Its Birthday time !!!

When I was young I looked forward to a birthday. It was the anticipation and excitement , the build up the days before and the early wake up the morning of just lends itself to being a great day.

This feeling i have no doubt is the same as anyone who reserves or outright buys a new Tesla or any EV. The moment that it finalise arrives cannot always be said with words.

This year i did not necessarily have that anticipation or even excitement for an EV as in Australia, Tesla’s or any EV are only really getting ground swell now and they are quite expensive to acquire.

It is difficult to get excited by a car that cost $71000 for the standard range vehicle when in the US it is approx $40000 for the same car. This has been the issue for many years with all car manufacturers but they have found ways to limit the cost by building in countries where expenses are lower(i.e. China).

This is why i am excited for the new factory that Tesla is building in china as Australia may find some cost savings when they are imported from china. Obviously it would be better served if Tesla could build a factory here in Australia.

But currently i don’t have excitement or anticipation for a Tesla for my birthday. I have a slow burn of trying to figure out how i can earn enough money to afford one or hope that time will lower the cost.

Don’t get me wrong i am a Fanboy of Tesla and have no doubt one day i will own one. But that day cannot come too soon.


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