other social media platform there are always positive and negative parties that have their two cents to add to this statement.

The positive side always express their agreement that there is demand and it will continue. This comes from a deep belief ,after taking their orders of the Model 3,Model S or X and experiencing the sheer joy they get from the having this futuristic car to use day after day.

On the negative side you have the neigh sayers who always profess that electric is just as bad for the environment and they don’t drive as far a gas car and they need to charge for long periods of time and no one wants one. On top of this there also seems to be a lot of focus on any small item in the news regarding Tesla’s where as Gas cars with similar issues are let go.

Both sides have reasonable explanations for their beliefs and i am not here to tell them otherwise. However the sales numbers and the demand remain high.

I believe that Tesla is working to a plan that has been well established for a long time. They have clear goals and a strategic plan that is driving their focus and passion forward. Elon had a vision and his team share that vision.

Now there will always be negative stories that lead to distraction but given enough time and a little bit of luck and great demand for the amazing vehicles, Tesla will survive, grow and have the legacy that they started the second revolution of electric motoring.


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