How will they catch up.

Ok, so I am a very passionate Tesla fan boy and as such I am trying to understand what the other manufacturers are doing as you can tell from the ev-hq website. But I just don’t k ow how in there is any chance of any other car manufacturer catching up to their lead anytime in the next decade.

Let me lay it out for people. Tesla introduces the Model S just over 7 years ago. It was a revelation to the electric car industry and surprising lay it also was a evolution to the gas powered car. No one and I mean no one has even come close to the original specs that were introduced with that car.

At the time however the Nissan Leaf had the lead on the market along with the Toyota Prius. They were not very S3XY cars but they were all the market had produced. They were also based of current thinking of what a car should be.

Tesla with Elon and Franz at the helm of passion and design held nothing back. Left nothing in the tank and put fresh exciting ideas out there to challenge the status quo.

Most people would have said they had hit their peak and it won’t last. They don’t have then infrastructure or the stamina to stay for the long game. As we have all learnt since then never underestimate and under dog like Elon musk. He has proven that electric can be S3XY and it can even get S3XYR.

Since the introduction on the model S no one has been able to replicate its specs even 7 years later, and Tesla has not sat back and waited to see. They have indicated and grown with gusto. They have shown what true entrepreneurship is.

And still no one has even thought to shoot for the stars. Oops. Elon did with Space X. That’s right he has done all that while being CEO of another space company.

Tesla is miles ahead of the competition and it will take a great many years for other to truly compete with them.

Of course by then they would have moved on to something even more innovative.

So I say let Tesla be your first choice. Until other can compete. But if you are waiting for that time. You will be waiting …………..


Its Birthday time !!!

When I was young I looked forward to a birthday. It was the anticipation and excitement , the build up the days before and the early wake up the morning of just lends itself to being a great day.

This feeling i have no doubt is the same as anyone who reserves or outright buys a new Tesla or any EV. The moment that it finalise arrives cannot always be said with words.

This year i did not necessarily have that anticipation or even excitement for an EV as in Australia, Tesla’s or any EV are only really getting ground swell now and they are quite expensive to acquire.

It is difficult to get excited by a car that cost $71000 for the standard range vehicle when in the US it is approx $40000 for the same car. This has been the issue for many years with all car manufacturers but they have found ways to limit the cost by building in countries where expenses are lower(i.e. China).

This is why i am excited for the new factory that Tesla is building in china as Australia may find some cost savings when they are imported from china. Obviously it would be better served if Tesla could build a factory here in Australia.

But currently i don’t have excitement or anticipation for a Tesla for my birthday. I have a slow burn of trying to figure out how i can earn enough money to afford one or hope that time will lower the cost.

Don’t get me wrong i am a Fanboy of Tesla and have no doubt one day i will own one. But that day cannot come too soon.


No problem with Demand

Today in the US Tesla held its Tesla Shareholder meeting. Elon Musk stated ” I want to be clear: There is not a demand problem”. As a self confessed fan boy of Tesla i am not surprised by this statement, however when i look at twitter, facebook and every other social media platform there are always positive and negative parties that have their two cents to add to this statement.

The positive side always express their agreement that there is demand and it will continue. This comes from a deep belief ,after taking their orders of the Model 3,Model S or X and experiencing the sheer joy they get from the having this futuristic car to use day after day.

On the negative side you have the neigh sayers who always profess that electric is just as bad for the environment and they don’t drive as far a gas car and they need to charge for long periods of time and no one wants one. On top of this there also seems to be a lot of focus on any small item in the news regarding Tesla’s where as Gas cars with similar issues are let go.

Both sides have reasonable explanations for their beliefs and i am not here to tell them otherwise. However the sales numbers and the demand remain high.

I believe that Tesla is working to a plan that has been well established for a long time. They have clear goals and a strategic plan that is driving their focus and passion forward. Elon had a vision and his team share that vision.

Now there will always be negative stories that lead to distraction but given enough time and a little bit of luck and great demand for the amazing vehicles, Tesla will survive, grow and have the legacy that they started the second revolution of electric motoring.



Today I decided to wash my car. Now as I am hoping to one day own a Tesla I still need to prepare for when I have a Tesla.

Just like an athlete practices for a big game one day like the World Series, super bowl or the AFL grand final. All the players practice for years before they get that chance. This is no different than myself practicing for when I have a Tesla.

So I have heard a lot about the 2 bucket method, ceramic coating or the standard car wash machines. How do you decide which is best?

This is the thoughts that you might have when you first get a car like a Tesla. Most professionals will say go with a 2 bucket method after you get the protective film and then you won’t have to worry.

Now I am a simple guy with fairly simple ideas and needs. I have always washed my cars with a hose and one bucket and a sponge. I am not a professional or trained as such I am just the average guy who wants to have a clean car.

But I really want to own an electric vehicle one day. You watch all the you tube videos and they say to get ceramic coating or a wrap to protect the paint and keep it pristine.

So I washed my car, the same way I have washed all my cars. Simple, effective and no problem. You see time is my enemy not a two bucket method or a ceramic coat as both of these are time consuming and they cost a bucket load of money.

What did I end up with a clean car that still is able to drive me from point a to point b.

I guess the two bucket method the ceramic coat and the protective film will just have to wait until I can afford them and my Tesla.


Aussie prices

G’day hope you are all well today. I thought today’s topic should be about Australian prices. More specifically differences between the Australian states and their tax prices.

Australians have waited the longest so far to get the model 3 from the day of reservation. 3 long years but now that it is upon us we now have to determine the prices that we pay for our passion.

You see living so far away from California has its disadvantages. Living in a country which doesn’t make its own cars anymore makes it even worse. We live with lots of import taxes and no local choice.

On the flip side it is rip for the picking for a company like Tesla to set up shop here in Australia and produce cars that cost less but are the only real competition available. Instead of importing and customers having to pay a premium due to taxes.

To give you an idea of the variation in prices

  1. Australian Captial Territory $70209
  2. Queensland $71032
  3. Northern Territory $71792
  4. Tasmania $72384
  5. South Australia $72461
  6. New South Wales $72575
  7. Victoria $73489
  8. Western Australia $74345

Thea prices are based off the allblack base model 3 with no FSD.

The variation of the prices comes down to taxes upon the model 3 in different states of Australia.

$35000 dollar model 3 for Australians is a myth. It does not exist and that is the price we pay for being so far away.

Tell me what you think.

Would be good to hear your thoughts.



I have had a love of great technology for many years. I have been interested with the way things work and have always enjoyed tinkering with old technology to better understand how it works.

My love for technology started with the introduction of the personal computer and then the mobile phone. I could not get enough of the use of the devices and have many times frustrated my family with my endless discussions about the devices in the past.

My love for cars has always been strong, my first car was a Mini , sky blue with a white roof that my dad used to drive and own. It was a great car, with a low profile and small engine that used to make it sound like you were driving a race car. Of course it was not fast and was far from a race car but it gave me a passion and joy for cars.

It wasn’t until i first heard about Tesla and Elon Musks story in America on holidays that my interest started to peak regarding electrification and the convergence of technology and cars.

I can now say I am an EV tragic and love the idea of owning an electric vehicle that can not only drive amazingly well but also help the environment.

The emergence of the idea for the website came from this growing idea that there was no central location that i can go to to find out about EV’s and find the best you tubers and Podcasters who talk with passion and excitement about the electric vehicle revolution. I hope that this site over time will be that place that people will enjoy and help to drive their passion.

I welcome feedback and fresh ideas to improve the site over time and grow the transition to EV motoring.