How will they catch up.

Ok, so I am a very passionate Tesla fan boy and as such I am trying to understand what the other manufacturers are doing as you can tell from the ev-hq website. But I just don’t k ow how in there is any chance of any other car manufacturer catching up to their lead anytime in the next decade.

Let me lay it out for people. Tesla introduces the Model S just over 7 years ago. It was a revelation to the electric car industry and surprising lay it also was a evolution to the gas powered car. No one and I mean no one has even come close to the original specs that were introduced with that car.

At the time however the Nissan Leaf had the lead on the market along with the Toyota Prius. They were not very S3XY cars but they were all the market had produced. They were also based of current thinking of what a car should be.

Tesla with Elon and Franz at the helm of passion and design held nothing back. Left nothing in the tank and put fresh exciting ideas out there to challenge the status quo.

Most people would have said they had hit their peak and it won’t last. They don’t have then infrastructure or the stamina to stay for the long game. As we have all learnt since then never underestimate and under dog like Elon musk. He has proven that electric can be S3XY and it can even get S3XYR.

Since the introduction on the model S no one has been able to replicate its specs even 7 years later, and Tesla has not sat back and waited to see. They have indicated and grown with gusto. They have shown what true entrepreneurship is.

And still no one has even thought to shoot for the stars. Oops. Elon did with Space X. That’s right he has done all that while being CEO of another space company.

Tesla is miles ahead of the competition and it will take a great many years for other to truly compete with them.

Of course by then they would have moved on to something even more innovative.

So I say let Tesla be your first choice. Until other can compete. But if you are waiting for that time. You will be waiting …………..


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