Aussie prices

G’day hope you are all well today. I thought today’s topic should be about Australian prices. More specifically differences between the Australian states and their tax prices.

Australians have waited the longest so far to get the model 3 from the day of reservation. 3 long years but now that it is upon us we now have to determine the prices that we pay for our passion.

You see living so far away from California has its disadvantages. Living in a country which doesn’t make its own cars anymore makes it even worse. We live with lots of import taxes and no local choice.

On the flip side it is rip for the picking for a company like Tesla to set up shop here in Australia and produce cars that cost less but are the only real competition available. Instead of importing and customers having to pay a premium due to taxes.

To give you an idea of the variation in prices

  1. Australian Captial Territory $70209
  2. Queensland $71032
  3. Northern Territory $71792
  4. Tasmania $72384
  5. South Australia $72461
  6. New South Wales $72575
  7. Victoria $73489
  8. Western Australia $74345

Thea prices are based off the allblack base model 3 with no FSD.

The variation of the prices comes down to taxes upon the model 3 in different states of Australia.

$35000 dollar model 3 for Australians is a myth. It does not exist and that is the price we pay for being so far away.

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